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  • Supercell Make is a place to create, share, and vote on community-made content that is then brought into Clash Royale as real emotes and tower skins.
  • So far there has been 1 campaigns for Clash Royale, an emote campaign.
  • Clash Royale Supercell Make campaigns are currently on hold.


Name Appearance Creator Release Price
Mega Minion Mute

(originally Mega Minion "I can not hear you")

Mega Minion Mute
LordFink August 2023 1 Gem


Thumbnail Name Background
Mega Minion Emote campaign
Mega Minion Emote The poor Mega Minion is the only troop left without his own Emote, and it’s making him gloomy. Fix this injustice by creating and submitting your creation, or browse existing submissions and vote for your favorites! ONE talented winner will see his creation made into an official Clash Royale Emote!


Campaign Name Campaign Announced Submissions Open Voting Open Submissions Close Voting Close Winners Announced
Mega Minion Emote 7th March 2023 9th March 2023 12th April 2023 12th April 2023 26th April 2023 4th May 2023