“Drags enemy troops to its center while dealing damage over time, just like a magnet. A big, swirling, Tornado-y magnet.”

The Tornado card is unlocked from Spell Valley (Arena 5). It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and low damage. A Tornado card costs 3 Elixir to cast. It pulls troops towards the center of the spell, making them more vulnerable to splash damage. The card image shows a tornado with a pig (possibly the Hog Rider's or one of the Royal Hogs) being sucked into the tornado. A Tornado slightly damages an enemy unit in its area of effect twice over its one second duration.


  • The Tornado's damage output is enough to fully defeat all units with less health than Goblins. When combined with another low cost spell, it can defeat them along with Minions, Rascal Girls, Princesses, and Dart Goblins. Although this is usually a negative Elixir trade, it can be useful to take out the opponent's defending swarms.
  • The Tornado does not affect buildings with its pull effect, but it does slightly damage them, meaning it can be used to finish off low health Crown Towers.
  • Any unit that is moving in the opposite direction to where the Tornado is pulling them will resist the pull, and the unit will not be pulled as far. Because of this, the Tornado works more efficiently the slower the target troop is. For example, a Hog Rider can resist more than a Musketeer because of the speed difference. Stationary troops are heavily influenced.
  • Any unit caught in the Tornado can attack as long as there is a target is in range. Because of this, ranged troops hardly suffer at all when being dragged away from their target, so it is better to pull them in closer to nullify their range advantage.
  • The Tornado can be useful at separating units and weaken assaults. However, if placed incorrectly, it can be very punishing, as it can drag dangerous enemy troops, such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A., closer to the Crown Tower.
  • It is difficult to master the Tornado, and a misplacement of this card can result in a fair Elixir deficit and heavy damage to the player's own Crown Towers. To reduce the chance of this, use dragging instead of tapping when deploying the Tornado as the exact area of effect will be visible. The player can tap and hold the Spell before releasing it.
  • The Tornado can be used to drag defending units out of the way. This is particularly effective when trying to preserve glass-cannons to maximise damage output. Tornado is also great with Graveyard, as it can pull defending units like the Valkyrie out of the way. In a similar manner, ranged troops can be pulled towards highly damaging units to nullify their range advantage.
  • It can also be used to drag ranged troops to any high damage dealers. This is an excellent way to play a P.E.K.K.A. Tornado deck. Executioner and Wizard also pair well in the P.E.K.K.A. Tornado deck as their splashing capabilities can be used effectively with the Tornado's pull, wiping out hordes of low to medium health units. Using similar thinking, the Tornado can also pull troops to a bomb dropped by the player's Giant Skeleton or Balloon to fully defeat or at least heavily damage them.
  • Splash troops used in conjunction with the Tornado is a devastating combination as enemy units are clumped together in the centre of the Tornado, leaving them vulnerable to splash damage. A deadly combo is Tornado + Sparky. The Tornado can clump up enemy troops and allow the Sparky to one shot or severely damage units within her blast radius.
  • The Tornado can pull a Giant Skeleton away from the player's Princess Tower at the last second so that its death bomb does not deal massive damage.
  • The Tornado's large radius and one second duration makes it very useful against Clone. The low damage of the Tornado is irrelevant as all Clones only have one hitpoint. However, certain Cloned troops will avoid being fully defeated, such as the Skeleton Barrel, which has a drop delay on its death spawn, meaning the Skeletons will still have to be addressed.
  • The Tornado can be used to activate the player's King's Tower. For most melee troops, placing the Tornado on the tile directly in front of the King's Tower and two tiles into the defending lane will cause an activation. This will allow for extra defense against future pushes, as the King's Tower is able to attack any troops that are near the Princess Towers.
    • Depending on how the opponent primarily gets tower damage, taking Princess Tower damage in order to activate the King's Tower may be a wasteful play. For example, the Royal Giant will never be in range of the King's Tower while attacking a Princess Tower, weakening the effectiveness of the activation. Unless the player can take a substantial advantage of the King's Tower against other units, it may be better to simply use the Tornado in other situations.
    • The Tornado is especially effective at stifling Miner or Goblin Barrel attacks. If the cards are placed anywhere besides the outer corner of the Princess Tower, the Tornado can force a King activation and be able to weaken these cards much more quickly in future pushes. Even if they place their card on the outer corner of the Princess Tower to try and avoid the Tornado's pull, this is easily predictable as there is no other placement where their troop can attack the tower safely.
    • After activating the King's Tower, the Tornado should be used to pull troops towards the center in range of all three Crown Towers to maximize the defender's advantage. Cheap troops like Skeletons can be placed as well to hold troops there for longer.
    • It is not recommended to pull extremely powerful troops to the King's Tower such as the Golem or P.E.K.K.A. more than once. Extremely high-health troops will be able to survive the attacks of the three Crown Towers for very long, allowing other troops to do significant damage to the Princess Towers if unopposed. Additionally, they will likely do significant damage to the King's Tower, opening up the possibility for a back door three crown.
  • For a neutral trade, it can be used to pull a Princess within range of a Crown Tower, allowing it to destroy her. However, she will still get around 1-2 hits, so this is a last resort counter.
  • If an opponent often distracts an X-Bow or Mortar with a single unit that is placed somewhat far back on their side, a predictive Tornado placement can allow the siege building to sneakily lock onto the Princess Tower by pulling the unit out of the building's range. This is most easily done by pulling the unit backwards. The player should also try to Tornado the unit to the other lane if possible, so that it does not assist in defending the X-Bow after the pull. The player should try to make the Tornado's effect begin as soon as the opponent's unit is deployed, so that the unit does not resist the Tornado's pull by walking forward. While this will activate the opponent's King's Tower, the siege buildings themselves will never be affected by the activation.


