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“Trophies indicate your success in combat. Players gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles!”

Trophies indicate a player's or Clan's skill rating. Players can gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles. Trophies you gain are deducted from your opponent's trophy count. The amount of Trophies a player gains or loses is based on how much more or how much less trophies the opponent has compared to theirs. If the opponent has more Trophies, then the player will lose less trophies, and vice versa. Earning Trophies unlocks rewards and new Arenas, and by reaching 5,000 Trophy or higher, the player can enter Leagues.

Arena Unlocks

Once a player unlocks an Arena, the player cannot be demoted to a lower one again, which means the player’s trophies will not drop below the required amount of trophies for that Arena. Unlocking an Arena will also grant the player a Chest Speed-up Boost, which halves the waiting time required to open Chests.

Trophy Road

At various Trophy thresholds, players can accept rewards by tapping the Arena icon above the battling buttons. These rewards come in the form of Cards, Wild Cards, Chests, Trade Tokens, Gold, Gems, and Emotes. These rewards can only be claimed once, though above 5,000 Trophies, the rewards become claimable again at the start of each season (see Leagues), while also changing slightly. If a player reaches a Trophy threshold for a reward, but drops below the Trophy threshold before claiming it, they will not be able to claim the reward until they reach the required threshold again.

Trophy Road Statistics (0 - 5000)

The contents of each chest are based on the Arena the reward is unlocked in, not the player's current Arena.

Arena Trophy Count Reward
Goblin Stadium.png

Goblin Stadium
50 Trophy Choice between GoblinsCard.png or SpearGoblinsCard.png x10
100 Trophy GoldenChest.png
150 Trophy Choice between GoblinCageCard.png or FireballCard.png x4
200 Trophy

Gold.png x200

250 Trophy GoldenChest.png
Bone Pit.png

Bone Pit
350 Trophy Choice between SkeletonsCard.png or BomberCard.png x25
400 Trophy GoldenChest.png
450 Trophy Choice between TombstoneCard.png or ValkyrieCard.png x6
500 Trophy

Gold.png x400

550 Trophy Choice between SkeletonArmyCard.png or BabyDragonCard.png x1
Barbarian Bowl.png

Barbarian Bowl
650 Trophy Choice between BarbariansCard.png or CannonCard.png x50
700 Trophy GoldenChest.png
750 Trophy Choice between BattleRamCard.png or MegaMinionCard.png x8
800 Trophy

Gold.png x600

850 Trophy Choice between BarbarianBarrelCard.png or GoblinBarrelCard.png x1
900 Trophy

Gem.png x50

950 Trophy Giant chest.png
P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse.png

P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse
1,050 Trophy Common Wild Card.png x50
1,100 Trophy GoldenChest.png
1,150 Trophy Choice between InfernoTowerCard.png or WizardCard.png x10
1,200 Trophy

Gold.png x800

1,250 Trophy Choice between PEKKACard.png or GiantSkeletonCard.png x1
Spell Valley.png

Spell Valley
1,350 Trophy Choice between ZapCard.png or BatsCard.png x50
1,400 Trophy Magical Chest.png
1,450 Trophy Rare Wild Card.png x10
1,500 Trophy Gold.png x1000
1,550 Trophy Choice between WitchCard.png or WallBreakersCard.png x1
Builder's Workshop.png

Builder's Workshop
1,650 Trophy Common Wild Card.png x50
1,700 Trophy GoldenChest.png
1,750 Trophy Choice between FlyingMachineCard.png or RocketCard.png x10
1,800 Trophy Gold.png x1250
1,850 Trophy Choice between X-BowCard.png or BalloonCard.png x1
1,900 Trophy Gold.png x1500
1,950 Trophy Legendary-Chest.png
Royal Arena.png

Royal Arena
2,050 Trophy Choice between RoyalGiantCard.png or RoyalRecruitsCard.png x50
2,100 Trophy GoldenChest.png
2,150 Trophy Choice between ThreeMusketeersCard.png or RoyalHogsCard.png x10
2,200 Trophy Emote 59 - Cheer Knight.png
2,250 Trophy Epic Wild Card.png x2
Frozen Peak.png

