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“If you thought her battle cry was scary...wait until you see her new axe! Evolved Valkyrie draws all enemies towards her with each swing.”

The Valkyrie's Evolution is a Rare card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns a Valkyrie, with hitpoints 10% higher than the original. Every time she attacks, a Tornado will appear for half a second, pulling all units towards her, and dealing damage within a 5.5 tile radius around her. The Valkyrie's Evolution costs 4 Elixir and requires 2 cycles to deploy.


  • The Evolved Valkyrie is best utilized as a defensive wall due to her high health, high damage, and massive pull effect whenever she attacks.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie should never be ignored if the Tower Princess is used as leaving her alone while on full health can take away a large majority of the Crown Tower's health. Dealing more than the regular Valkyrie due to the Tornado's repeated chip damage and increased health.
  • However, if the Cannoneer or Dagger Duchess are used, their higher DPS will cause the Evolved Valkyrie to deal less damage. Thus making it somewhat situational to ignore her.
  • Like the regular Valkyrie, the Evolved Valkyrie is very effective against all types of grounds swarms, such as Skeleton Army and Royal Recruits, due to her large splash damage and radius.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie can be substituted for the Evolved Knight and Evolved Barbarians depending the type of deck the player is using.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie has great synergy with the Evolved Bomber and Evolved Firecracker as the Evolved Valkyrie can pull opposing troops into her. Allowing the Evolved Bomber and Firecracker to hit more troops at once. A similar strategy works with Tornado.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie is very effective against slow, building-targeting troops, such as Giant and Golem, due to the Tornado effect constantly pulling them to her. Making it very difficult for them to reach the Crown Towers.
  • High-damage air cards, such as Minions or Phoenix, are optimal when countering the Evolved Valkyrie as her attacks can't hit air and their high DPS can dispose of her high hitpoints quickly, but be careful not to put a ground troop near them or else Valkyrie's Tornado will damage them.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie is very good when used as a combo with cards, such as Executioner and Wizard, because the Tornado effect pulls enemies to their splash damage radius. The Ice Wizard is especially effective as it will further slow opposing troops down, making them less likely to escape from the Evolved Valkyrie's Tornado radius.
  • Despite her regular attack being incapable of attacking air, the Tornado's ticks of damage can chip air troops. This chip is especially effective against Bats as they'll only take one tick to kill.
  • You can activate your King Tower with enemy troops like Magic Archer and Bowler with the Evolved Valkyrie alone by using its Tornado effect to pull these troops in. A similar strategy is with Tornado and the Evolved Valkyrie to pull opposing large tanks to your King Tower, such as Golem.
  • If placed behind a Hog Rider, the Evolved Valkyrie can fully stop it due to the Tornado effect constantly pulling him back until he's defeated.
  • When placed properly, the Evolved Valkyrie can fully counter the Evolved Royal Giant and Goblin Giant for a +2 positive Elixir trade due to the Tornado constantly pulling them back into the Valkyrie.
  • The Evolved Valkyrie has decent synergy with the Goblin Drill as she can pull opposing troops that are defending the Goblin Drill into her. Potentially allowing the Goblins to get more damage on the Crown Tower.
    • Conversely, the Evolved Valkyrie is a great counter to the Goblin Drill as her splash damage disposes of the Goblins very easily while her high health allows her to take any damage the Goblin Drill may do to her. Leaving her at nearly full health for a potential counter push.
  • Using Skeletons and an Ice Golem, the user can activate their King Tower against an opposing Evolved Valkyrie on the inside of the bridge. The Ice Golem must be played 3 tiles below the river to kite her into the other lane. Then, Skeletons should be played 4 tiles above the King Tower and near one of the Crown Towers to kite it back, causing the Tornado to hit the King Tower and activate it.


Evolved Valkyrie Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Splash Radius
Troop Count
4 1.5 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee: Medium (1.2) 2 Ground x1 Ground Troop Rare

Evolution Attributes

2 5.5 0.5 sec Air & Ground

Card Statistics

Area Damage
Area Damage
Damage per second
Tornado Damage
Area Damage
Tornado Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
3 990 126 84 40 18
4 1,089 138 92 44 19
5 1,197 152 101 48 21
6 1,316 167 111 53 23
7 1,445 183 122 58 26
8 1,584 201 134 64 28
9 1,742 221 147 70 31
10 1,910 243 162 77 34
11 2,098 267 178 84 37
12 2,306 293 195 93 41
13 2,534 322 214 102 45
14 2,781 354 236 112 50
15 3,059 389 259 123 55



  • The Valkyrie's Evolution card was added to the game on 1/1/2024, in the January 2024 Update.
  • On 5/3/2024, a Balance Update, added a 15% hitpoint boost to the Evolved Valkyrie.
  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Evolved Valkyrie’s Tornado damage by 11%, and decreased her hitpoints to 110% of the original's (from 115%).



  • In Norse mythology, Valkyries collect spirits of the dead to take to Valhalla, one of the Norse afterlives. Most depictions show them riding on horseback, however, in Clash Royale, they do not ride horses and instead travel on foot.
  • The Valkyrie's Evolution resembles the Super Valkyrie from Clash of Clans.
  • The Valkyrie was the first Rare card to receive a Card Evolution.
  • When attacking, the Valkyrie sings opera, which is a reference to the opera called Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) by Richard Wagner.
  • The Valkyrie's Evolution is the subject of 3 Emotes.