Star Points

Star Points are used to unlock cosmetic changes for Cards. Star Points can be spent to upgrade level 13 cards and give them Star Levels. Cards with Star Levels have golden particle effects and golden clothing, armor, weapons, or other elements added to their sprites in battle. They also glow gold while being deployed. Star Levels do not have any effects on interactions; they are purely cosmetic.


Players can obtain Star Points once they reach King Level 13. Once Level 13, Star Points replace Experience when donating and upgrading cards. Collecting max-level Cards in any way (from Chests, Quests, trading) will get Star Points as well as Gold (1 for each Common, 10 for each Rare, 100 for each Epic, and 1000 for each Legendary.) Also, when max-level Cards are bought from the Shop, they are transformed directly into Star Points. However, Cards that you have collected enough to upgrade to max level but have not upgraded to max level will not give Star Points.


  • Star Points were added in the December 2018 Update.


  • If you use Cards with Star Levels in Tournaments, Challenges, Friendly Battles or Clan Wars, although their levels are capped, the Star Levels remain, making them appear as non-max level Cards with Star Levels.
  • Some troops and buildings resemble higher leveled Clash of Clans counterparts after making Star upgrades.


Star Level Star Points Required Total Star Points Required
1 10,000 10,000
2 15,000 25,000
3 20,000 45,000
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