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This blog is to visualise the placement of Tornado for King Tower activation.

One of the main purpose of Tornado is to activate King Tower, in order to gain an edge on defence with the extra source of damage.

Due to the rework of Tornado, many interaction regarding Tornado and troops have changed. This blog will show some of the placement and requirement for King Tower activation against different troops.

Hog Rider[]

When you see Hog Rider deployed, hover your Tornado at the black tile. As the Hog Rider approach the edge of the Tornado's range, release the Spell.

The Spell should be played slightly before the Hog Rider is on the red tile (When the Hog Rider is two tiles away from the red tile) due to the deploy delay. If timed correctly, the Hog Rider will get no damage on your Princess Tower.

Please be aware that this only works against lone Hog Rider. A Hog Rider with any troops in front or behind him might cause this placement to fail. To avoid that, move the placement down by one tile. Be aware that if the Hog Rider has a heavy troop in front of him (e.g. Ice Golem), they will collide with each other and prevent Tornado King Activation.

Heavy Building Targeting Troops[]

These are the likes of Golem, Giant and Goblin Giant.

To activate King with these troops, you now need a building in the 4-3 placement to pull them closer to the centre. Wait for the troop to walk to the red tile and destroy the building first, then Tornado in the black tile. This will pull them closer to the King Tower, leading to a King Tower activation.

The Tornado placement can be one tile lower, and such placement is more consistent at activating King Tower.

Light Melee Troops[]

These are the likes of Royal Ghost, Goblin Brawler and Lumberjack. They move fast and are therefore easier to be pulled by the Tornado.

Similar to Hog Rider, release the Spell when they approaches the red tile. Troop with fast initial hit speed such as the Goblin Brawler will still get one hit on the Princess Tower.


He is a light melee troop, yet due to his different placement you will have to adjust Tornado placement accordingly.

If the Miner is above the Princess Tower closer to the King Tower, the blue tile is more suitable for a King Tower activation.

If the Miner is below the Princess Tower closer to the edge of the Arena, the yellow tile is more suitable for a King Tower activation.

Be aware that Miner deployed in the red tile cannot activate King Tower.

Goblin Barrel[]

Same concept as Miner as they can be deployed everywhere as light melee troops.

No placement for Goblin Barrel can avoid a King Tower activation simply due to the fact that there are three of them, and they will push one of the Goblins into Tornado range for King Tower activation no matter how. However, a corner Barrel is a lot harder to activate King Tower with and gets more damage on the Princess Tower if Tornado is casted on them.

This Tornado placement works for most Goblin Barrel placment beside the ones on the blue tiles. For those, you would have to move the Tornado up or right a tile so that the Goblin at the edge can be reached by the spell. Alternatively, if your goal is to avoid damage, Tornado the Goblins away from the Princess Tower by placing it above the Princess Tower. Be mindful that the opponent might predict this and place troops at the bridge, and reaching your Tower faster with the help of the Tornado.

As mentioned by AesDragon in the comment section, Goblin Barrel deployed at the yellow tile can still activate King Tower with the original placement, as long as you time the Tornado precisely such that the Spell takes effect as the Goblins spawns. It could still be risky so Tornado the Goblins away or deploying a troop to prevent damage if you know where the Barrel is going to land is a safer option.

Heavy Melee Troops[]

These are the likes of Knight and Valkyrie. They are much heavier and therefore more resilient to the Tornado.

To increase the chance of activating King Tower with these troops, it is suggested to pull them closer to the centre of the arena with cheap unit (e.g. Ice Spirit).

Heavier troops such as Mega Knight can also be used to activate King Tower, but there are alternative ways.

It is not suggested to perform a King Tower activation with heavy melee troops. Since the Tornado rework, activating King Tower with such troops has been extremely inconsistent. Do not attempt this unless you are against Graveyard decks, where a King Tower activation basically turns the matchup around.

Special cases[]

Electro Wizard[]

Due to his split attack, Electro Wizard can be used to activate King Tower as long as he is full health when crossing the river and there are no units on your side obstructing his targeting.

Once the Electro Wizard is near the red tile, cast Tornado. You will recieve 1.5 attack from him in return of a King Tower activation.

Elixir Golem[]

You should attemp King Tower activation in it's second phase, where it split into two Elixir Golemites. Since there are two of them, they will obstruct each other's path when being pulled by the Tornado and fail your King Activation. Only pull one of them to activate your King Tower.

Final Words[]

This blog is purposed to help new Tornado user to have a better grasp on how to activate King Tower. If any of those placement does not function, please tell me in the comment section and I'll correct it as soon as I can.