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Self Introduction

I am a HongKonger who loves gaming, and I am played Clash Royale from September 2016 to October 2019, and my highest trophy record was 5115. favourite deck is actually Giant Skeleton, Sparky, Hog Rider, Electro Wizard, Tesla, Fireball, Guards, Zap, and my favourite cards are all of them.

I mainly participate in editing pages in Hong Kong Bus Fandom, so I spend more time there.

History in this Wiki

  • 2020 Early-August: Due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, I discovered the existence of this Wiki.
  • 2020 9 August: I edited for the first time, renewing information on Giant Skeleton.

My Contributions

I hope that I can make Fandom Wikis a more convenient website. Now I am trying my best to learn Fandom Wikis' source codes and templates, I hope I can make good use of traditional editor and visual editor to edit pages.

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