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Touchdown is a game mode in Clash Royale which is currently only available to play in certain Special Event Challenges. There are currently two types of Touchdown, those being 2v2 Draft and Double Elixir Mega Deck. Unlike regular 2v2 Battles, 2v2 Touchdown does not decrease Elixir generation, the rate being identical to 1v1 Battles.


  • The main objective of Touchdown is to get any troop to the opposing side's end zone.
  • There are no Crown Towers in Touchdown; the only way to earn Crowns is by getting troops to the enemies' end zone.
  • As in regular gameplay, the side that has more Crowns at the end of a 3-minute period will win the game. If both sides have an equal number of Crowns, an overtime period will last for 3 minutes or until one side earns a crown. The rules of Elixir generation are the same as a regular Crown Tower destruction match, being doubled after two minutes.
  • If one side earns 3 Crowns within the regular 3-minute period, the match ends immediately in their favor.
  • Upon one side earning a Crown, the Arena resets; all remaining troops and buildings will immediately be destroyed. Any cards that were cast but didn't spawn due to a Touchdown are not removed from the respective player's hand.
  • The deployment zone of most cards have been changed:
    • Buildings, as well as most troops, can only be placed behind the second white line which is roughly a quarter of the way between your end zone to the opponent's end zone. The Miner can only be deployed up to the half-way line of the Arena.
    • Most spells can still be deployed anywhere in the Arena; the only exceptions are The Log, Goblin Barrel, Graveyard and Barbarian Barrel, which can only be played up to the half-way line.
  • Troops that only target buildings will travel straight to the end zone if no buildings are around to distract them.
  • In Mega Touchdown, the Hog Rider, Royal Hogs, Ram Rider, and the Freeze spell are not selectable.


  • Buildings are very reliable and recommended in Touchdown, as they are the only method of stalling troops like the Giant or Hog Rider. An X-Bow can cover almost the entire horizontal space of the map and snipe away at troops, acting as a pseudo-Crown Tower as it only targets grounded troops. A Mortar can also be useful for taking out low hitpoint support troops, though Fast and Very Fast units will often escape the shell's landing. The other cards, like Cannon, Inferno Tower, and so on are basic defense options against building targeting troops. Spawners are also reliable since their spawned units can counterpush and force your opponent to commit on the defense.
  • Spells are useful overall, but one must be wary of which ones they decide to use. Since Crown Towers are absent in this mode, spells that do not one-shot certain units may be inconsistent, as units which would normally be picked off by Crown Towers will require further response and possibly cause large negative Elixir trades. For example, Musketeers and Wizards are not one-shot by a Fireball and can continue advancing towards the end zone. However, as long as this weakness is properly addressed (e.g. by using alternate methods of eliminating spell-resistant troops, like waiting for them to be in range of the player's deployment area), spells can be very useful for controlling the battle past the halfway point.
  • Pressuring both sides of the field is key. A player's opponents will have to address both threats, making it harder for them to play offense themselves. This also reduces the amount of potential area damage value the opponent can reap from defending.
  • Fast, fairly inexpensive troops can be very effective, as the lack of Crown Towers means that even Skeletons must be addressed in order to prevent the opponent from gaining Crowns. If the opponent lacks cheap counters to them, they will be forced to continually take negative Elixir trades, and eventually be overwhelmed by bulkier troops.
  • High hitpoint building-targeting troops can also be effective, though some have more utility than others. The Giant and Royal Giant are somewhat risky to use as they cannot attack troops, and possibly allow the opponent to snowball their defense into a counterpush. The Golem deals damage upon death and has the highest hitpoints to Elixir ratio in the game, so it may be able to brute force its way through defenses that lack fast damage per second. The Goblin Giant moves faster than a Giant and also carries Spear Goblins which can chip away at opposing troops for just 1 more Elixir. Upon death, the Spear Goblins must also be dealt with. Finally, the Lava Hound and Balloon can be difficult to deal with if the opponent lacks sufficient anti-air or if they only have buildings which target grounded troops.
  • When placing buildings to defend against a Lava Hound or Skeleton Barrel, the defender should never place it at the very back of their side. Once the Hound/Barrel pops, one of the Lava Pups/Skeletons will be thrown into the end zone, almost guaranteeing a Crown for the opposing side.


  • The Touchdown mode was added in the October 2017 Update.
  • On 11/10/17, a maintenance break temporarily banned the Goblin Barrel from the Touchdown mode due to a bug where scoring a touchdown did not clear flying barrels from the arena, which break into Goblins to score another touchdown while the opponent is unable to defend against it.
  • On 22/11/17, a maintenance break temporarily removed the Hog Rider from the Touchdown mode.
  • On 23/11/17, a maintenance break temporarily removed the Skeleton Barrel from the Touchdown mode due to it having the same bug as the Goblin Barrel.
  • On 12/1/18, the Skeleton Barrel was added back to the Touchdown mode, the glitch presumably fixed..
  • On 27/11/19, the regular Touchdown mode was retired and replaced with Double Elixir Mega Deck Touchdown.
  • On 15/4/19, a client update fixed a bug where the Goblin Giant's Spear Goblins would not despawn correctly if the Goblin Giant scored a Touchdown, causing the Spear Goblins to remain intact and score a consecutive Touchdown immediately upon the beginning of the next round.


  • Elite Barbarians wear American football helmets in Touchdown.
  • If you can react fast enough, you can use a damaging spell to pop the referee before he runs away. Lightning and Tornado do not work.
  • There are multiple troops on the bleachers watching the fight, including Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, and Giants.
  • The Elixir Collector and Goblin Barrel are currently not shown as options in Draft Touchdown.
  • There are 4 Teslas at the corner of the arena which will come up and shoot confetti when a team scores.
  • Launched spells appear to come from nowhere in Touchdown, due to the lack of a King’s Tower.
  • If a Fire Spirit or an Ice Spirit jumps into the enemy end zone as it attacks, it does not count as a point. This is because a jumping spirit no longer counts as a troop; it becomes similar to a projectile.
  • The Giant Skeleton and the Balloon, if remaining on the arena after a touchdown has been scored (Unless they scored it themselves), will not have their dropped bombs cleared. However, this isn't a problem since they always explode before another round can start.
  • The Goblin Giant has a bug similar to what Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Barrel used to have, as mentioned above. This was later fixed.
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