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“This Evolution comes gently zapping, zapping at your Arena floor... Get multiple Zaps for the cost of one, with each consecutive Zap hitting a larger area but dealing less damage!”

The Zap's Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It contains a Zap spell with identical stats to the original. Once the initial zap is used, the radius stays in the arena, growing 0.5 tiles while doing half the damage and the same stun as the initial zap. Once the second zap is used, the radius continues to stay in the arena, growing another 0.5 tiles and doing half the damage and same stun as the first zap; achieving a radius of 3.5 tiles by the third zap. The Zap's Evolution costs 2 Elixir and requires 2 cycles to deploy.


  • For 2 Elixir, the Evolved Zap can be used as a powerful tool on offense and defense alike. Wiping out low-health troops while consistently stunning more durable ones, crippling pushes and defenses for other cards to deal the majority of the damage.
  • Cards with charge attacks, such as Mighty Miner, Ram Rider, Battle Ram, Sparky, Dark Prince, Prince, Inferno Dragon, and Inferno Tower, can be severely affected by the Evolved Zap as it will constantly reset their charges, making them a less formidable threat both offensively and defensively.
  • The Evolved Zap deals a considerable amount of damage to the Crown Towers for 2 Elixir, dealing slightly more than Arrows for one less Elixir, making it a good last resort for cycling onto the Crown Towers to finish them off.
  • The Evolved Zap is very effective against low health troops, such as Minion Horde, Evolved Wall Breakers, and Evolved Archers. This is due to its triple damage over time compared to the regular Zap. This allows the Evolved Zap to deal enough damage to fully counter these troops for an equal or positive Elixir trade.
  • The Cannoneer can benefit immensely from the Evolved Zap as its triple stun and damage can quickly prevent swarm cards, such as Goblin Gang and Skeleton Army, from connecting to the Cannoneer.
    • Additionally, any tanks nearby like Goblin Giant and Giant Skeleton may be hit, allowing the Cannoneer to get more damage in before the tank connects.
  • With the Cannoneer as assistance, a properly placed Evolved Zap can counter a Balloon for a large +3 Elixir trade. This does not include the death damage. The Evolved Zap must be played 2 tiles in front of the Balloon once it enters the Cannoneer's range to get the most out of this interaction.
  • The Evolved Zap has strong offensive synergy with the Hog Rider. The Evolved Zap will constantly stun and damage opposing troops used to take out the Hog Rider, nearly guaranteeing some chip damage from the Hog Rider every time the player has the Evolved Zap in cycle. This synergy isn’t as strong when the opponent has a building in their deck as most properly placed buildings with the help of both Crown Towers can still take out the Hog Rider even with the Evolved Zap’s assistance. A similar strategy works with the Ram Rider.
  • The Evolved Zap can be a decent counter to a center-placed Goblin Barrel. When used, only two Goblins stabs will connect to the Crown Tower. Alternatively, if the user has another small spell, like The Log, it’s recommended to save the Evolved Zap for your offensive pushes and use the other spell to counter future Goblin Barrels.
  • The Evolved Royal Giant can pair fairly well with the Evolved Zap to quickly dispatch most buildings and troop counters to the Royal Giant. This is from the Royal Giant's knockback preventing many high DPS melee attackers, such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, from dealing significant damage to it. In addition to stunning these troops, the Evolved Zap can render cards like Evolved Bats, Minions, and Inferno Tower useless for a cheap cost. This combination nearly guarantees damage on your opponent's Crown Tower if the Evolved Royal Giant is placed in the pocket of your opponent's side. A less effective, yet similar strategy works with the regular Royal Giant.
  • The Evolved Zap is very effective at taking out the Lava Pups from a Lava Hound. The second zap will kill the Lava Pups and the radius will grow large enough to hit most of them.
  • The Giant Snowball, Arrows, and Rage can be used as substitutes for the Evolved Zap based on what Card Evolutions and small spells the user prefers.
  • For a +1 positive Elixir trade, the Evolved Zap alone can fully counter the Evolved Archers and Evolved Firecracker as long as all three zaps connect. This prevents them from getting significant value while essentially wasting your opponent’s evolution.
  • When placed improperly on the opposing Crown Tower, it is possible to activate your opponent’s King Tower due to its increasing radius, resulting in a worse offense later on in the battle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to never use the Evolved Zap anywhere near the King Tower or behind the Crown Tower for any reason.


Stun Duration
2 2.5 0.5 sec Air & Ground Spell Common

Evolution Attributes

Zap Count
Troop Count
2 2.5-3.5 x3
Area Damage
Area Damage
First Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
Second and Third Area Damage
Area Damage
Second and Third Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
1 75 23 37 x2 (74) 12 x2 (24)
2 82 25 40 x2 (80) 12 x2 (24)
3 90 27 44 x2 (88) 14 x2 (28)
4 99 30 49 x2 (98) 15 x2 (30)
5 109 33 54 x2 (108) 17 x2 (34)
6 120 36 59 x2 (118) 18 x2 (36)
7 132 40 65 x2 (130) 20 x2 (40)
8 144 44 71 x2 (142) 22 x2 (44)
9 159 48 78 x2 (156) 24 x2 (48)
10 174 53 86 x2 (172) 26 x2 (52)
11 192 58 94 x2 (188) 29 x2 (58)
12 210 63 103 x2 (206) 31 x2 (62)
13 231 70 114 x2 (228) 35 x2 (70)
14 254 77 125 x2 (250) 38 x2 (76)
15 279 84 137 x2 (274) 42 x2 (84)



  • The Zap's Evolution card was added to the game on 11/3/2024.
  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, decreased the damage of the second and third zaps by 50%. The same update also changed its card description. Prior to this update, it read "This Evolution comes gently zapping, zapping at your Arena floor... Get multiple Zaps for the cost of one, with each consecutive Zap hitting a larger area"



  • The Zap is 1 of 9 cards associated with electricity, with the others being Electro Spirit, Tesla, Zappies, Electro Dragon, Electro Giant, Lightning, Electro Wizard, and Sparky.
    • In the Spanish, Italian, and Russian language settings of the game, the Zap's name translates to "Discharge". In the Thai and Finnish language settings of the game, the Zap's name translates to "Electric Shock". In the French, German, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese language settings of the game, the Zap's name translates to "Electrocution", "Bang", "Jolt", "Electric Shock Magic", "Detonator", "Shock Spell", "Thunder", "Stun", and "Lightning Shock" respectively.
  • The Zap was the first spell to receive a Card Evolution.
  • The container for the Zap's Evolution resembles spells that take only 1 housing space from Clash of Clans.
  • It is the only bottled evolved spell to have a card render, featuring an Evolved Barbarian holding it on his hand.
  • In the card's description, the "gently zapping, zapping at your Arena floor" is from Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, saying "gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.".
  • The Zap's Evolution is the subject of 2 Emotes.
    • From the Zap Evolution's Emotes, it is presumed that the Evolved Zap is drinkable, but comes with side effects of the consumer getting heavily electrocuted.