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“This Evolution is quite shocking! Bad jokes aside, the evolved Tesla sends out an intermittent Electro Pulse, dealing Damage to any enemies caught in it.”

The Tesla's Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns a Tesla with identical stats to the original. After surfacing and death, the Tesla spawns an expanding electric pulse effect, dealing high damage while stunning all enemies in its radius. The stun lasts 0.5 seconds and covers a 6-tile radius. The Tesla's Evolution costs 4 Elixir and requires 2 cycles to deploy.


  • For 2 cycles, the Evolved Tesla is extremely powerful against building targeting units, such as Hog Rider and Giant, due to its building status, high damage, and high health. This makes it a powerful defensive card in battle, fitting best in decks that have a weak defense.
  • The Evolved Tesla can OHKO any unit with less health than Minions if they are of the same Level, thus making it very effective against small hordes of low-hitpoint troops.
    • An Evolved Tesla can be a decent backup counter to a Graveyard. It attacks relatively fast, and has decent hitpoints to survive multiple attacks from the Skeletons, while also being unable to be pulled away by an incoming Tornado. In a pinch, the death pulse may defeat any surviving Skeletons, further lowering damage dealt to the Tower.
    • Unlike the regular Tesla, the Evolved Tesla can be a somewhat reliable counter to heavy swarms like Evolved Barbarians and Royal Recruits. This is due to the pulse dealing decent damage while stunning everything inside, thus buying more time for the Crown Towers and Evolved Tesla to get in damage.
  • The Cannoneer has good defensive synergy with the Evolved Tesla. The pulse in combination with the Evolved Tesla’s fast attack speed can help take out swarm cards the Cannoneer struggles to defend. The Evolved Tesla can also distract high hitpoint units for a long time like the regular Tesla providing the Cannoneer with more time to do damage.
    • Likewise, the Dagger Duchess has good defensive synergy with the Evolved Tesla as the Tesla can easily deal with swarm troops with its shockwave and pull high hitpoint troops towards the other Dagger Duchess, which is likely to have full daggers.
  • If placed properly and with the help of the Cannoneer, the Evolved Tesla can fully counter a Royal Giant and Evolved Royal Giant for a +2 Elixir trade. A similar interaction occurs with the Electro Giant.
  • When it retreats underground, the Evolved Tesla is invulnerable to any damage-dealing spell except for Earthquake, and cannot be targeted by any troops. However, the retreat is not instant, enabling quick troops like Spear Goblins to get a hit off before it goes underground. The retreat can also be stopped with a Freeze spell, enabling the player to attack the Evolved Tesla at leisure. The Evolved Tesla can also be frozen by a Freeze spell while underground, so it won't pop up when enemies are in range while the Freeze is active on it. This allows troops such as the Hog Rider to bypass an Evolved Tesla and head straight for the Crown Tower, as it can't be targeted while hidden underground.
    • Since the Tesla cannot be defeated while underground, its lifetime may discourage the opponent from attacking. Because of this, when it expires, it may incentivize the opponent to attack, so this is a good opportunity to prepare resistance against the post-Tesla response attack.
  • The Evolved Tesla has great synergy with the X-Bow. Any light swarms like Skeleton Army used near the X-Bow will be instantly destroyed by the pulse while hindering other distraction troops with its stun. Additionally, the Evolved Tesla will add a considerable amount of DPS against these bulkier troops, taking them down faster so the X-Bow can get more damage on the Crown Towers. However, this combination is very weak against Earthquake.
    • Similarly, the Evolved Tesla also has great synergy with the Mortar and Evolved Mortar. Like the X-Bow, the Tesla can quickly take out many air and ground swarms meant to counter the Mortar with the pulse, potentially giving more time for the Mortar to attack the Crown Towers. This combination is also 2 less Elixir, giving the player more room to place down more cards.
    • On the contrary, it is also decent against an X-Bow or Mortar. Its decent Elixir cost and hitpoints will allow it to tank a notable amount of attacks, and its high damage and fast hitspeed will let it dish out plenty of hits to the building or any of its support cards. The stun from the pulse, may also cause a retarget from the siege building into the Evolved Tesla if it was placed late.
  • If paired with Skeletons, a Golem can be fully countered by the Evolved Tesla for a massive +3 Elixir trade. This can also be done with Spear Goblins for a counter push. Resulting in minor chip damage if ignored.
  • The Evolved Tesla may be substituted for the Cannon or Inferno Tower based on the user's building preferences and what Card Evolutions are already in the player's deck. The Cannon costs 1 less Elixir, but can't target air troops and has less hitpoints, making it better for decks that already have many air counters. The Inferno Tower can target air, is extremely effective against troops with high hitpoints, and has more hitpoints. However, it costs 1 more Elixir and is vulnerable to swarms, making it better for decks that tend to struggle with large pushes.
  • The Evolved Tesla is very effective at distracting enemy building-targeting troops, such as the Giant and Hog Rider. By placing it in the middle of the player's part of the Arena (3 tiles from the bridge), the troops will target it instead of the Towers if it is not frozen. This placement will also pull regular troops to it.
    • If the player only wants the Evolved Tesla to pull building-targeting troops, they should place it 1 more tile away from the river. The Evolved Tesla will still attack any troops that come close enough to the Crown Towers, but it will not tank any hits for them. Alternatively, the player can place the Tesla 1 tile even deeper to pull the building-targeting troop even deeper, but this will result in support troops being out of range.
    • A Hog Rider or Ram Rider placed at the edges of the Arena will bypass an Evolved Tesla that is hidden whether it is placed 3 or 4 tiles from the river. An Evolved Tesla placed 2 tiles from the river will pull them to it, but this placement makes it very easy to snipe at the bridge, by using a swarm to force the Evolved Tesla to pop up and tank its shots while a ranged troop damages it down. Another method is to simply push them closer to the Evolved Tesla by deploying a grounded troop where it lands after it jumps across the edge, which will make Evolved Teslas placed 3 or 4 tiles away from the river pull them.
    • Against building-targeting troops which are placed in such a way that they are staggered towards the center of the Arena (e.g. a Golem placed behind the King's Tower), an Evolved Tesla reactively placed 4 tiles from the defending Crown Tower and 4 tiles away from the river can distract them. This is because the unit will walk closer to the inner side of the bridge (i.e. closer to the center of the Arena), rather than the center or the outside. Although this is somewhat situational, it is more effective at separating a tank from its support units than the above middle placement, as the tank will have to walk slightly farther, and the Tesla will not draw the attention of other grounded troops.
      • This placement also works against the Giant if he is placed directly on the bridge. His sight range is enough to allow him to travel towards the Tesla. However, this placement does not work against the Golem placed similarly, due to its lower sight range.
    • If the player suspects that the opponent has an Earthquake, Lightning, or Poison in their deck, they can place the Tesla 1 tile from the river. This will avoid the Earthquake hitting both the Crown Tower and the Tesla. However, this placement can be easily attacked by ranged troops, so use this placement if avoiding Crown Tower damage is a higher priority.
    • The Lava Hound's low sight range necessitates the Tesla being placed 5 tiles from the river and 1 tile from the Crown Tower in order to distract it. This position does not work against a Lava Hound placed on the furthest edge in the Arena; in this case, the Tesla has to be shifted a tile closer to the Crown Tower in order to distract the Lava Hound.
      • Against a LavaLoon push, it is most recommended to place the Tesla 3 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the Crown Tower. This position allows it to distract the Balloon without distracting the Lava Hound. This forces them to separate and make addressing them easier afterwards. This placement also works against a lone Balloon or Skeleton Barrel.
    • If the player wants to pull troops closer to the King's Tower and further from the second Crown Tower after losing their first one, they should place the Tesla beside the King's Tower and 3 tiles from the top of the Arena. This will pull Giants towards in regardless on whether it was placed reactively or proactively. Against the Golem and Lava Hound, it only works if placed reactively. In order to avoid this, the player can place it 4 tiles from the top of the Arena instead, which will work better, as the Tesla will start attacking the Golem during its deploy time.
  • Offensively, in some cases, cards with a high range, like Dart Goblin and Magic Archer, can snipe a poorly placed Evolved Tesla from across the river without taking damage from the pulse. This is in part to their range being longer than where the pulse can reach them. Another troop, like an Ice Golem and Goblin Giant, should be present to keep the Evolved Tesla from going underground while this is going on.
  • The Evolved Tesla is a good response to a Princess placed at the bridge. Its underground mechanic prevents spell responses against it and it may also discourage the opponent from placing the Princess to attack the Crown Tower.


