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“Deploys a line of recruits armed with spears, shields and wooden buckets. They dream of ponies and one day wearing metal buckets.”

The Royal Recruits is a Common card that is unlocked from the Royal Arena (Arena 7). It spawns six single-target, ground-targeting, melee, ground troops with moderate hitpoints and moderate damage with shields in addition to their normal hitpoints. Their deployment is in a horizontal formation spanning the Arena. They are the same as that spawned by the Royal Delivery. A Royal Recruits card costs 7 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Royal Recruits are a powerful defensive card because of how they are deployed, allowing good defense from troops coming from both lanes.
    • This can stop numerous split lane pushes since each Royal Recruit has a decent amount of health and damage. After that, they can be used for a very strong counterattack in both lanes.
    • They can also distract some air troops, buying time to counter them.
    • Treat the Royal Recruits like Guards when countering high-damage, slow-hitting units such as the P.E.K.K.A., Prince, and Sparky. Their shields and sheer numbers can stall these units for extremely long amounts of time, allowing the player's Crown Towers to easily chip these units down.
  • Just like the Dark Prince and Guards, excess damage from destroying the Royal Recruit's shield will not affect their actual hitpoints. For instance, the Royal Recruits have 240 shield hitpoints, and a Fireball does 689 damage; the extra 449 damage will be completely negated.
  • Despite their horizontal formation, they can be split in slightly different ways by shifting the central tile of their deployment pattern to the left or right. This can cause 4 Royal Recruits to go in one lane and 2 in the other lane as opposed to the usual even formation.
  • Because of their horizontal formation, they can be used defensively even against splash units. This is especially useful against the Mega Knight, as their formation minimizes the number of Royal Recruits that are hit from a single attack from the Mega Knight.
  • Unlike other cards, the Royal Recuits cannot be placed in the opponent's territory if one Crown Tower has been destroyed. Instead, they need both Crown Towers to be destroyed in order to be placed in the opponent's territory.
  • When dealing with them, use area damage cards such as a Wizard or Bomber to counter one or both Royal Recruit pushes due to their large count, especially if there is a lane with 4 Royal Recruits. Pulling both lanes of Royal Recruits into the middle of your side with a cheap distraction unit will make defending against them much easier. The Bowler is particularly effective when placed in the middle, as he can knock off their shields in 1 hit, and his ranged attack can easily pierce through multiple Recruits at once. The Executioner can be used to a similar effect.
  • When using the Mega Knight against the Royal Recruits, try to lure them all together to the center with a cheap mini tank, like an Ice Golem, then deploy the Mega Knight to hit them hard with his Spawn Damage.
  • Since they cannot attack air troops, they can be countered by splitting air swarms, like the Bats and Skeleton Dragons.
  • They have a combined health (including their shield hitpoints) of 4,632. This is more than a Giant, meaning they are very hard to deal with effectively without splash units, especially when they have the shield mechanic which can potentially absorb more damage. This makes them a powerful pick in draft, where splash units or spells are not as likely to be in the opponent's deck.
  • They should never be left alone when there are more than two of them, as four unsupported Royal Recruits can take a Crown Tower, three will deal 1,700 damage to a Crown Tower, and two will deal 800. However, simply using cheap spells against them (such as The Log) or kiting them with cheap units such as Skeletons can prevent a lot of damage on your Crown Tower because of their slow movement speed. Splash cards like Wizard or Bomber can also easily obliterate them from a distance.
  • The Royal Recruits have a slightly higher range than other melee troops, thus allowing them to safely attack distracted lower-range splash cards (such as the Valkyrie) without taking damage in return.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
7 1.3 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee: Long (1.6) Ground x6 Ground Troop Common
Shield Hitpoints
Shield Hitpoints
Damage per second
1 214 94 52 40
2 235 103 57 43
3 258 113 62 47
4 284 125 69 53
5 312 137 75 57
6 342 150 83 63
7 376 165 91 70
8 413 181 100 76
9 453 199 110 84
10 498 219 121 93
11 547 240 133 102
12 601 264 146 112
13 661 290 160 123
14 725 318 176 135
15 796 349 193 148

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 165,000 Damage to enemy Troops and buildings 200 Royal Recruits cards
25 XP
2 Deal a total of 495,000 Damage to enemy Troops and buildings 2,000 Gold
25 XP
3 Deal a total of 830,000 Damage to enemy Troops and buildings 150 Gem
25 XP
Tower Tapper
Tower Tapper
1 Hit enemy Crown Towers a total of 700 times 3,000 Gold
100 XP
2 Hit enemy Crown Towers a total of 2,000 times 200 Common Wild Card
100 XP
3 Hit enemy Crown Towers a total of 3,500 times 5,000 Gold
100 XP



  • The Royal Recruits were once available in the Royal Recruits Draft Challenge, which started on 20/7/2018. In this challenge, gameplay was similar to a regular Draft Challenge, except that one of the players was able to choose who would use the Royal Recruits. If the player achieved at least 8 wins, they obtained the Royal Recruits early.
  • On 27/7/2018, prior to the card's general release, a maintenance break, increased the Royal Recruits' cost to 8 Elixir (from 6 Elixir).
  • From 29/7/2018 through 1/8/2018, the Shop had a special offer where Arena 7+ players could buy up to 6 special Fortune Chests for 300 Gems that guarantee at least 65% of the Chest's contents to be Royal Recruits. The Chest was able to generate up to 150% of its contents to be Royal Recruits.
  • The Royal Recruits card was generally released on 7/8/2018.
  • On 3/9/2018, a Balance Update, increased the Royal Recruits damage by 12%, and slightly changed their spawn formation, allowing the Royal Recruits to be split to 2-4 or 4-2. It also added the Royal Recruits to Clan Wars Collection Day Card pool.
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, changed the Royal Recruits' sound effects. Previously, their sound effects were identical to those of the Guards.
  • On 3/12/2018, a Balance Update, decreased the Royal Recruit's cost to 7 Elixir (from 8 Elixir), but also increased their attack time interval to 1.3 seconds (from 1.2 seconds).



  • On 2/6/2020, a Balance Update, gave the Royal Recruits a new 0.1 second deploy stagger from each other.
  • On 4/8/2020, a Balance Update, increased the Royal Recruits damage by 8%.


  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, fixed an issue where Royal Recruits could be placed on the opposing player's side.



  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Royal Recruits’ hitpoints by 3%.