Frozen Peak
2,350 Trophy Choice between IceSpiritCard.png or GiantSnowballCard.png x50
2,400 Trophy EpicChest.png
2,450 Trophy Rare Wild Card.png x10
2,500 Trophy Gold.png x1750
2,550 Trophy Choice between FreezeCard.png or LightningCard.png x2
Jungle Arena.png

Jungle Arena
2,650 Trophy Common Wild Card.png x50
2,700 Trophy GoldenChest.png
2,750 Trophy Choice between DartGoblinCard.png or GoblinHutCard.png x10
2,800 Trophy Gold.png x2000
2,850 Trophy Choice between GoblinGiantCard.png or PoisonCard.png x10
2,900 Trophy

Gem.png x50

2,950 Trophy Giant chest.png
Hog Mountain.png

Hog Mountain
3,050 Trophy Choice between EliteBarbariansCard.png or MinionHordeCard.png x50
3,100 Trophy Lightning Chest.png
3,150 Trophy Rare Wild Card.png x10
3,200 Trophy Gold.png x2250
3,250 Trophy Choice between GolemCard.png or HunterCard.png x2
3,300 Trophy Gold.png x2500
3,350 Trophy Magical Chest.png
Electro Valley.png

Electro Valley
3,450 Trophy Choice between ElectroSpirit.png or TeslaCard.png x50
3,500 Trophy Lightning Chest.png
3,550 Trophy Rare Wild Card.png x10
3,600 Trophy Gold.png x2750
3,650 Trophy Choice between ElectroGiantCard.png or ElectroDragonCard.png x2
3,700 Trophy Gold.png x3000
3,750 Trophy EpicChest.png
Spooky Town.png

Spooky Town
3,850 Trophy Common Wild Card.png x50
3,900 Trophy Gold.png x3250
3,950 Trophy Choice between BombTowerCard.png or EarthquakeCard.png x50
4,000 Trophy Emote 92 - Happy Royal Ghost.png
4,050 Trophy Choice between GuardsCard.png or MirrorCard.png x2
4,100 Trophy Gold.png x3500
4,150 Trophy Legendary Kings Chest.png
Rascal's Hideout.png

Rascal's Hideout
4,250 Trophy Choice between RascalsCard.png or SkeletonBarrelCard.png x100
4,300 Trophy Lightning Chest.png
4,350 Trophy Gold.png x3750
4,400 Trophy Choice between HealSpiritCard.png or ElixirCollectorCard.png x15
4,450 Trophy Gold.png x4000
4,500 Trophy Epic Wild Card.png x5
4,550 Trophy Giant chest.png
Serenity Peak.png

Serenity Peak
4,650 Trophy Common Wild Card.png x100
4,700 Trophy Emote 198 - Firecracker Heart.png
4,750 Trophy Gold.png x4250
4,800 Trophy Choice between ElixirGolemCard.png or BarbarianHutCard.png x15
4,850 Trophy Gold.png x4500
4,900 Trophy Choice between RageCard.png or ExecutionerCard.png x5
4,950 Trophy Legendary Wild Card.png

Tournament Trophies

This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
Main article: Tournament
  • This type of trophy formerly appeared only in Custom Tournaments. It was used in a similar fashion to regular Trophies, but could only be gained or lost within Custom Tournaments.
  • At the end of the Custom Tournament, players with more Tournament Trophies would be rewarded with bigger Tournament Chests.

Legend Trophies

This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

Legend Trophies could be obtained above 3000 Trophy at the end of every season. Any Trophies above 3000 would be converted to Legend Trophies and added to the player's profile. Legend Trophies added up after each season. This system was replaced by Leagues in the March 2017 update. However, any players who may have achieved Legend Trophies before had the amount they achieved shown in their profile, until the December 2018 update, which removed them in exchange for an exclusive emote (see History below).


