The Shop is unlocked at Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It offers Cards, Chests, Gems, Gold, and occasionally Special Offers. In the Shop, these can be purchased for Gold, Gems, or real money, providing an easy and accessible way to obtain these commodities.

Daily Deals

  • Every day, up to 6 offers are present in the Shop (3 offers are present for levels 1-4, a 4th is added at level 5, a 5th at Level 7 and a 6th at Level 9).
  • These offers range from free gifts to Cards to Chests.
  • Bought Chests do not advance the player's Chest Cycle.
  • Free gifts can include Gold, Gems, Cards (guaranteed to be Epic cards every Sunday), or even a Silver/Golden Chest. They appear daily in the Shop.
  • The selection of Cards in the Shop changes daily.
    • Below Arena 10, this selection is chosen from all non-Legendary cards unlockable from the player's Arena, including those they have not unlocked yet.
    • At Arena 10 or above, Legendary cards will show up in the Shop, again including those the player has yet to unlock.
    • During each three-month period, every card that is eligible to show up in the Shop is guaranteed to show up at least once.
  • These cards are offered in the Shop in packs of certain sizes. The pack can be offered for Gold or Gems. Regardless of whether it is offered in Gold or Gems, the cost for a particular rarity is directly proportional to the number of cards in that pack.
    • Common cards are offered for 10 Gold each or 0.5 Gems per card.
    • Rare cards are offered for 100 Gold each or 5 Gems per card.
    • Epic cards are offered for 1,000 Gold each or 50 Gems per card.
    • Legendary cards are offered for 40,000 Gold each.
    • Shop Card Price Calculator
  • Gold can be offered for Gems as a daily deal.
  • Epic and Legendary Chests can be offered in the Shop as a daily deal.
    • Epic Chests cost varying amounts of Gold depending on the Arena. It costs 500 Gold for every Epic card inside the Epic Chest. For example, an Epic Chest in Builder's Workshop (which contains 15 Epics) will cost 7,500 Gold.
    • Each Legendary Chest costs 500 Gems.

Special Fortune Chest Offers

  • When a card is about to be released, it will be shown as a special limited-time offer. The form of such offers has varied from time to time. Currently, players at Arenas high enough to unlock that card will have the opportunity to buy a certain amount of Special Fortune Chests.
  • Special Fortune Chest Offers can also appear if a player requests for the same Card many times in a row, or plays a card many times, but can also appear randomly.
  • Special Fortune Chests are named by their fortune card, e.g. Magic Archer Chest, Barbarian Barrel Chest, etc.
  • If the fortune card is a Legendary, it will have increased probability to be contained in these Special Fortune Chests, may even guarantee one.
  • If the fortune card is not a Legendary, a stack of this card will be guaranteed to be contained in these Special Fortune Chests. This stack can have from 2/3 to 3/2 the normal amount of cards of this rarity in this Chest. If the stack has more than the normal amount, additional cards are given as a bonus and increase the total amount of cards in this chest. For example, if a player gets 28 Barbarian Barrel Cards from a Barbarian Barrel Chest, the Chest will have a total of 584 Cards.
  • Special Fortune Chests are a palette swap of normal Fortune Chests, contain the same amount of Gold as the Fortune Chest of the player's Arena, but the amount of Cards is independent of Arena.
Arena Gold in Chest Normal Legendary Chance
1 1,100 N/A
2-3 1,200
4 1,300 1/50
5-6 1,400 1/20
7-8 1,500 1/15
9 1,600
10 1,600 1/10
11 1,700
12-13 1,800
Fortune Card Rarity Rarity Chest Cost Gem Total Cards Normal amount of Common Cards Normal amount of Rare Cards Normal amount of Epic Cards Guaranteed amount/chance of Fortune Cards
Common 300 135 104 27 4 69-156
Common 500 200 154 40 6 102-231
Common 750 250 192 50 8 128-288
Rare 100 100 78 20 2 13-30
Rare 250 200 155 40 5 26-60
Rare 200/500 200 154 40 6 26-60
Rare 500 300 233 60 7 40-90
Epic 500 200 150 40 10 6-15
Epic 500 250 192 50 8 5-12
Epic 500 300 230 60 10 6-15
Epic 1,200 575 441 115 19 12-28
Legendary 500/1,000 100 77 20 2 1
Legendary 1,000 250 192 50 8 1/3

