“This pair of skeletal scorchers deal Area Damage and fly above the Arena. They also play a mean rib cage xylophone duet.”

The Skeleton Dragons card is unlocked from Spooky Town (Arena 12). It spawns two low hitpoint, moderate area damage troops. A Skeleton Dragons card costs 4 Elixir to deploy. They appear to be skeletal versions of the Baby Dragon with team-colored wings and back spikes.


  • The Skeleton Dragons act more or less like a fragile pair of Baby Dragons, doing area damage and flying at the same speed. However, they are at a disadvantage individually because they have noticeably less hitpoints, a smaller area damage radius, and a slower attack speed than the Baby Dragon.
  • They are especially weak to splash units that target air such as Wizard and Executioner, but the Skeleton Dragons can destroy them if they are surrounded on defense or will get some chip damage before dying.
  • A Royal Delivery will cripple the Skeleton Dragons, but won't one-shot them. This is usually still valuable to do against larger pushes as the Royal Delivery's drop does considerable damage regardless. If the opponent has other swarm cards they can quickly support their push with or even a Clone spell, the player may want to save their Delivery for slightly longer.
  • It is generally not recommended to assault a Crown Tower with only the Skeleton Dragons, as their low health makes them easy to counter for a positive Elixir trade. Placing Skeleton Dragons in the pocket is an even worse idea as the King's Tower will also assist in damaging down the pair.
  • Since the Skeleton Dragon comes in pairs, they can usually defeat Minions and Minion Horde while remaining mostly intact. However, if the opponent uses the latter to surround them, the Skeleton Dragons will often be overwhelmed.
  • The Musketeer is a neutral Elixir trade against the Skeleton Dragons with the help of the Princess Tower. It will survive with a bit of health left, giving the defender the chance to counter-push.
  • Hunter is a good counter for the Skeleton Dragons as he shoots multiple projectiles. However, this is merely a neutral Elixir trade and he will not survive long enough to deal any tower damage, so this should be a last resort counter as his high burst damage is better used on building-targeting troops.
  • The Skeleton Dragons can be kited with a well-placed Ice Golem at the center of the arena, fully countering their attack. This will not work if the Skeleton Dragons are placed in the corners of the arena.
  • Due to their frail nature, it's recommended to support them on offense or defense with a tank in order to maximize their damage output, as long as the opponent doesn't have a spell to immediately take out the Skeleton Dragons.
  • Fireball is a hard counter to Skeleton Dragons, one-shotting them for an equal Elixir trade and being able to hit other units in its radius. Poison will defeat them if they are exposed to it long enough, but they will usually move out of its range unless they are distracted. Fortunately, however, this makes the Skeleton Dragons excellent as spell bait.
  • Rocket and Lightning also one shot them, but this is typically impractical to do. They are both negative Elixir trades unless other units are nearby, and Lightning may not target onto the Dragons in a larger push due to their low health.
  • Combined, the Skeleton Dragons do the same amount of DPS as an equal level Wizard. When paired with their cheaper cost by 1 Elixir and their ability to fly, this set of abilities makes the Skeleton Dragons a viable force to take out high-value targets on defense, especially with another unit tanking for them. Their high DPS allows them to fulfil multiple roles within the same deck, being air attackers that also deal area damage.


  • The Skeleton Dragons card was made available in the Dragon Hunt game mode in late May 2020, several days before it was made available in Special Event Challenges.
  • The Skeleton Dragons card will be unlocked through multiple Special Event Challenges before general release, the first coming on 5/6/2020.
  • The Skeleton Dragons card was generally released on 6/7/20.
  • On 7/7/20, a Balance Update decreased the Skeleton Dragons' damage by 6%.
  • On 6/10/20, a Balance Update decreased the Skeleton Dragons' hit speed by 12% (from 1.7 sec to 1.9 sec).



Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Troop Count
4 1.9 sec Fast (90) 3.5 x2 Air Troop Common
Area Damage
Area Damage
Damage per second
1 208 63 33
2 228 69 36
3 251 76 40
4 276 83 43
5 303 91 47
6 332 100 52
7 366 110 57
8 401 121 63
9 440 133 70
10 484 146 76
11 532 161 84
12 584 177 93
13 642 194 102
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