  • Leagues are a special feature which is unlocked upon reaching 5,000 Trophy.
  • The season will reset on the first Monday of each month.
  • At the end of each season, players in a League will lose a certain percentage of their Trophies above 5,000. The percentage depends on what League the player finished in.
    • In the Challenger Leagues, the reset percentage is 50%.
    • In the Master Leagues, the reset percentage is 40%.
    • In the Champion Leagues, the reset percentage is 30%.
  • Unlike Arenas, players can drop from a higher League to a lower one.

League Statistics

League Trophy Requirement
Challenger I 5,000 Trophy
Challenger II 5,300 Trophy
Challenger III 5,600 Trophy
Master I 6,000 Trophy
Master II 6,300 Trophy
Master III 6,600 Trophy
Champion 7,000 Trophy
Grand Champion 7,300 Trophy
Royal Champion 7,600 Trophy
Ultimate Champion 8,000+ Trophy


  • On 2/2/16 the February 2016 Update added the Legendary Arena and Legend Trophies.
  • On 29/2/16 the March 2016 Update added a new Arena, Builder's Workshop which unlocks at 1,700 trophies.
  • On 11/4/16, a maintenance break fixed an issue where some players would not recieve Legendary Trophies after the season reset.
  • On 10/5/16, a maintenance break fixed an issue where some players would not get reset back to 3,000 trophies after the season reset.
  • On 23/5/16, a maintenance break fixed the issue of the end of season Trophies of some players.
  • On 4/7/16 the Tournaments Update added a new Arena, Frozen Peak, which unlocks at 2,300 trophies.
  • On 15/8/16, the trophy infusion level was increased to 2,000 from 1,000. This meant that up to 2,000 trophies, the winner would gain more trophies than the loser lost. Above this point, the trophies won by the winner would be equal to the trophies lost by the loser.
  • On 13/1/17, a new Arena, the Jungle Arena, was added, which unlocks at 2,600 trophies.
  • On 13/3/17, the March 2017 Update added a new Legendary Arena at 3,800 trophies and renamed the old Legendary Arena to Hog Mountain. Leagues were also added to the game which start from 4,000 Trophy with the last League being at 6,400 Trophy.
  • On 12/12/17, the Electrifying Update added Electro Valley at 3,400 Trophy and made it the new Arena 11. The Legendary Arena became Arena 12.
  • On 20/6/18, the June 2018 Update changed the reset system of the Leagues with each player's reset point now dependent on the player's trophies rather than their leagues.
  • On 5/12/18, the December 2018 Update removed the Legend Trophies from players who had them, but to compensate, players who had them received Gold and an exclusive Royal Ghost emote.
  • On 28/1/19, the January 2019 Update added a new Arena, Spooky Town, which unlocks at 3,600 Trophies. It also changed the trophy requirement for some Arenas.
  • On 7/6/21, the 2021 Quarter 2 Update added two new Arenas; Rascal's Hideout, from Season 10 of Pass Royale, which unlocks at 4,200 Trophies, and Serenity Peak, from Season 7 of Pass Royale, which unlocks at 4,600 Trophies. The trophy requirement for each League was increased by 1,000, and the Trophy Road was expanded accordingly. The seasonal Trophy reset mechanics for players in Leagues were also updated.


  • Trophies function similarly to those of the same name in Clash of Clans.
  • Just like the Trophy Leagues in Clash of Clans, it is impossible to have a negative trophy count. If you win a match while your opponent has 0 trophies, you will still gain 30+ trophies while the opponent loses nothing.
  • If a player manages to get on the Leaderboards (Global), they may get the message, "Another top player is looking for a match!"
  • In Clash Royale, League divisions are ranked I, II, III from low to high, but in Clash of Clans the reverse holds.
  • The Challenger League badges resemble the Bronze, Silver and Gold League badges in Clash of Clans. The Master II and III League badges represent a Hog Rider's hammer and a Lightning spell bottle, while the Champion League badge represents a Prince helmet.