  • The Tornado was added to the game on 11/11/16.
  • On 15/12/16, a Balance Update increased its radius by 10% and also increased its pulling power. This update also changed its description. It used to say: "Drags enemy troops to the center of the Tornado while dealing damage over time. Doesn't affect buildings."
  • On 13/3/17, the March 2017 Update allowed the Tornado to be placed on buildings.
  • On 12/6/17, a Balance Update decreased the Tornado's duration by 0.5sec (to 2.5sec from 3 sec), but allowed multiple Tornado spells to stack.
  • On 25/4/18, the Clan Wars Update increased the Tornado‘s damage per second by 21%, but also decreased the duration by 0.5 sec (from 2.5 sec to 2 sec).
  • The 20/6/18 Update moved the Arena to unlock the Tornado from Builder's Workshop (Arena 6) to Frozen Peak (Arena 8).
  • On 28/1/19, the January 2019 Update moved the Arena to unlock the Tornado from Frozen Peak (Arena 8) to Spell Valley (Arena 5).
  • On 5/5/2020, a Balance Update decreased the Tornado's duration by 50% (2 secs -> 1 sec) but its pull strength was increased by 65% and its damage per second by 100%. It was also changed to damage buildings. As a result, the "Doesn't affect buildings." blurb from its description was removed.


  • The Tornado has the largest area of effect, with a radius of 5.5 tiles. This means it is also the only spell that can affect all 3 Crown Towers at once.
  • The Tornado used to be one of the three spells that didn't affect buildings. The other two were Heal, before its replacement by Heal Spirit, and Clone.
  • It appeared in the picture for the Balance Changes coming on 1/11/16 before it was officially announced that it was going to be added to the game.
  • The Tornado is currently the only Clash Royale Card to inspire a Trap in Clash of Clans.
  • The initial balance change for Tornado in Season 11 was a +100% pull strength increase, but it was pulled back last minute.


3 5.5 1 sec Air & Ground Spell Epic
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
6 53 x2 18 x2
7 58 x2 20 x2
8 64 x2 22 x2
9 70 x2 24 x2
10 77 x2 27 x2
11 84 x2 29 x2
12 93 x2 32 x2
13 102 x2 35 x2
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