Evolved Tesla Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
4 1.2 sec 1 sec 30 sec 5.5 Air & Ground Building Common

Evolution Attributes

Pulse Radius
Pulse Stun Duration
2 6 0.5 sec

Card Statistics

Pulse Damage
Area Damage
Pulse Death Damage
Death Damage
Damage per second
Hitpoints lost per second
1 540 86 58 58 71 18
2 594 94 63 63 78 19.8
3 653 104 70 70 86 21.7
4 718 114 77 77 95 23.9
5 788 125 84 84 104 26.2
6 864 137 92 92 114 28.8
7 950 151 102 102 125 31.6
8 1,042 165 111 111 137 34.7
9 1,144 182 122 122 151 38.1
10 1,258 200 135 135 166 41.9
11 1,382 220 148 148 183 46
12 1,517 241 162 162 200 50.5
13 1,668 265 179 179 220 55.6
14 1,830 291 196 196 242 61
15 2,008 319 215 215 265 66.9



  • The Tesla's Evolution card was added to the game on 4/3/2024, in the March 2024 Update.
  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, removed the Evolved Tesla's hitpoints boost, but added a death pulse.
  • On 17/6/2024, a Balance Update, decreased the Evolved Tesla’s pulse damage by 22.9% and decreased the its pulse stun duration to 0.5 seconds (from 1 second).
  • On 2/7/2024, a Balance Update, decreased the Tesla’s damage by 4% and increased its Tesla’s attack time interval to 1.2 seconds (from 1.1 seconds).