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“A spilt bottle of Rage turned an innocent tree trunk into "The Log". Now, it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path! Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”

The The Log card is unlocked from the Builder's Workshop (Arena 6) or a Legendary Chest. It is an area damage spell that affects a rectangular area on the ground as it rolls through its targets, damaging them and pushing any survivors back. It disintegrates after rolling for 10.1 tiles. It appears as a long, spiked piece of wood. A The Log card costs 2 Elixir to deploy.


  • As a cheap spell, The Log can be used to damage and push back multiple ground troops that are approaching your side, such as Barbarians or Goblins.
  • Unlike all other cards with a pushback effect, The Log can affect all ground troops. If a troop is locked into a target, the pushback caused by The Log will reset their attack animation. This is in contrast with the Zap or Lightning, as it will only pause the attack instead of fully resetting it, with the exception of Sparky.
  • It can be a cheaper alternative to Arrows, due to the very similar damage and area of effect.
    • The main differences are that The Log costs one less Elixir while being unable to affect air troops. As such, it might be advisable to bring other splash damage cards to deal with the likes of Minions and the Minion Horde.
    • It can also be an alternative to Zap, as both of them have the same Elixir cost. They can both disarm the charge attacks of Prince and Dark Prince if you have low Elixir or if your small units are out of rotation. However, they have slightly different effects when used. The Log will not reset a Sparky, but a Zap will.
    • Barring aerial units (as The Log cannot hit them) there are only 4 units that it cannot one-shot compared to Arrows, those being Archers, Guards, Firecracker and Elixir Blobs. They will still be countered with the help of the Princess Tower.
  • If placed right next to the bridge, The Log will damage the Princess Tower. Its cheap cost and relatively high damage compared to the other 2 Elixir spells make it a low-commitment way to chip a Crown Tower.
  • The Log is effective on offense when combined with grounded units. Any swarms placed on top of The Log will be immediately hit, and in most cases, completely eliminated. However, the player should be aware of the slightly staggered deploy time on all cards comprised of more than one unit besides Skeletons, and deploy their The Log so that it will roll over the units once their hurtbox spawns.
  • Remember that, despite it being a spell, it can only be placed on the player's side, which reduces its effectiveness in certain situations.
  • If a unit is walking right on the edge of the river on a player's side, the player can use The Log to push the unit over the river back to the opponent's side. This is a good way to delay slow-moving units like Giant and P.E.K.K.A.
  • The Log can be an effective counter to Tombstones or Goblin Drills. If the building is at around half health, The Log can be used to destroy the building and the troops spawned afterward. Similarly, it can also be used on a Battle Ram to deal additional damage to the spawned Barbarians. However, this will not work against a Goblin Giant.
  • The Log is a great counter to a Goblin Barrel. Although it is slightly harder to defend a Goblin Barrel with it compared to Arrows, it costs 1 less Elixir. The Log's radius is wider than it appears, meaning it will still fully counter a barrel placed in the center of the player's Princess Tower if the horizontal placement is 1 tile off.
  • If the opponent places a Royal Giant in the extra space of the player's territory once a Tower has been destroyed, they may be able to use The Log to push him to the King's Tower lane, protecting their frailer tower. It could also be used to cause him to retarget to another building if the player places their building late.
  • If a Miner is placed on the corner of the Princess Tower closest to the King's Tower, The Log can push the Miner towards the King's Tower, activating it.
  • The Hog Rider, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Royal Hogs and the Cursed Hogs can unintentionally jump over The Log as they cannot be struck by it while they use their jump abilities. However, this is rare and should not be relied on.
  • The Log one level lower than the Princess, Dart Goblin, and the Rascal Girls can still defeat them in one shot, but not if The Log is two levels lower than them.
  • While a Mega Knight is charging his jump attack, pushing back the Mega Knight while he is charging does not prevent him from jumping on his target. The same holds true for the Bandit and her dash attack.
  • The Log's pushback can be used to force enemy troops directly in the center of the arena to switch lanes by deploying the Log on the side of the troop opposite to where the player would like to redirect it. This can be useful to weaken the current defense or to weaken a counterattack.
  • The Log's pushback can push the Hunter further away from his target, reducing his damage significantly.


  • The Log was added to the game on 4/7/16 with the Tournaments Update.
  • On 24/8/16, a Balance Update decreased The Log's cast time by 66% and its travel speed increased by 20%.
  • On 19/9/16, a Balance Update enabled The Log to push back all ground troops. Troops with a charging mechanic which increases their movement speed, like Prince, would have their charge reset.
  • On 20/10/16, a Balance Update increased The Log's rolling speed and distance, as well as increased its damage by 9%.
  • On 23/1/17 a Balance Update decreased The Log's damage by 4% and decreased its pushback effect (to 1 tile from 1.5 tiles).
  • On 13/3/17, the March 2017 Update decreased The Log's damage by 4% and decrease its rolling distance by 0.5 tiles (to 11.1 tiles from 11.6 tiles). On the same day, a bug was discovered where the Log was not able to be deployed on top of buildings. To compensate for this, the rolling distance was restored to 11.6 tiles until the next client update.
  • On 12/6/17, a Balance Update decreased The Log's rolling distance by 0.5 tiles (to 11.1 tiles from 11.6 tiles). The bug that prevented the Log from being deployed on top of buildings was also fixed.
  • On 12/12/17, a Balance Update decreased The Log’s Crown Tower damage from 40% to 35% of the full damage.
  • On 25/4/18, the April 2018 Update allowed the Log to be placed on the river if a Crown Tower has been already destroyed.
  • On 4/8/20, a Balance Update decreased The Log's rolling distance by 1 tile (to 10.1 tiles, from 11.1 tiles), and decreased its Crown Tower damage from 35% to 30% of the full damage.


  • The Log and the Graveyard are the only Legendary spells in the game.
  • The Log is 1 of the 11 cards from Clash Royale to appear in Clash Quest, the others being the Fire Spirit, Bomber, Spear Goblins, Zap, Furnace, Fireball, Goblin Hut, Rocket, Baby Dragon, and Prince.
  • When deployed, you can hear a voice chanting "LOG".
  • The Log can push back a burrowing Miner. However, it does not deal damage to the Miner, nor does it force the Miner out of the ground.
  • It is one of three spells which can only be placed in the player's own territory, the others being the Royal Delivery and the Barbarian Barrel.
  • Like every Legendary card except the Miner and the Graveyard, it falls from the sky when deployed.
  • The card's description hints at it being created by the Lumberjack, apparently due to spilt Rage.
  • The Log can be seen in the menu picture for Arena 6 (Builder's Workshop) on the bottom left corner. Before The Log was introduced into the game, it had no spikes on it.
  • The Log is the cheapest Legendary card in the game, at 2 Elixir.
  • The Log is the subject of some Emotes. It is the only spell to have an Emote based upon it.
  • The Log appears to be one of the logs launched from the Log Launcher in Clash of Clans.
  • There used to be a glitch where if a Bomb Tower was directly in front of the King's Tower and was hit by The Log, the Bomb Tower would extend The Log's effective range, causing it to activate the King's Tower.


2 Ground 3.9 10.1 Spell Legendary
Area Damage
Area Damage
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
9 240 72
10 264 80
11 290 87
12 319 96
13 350 105