Royal Chests

  • Lightning, Fortune and King's/Legendary King's Chests can be bought from the Shop.
  • Chests bought in the Shop have no opening time and can, therefore, be immediately opened after purchase.
  • The arena number of a chest the player purchases corresponds with their current Arena. However, the price for each Chest stays fixed regardless of Arena.
  • Different chests give the player different rewards. For example, a Legendary King's Chests guarantees a Legendary card.
  • The better the Chest is, the better the contents (more gold, more cards, and higher rarity of the cards) will be.
Lightning Chest Cost Gem Fortune Chest Cost Gem King's Chest Cost Gem Legendary King's Chest Cost Gem
250 750 2,000 2,500


  • The price of Gems depends on the player's country.
  • There are 6 Gem bundles available to be purchased.
Name Gem
Fistful of Gems 80
Pouch of Gems 500
Bucket of Gems 1,200
Barrel of Gems 2,500
Wagon of Gems 6,500
Mountain of Gems 14,000


  • There are 3 Gold bundles available to be purchased.
Name Amount of Gold Gem Gold per Gem
Pouch of Gold 1,000 60 16.67
Bucket of Gold 10,000 500 20
Wagon of Gold 100,000 4,500 22.22

Arena Packs

  • Arena Packs are special offers that cost real money to buy.
  • There are 12 different Arena Packs, one for each Arena (other than Arena 1). The Arena Pack that appears in the Shop corresponds to the player's current Arena; for example, if they are in Arena 4, the offer will be an Arena 4 Pack.
  • They appear for the first two days after the player reaches a new Arena. After this time period, they will appear once a week if they are not purchased.
  • The Arena Packs are one-time special offers, so if the player purchases an Arena Pack belonging to a certain Arena, they will never see it again.
  • There is a 25% chance that an Arena Pack from a lower Arena is available, as a means of variety.
  • Each Arena Pack contains a fixed amount of Gold, as well as a fixed type of Chest. The Chest received contains cards from their Arena and below, and opens immediately.
Arena Type of Chest Gold Price (USD)
2-4 Lightning Chest 2,000 $0.99
5-6 King's Chest 5,000 $4.99
7-12 Legendary King's Chest 50,000 $9.99
13 Mega Lightning Chest, Legendary King's Chest, Epic Chest, Magical Chest 125,000 $19.99

Emotes and Trade Tokens

  • Every day, 3 Emotes are present in the Shop. Each Emote costs 250 Gem to buy.
  • Emote Packs and Trade Token Packs are special offers that cost real money to buy.
  • Players can buy Emotes and/or Trade Tokens from packs that also contain Chests, Gold and/or Gems.

Pass Royale

  • Unlocks certain rewards and perks.
  • Costs the same as a Pouch of Gems (500 Gem) of the player's region.


  • On 29/2/16, the March 2016 Update changed the Silver and Golden Chests available in the Shop with Giant and Super Magical Chests.
  • On 3/5/16, the May 2016 Update changed the cost rate of all cards in the Shop to a linear growth (from exponential growth) and made it possible for Legendary Cards to appear in the Shop for the players who have reached the tenth Arena. In addition, it redesigned the Shop, adding a shopkeeper holding an animated clock. After this update, it is also possible to have two Commons, Rares, or Epics in the Shop on a single day.
  • On 19/9/16, the September 2016 Update added Card Release Offers, which allowed players to purchase copies of any newly released non-Legendary card for Gems. It also added Arena Packs, one-time offers that offered chests, gold and gems for real-world money.
  • On 15/12/16, the December 2016 Update reduced the cost of Epic cards in the Shop by 50% - the cost of the first Epic in the Shop would be 1,000 Gold instead of 2,000.
  • On 9/10/17, the Epic Quests Update revamped the offers from the main Shop, replacing them with Daily Deals and also changed the method of buying cards (purchasing them in packs as opposed to allowing players to buy them one at a time), as well as pricing methods for non-Legendary cards (the total cost for a given number of cards now being proportional to number of cards obtained). Players were now able to claim a free Epic card every Sunday as part of Epic Sundays.
  • On 12/12/17, the Electrifying Update changed the Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chests available in the Shop with Lightning, Fortune and King's/Legendary King's Chests.
  • On 31/8/20, the Clan Wars II Update removed Quests and the daily gifts that it gives. The daily gifts were moved to the Shop, and cards were added to the daily gifts. The gifts also increased in value, being slightly more valuable than if the player collected all of their daily gifts previously.
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