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Trick or Treat is a game mode which is currently only available to play in certain Special Event Challenges and as a rotating mode in Party Mode. In Trick or Treat, there are Crown Towers, similar to normal 1v1 battles. However, unlike in 1v1 battles, there is another building on both players' sides. These buildings does not belong to either side, and can be claimed by either player by placing any troop on top of them. Collecting the building before the opponent can grand various effects helpful or harmful for the player. The effect that will happen is completely random, however, it is the same for both players. These buildings will periodically spawn every 25 seconds for each player to claim again, should they fail to do that the first time. Winning in this mode is identical to regular 1v1 battles, requiring the player to destroy the King's Tower before the opponent or to destroy more Crown Towers than the opponent.



The Pumpkin Present will spawn a P.E.K.K.A. when claimed. This P.E.K.K.A. acts identically to a regular P.E.K.K.A.


The Pumpkin Present will spawn a bomb when claimed. This bomb acts similarly to a regular Fireball, however it does less damage, and it can knockback any troop, similarly to The Log.


3 Air & Ground Spell
Area Damage
Area Damage
6 400
7 440
8 484
9 532
10 584
11 640
12 704
13 772
14 848
15 932


The Pumpkin Present will spawn a Clone when claimed. This Clone acts identically to a regular Clone.


The Pumpkin Present will spawn 4 Elixir when claimed.

Skeleton Morph[]

The Pumpkin Present will spawn a ring of arrows when claimed. This ring will instantly defeat all troops inside it and convert them into Skeletons. These Skeletons act identically to regular Skeletons. Troops that spawn additional troops after death would only have their first form defeated and converted.

Super Rage[]

The Pumpkin Present will spawn a Rage when claimed. This Rage acts identically to a regular Rage, however, it will boost the allied units' movement and attack speed by 70% instead of 35%.


  • Because of the random nature of the presents, it is a good idea to deploy cheap troops like a Fire Spirit to claim the presents. This will minimize the consequences of a harmful present affecting the player's troops.



  • The Trick or Treat mode was added in the October 2023 Update. The first Trick or Treat event started on 16/10/2023.