“The King’s personal pets are loose! They love to chomp on apples and towers alike - who let the hogs out?!”

The Royal Hogs card is unlocked from Royal Arena (Arena 7). It spawns four very fast, building-targeting, melee hogs with helmets. They have moderate hitpoints and low damage and can jump over the river. A Royal Hogs card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.


  • The Royal Hogs are a fast swarm with moderate hitpoints each that jump over the river and only target buildings, similar to the Hog Rider. Traditional methods for countering a Hog Rider usually don't work due to having more than one unit being deployed when this card is used. However, large swarms tend to still work.
  • The Royal Hogs are excellent rush units at the start of a game due to their fast movement speed and ability to jump over the river.
  • Royal Hogs can work in Three Musketeers decks very well, as they can be evenly split when placed in the middle of the river, setting you up for a deadly split push.
  • Royal Hogs can also act as a lightning rod for the Three Musketeers since each of them have higher health than a Musketeer.
  • Bomb Tower is a hard counter to the Royal Hogs due to having high health, a lower Elixir cost, having splash damage, and being able to distract the Royal Hogs.
    • Earthquake will damage down the building considerably, but the Royal Hogs will still be fairly damaged before it dies.
  • Fireball will leave the Royal Hogs with a sliver of health while only getting minor damage on the Princess Tower. While this is a positive Elixir trade, the opponent may have other Fireball vulnerable troops that are more difficult to counter with troops, such as the Flying Machine, so try not to rely on it.
  • The Bowler is extremely effective against the Royal Hogs. His knock-back and area damage eliminate the Hogs very quickly, and he can survive every damaging spell in the game.
  • Against area damage troops, it's usually more effective to split the Royal Hogs rather than placing them all in one lane. This reduces the amount of splash value the opponent gets from each attack, and can allow the swarm to get more damage across both towers.
  • When a tower is down, placing the Royal Hogs on the third tile from the pocket will allow them to deal the most overall damage to the remaining Princess Tower.
    • Placing them as far forward as possible will make them harder to react to, but they will deal less damage overall as they will be in range of the King's Tower while deploying.
  • In an emergency, Royal Hogs can kite Very Fast troops into the opposite lane. Place them on the fourth tile away from the bridge, and on the third tile horizontally in the opposite lane.
    • Fast moving air troops can help damage down the enemy troop safely while the Royal Hogs kite it.
  • Royal Hogs can be an effective counter to an Elixir Collector played in front of the King's Tower. Placing them in the middle will cause two to go in one lane, one to go to the other, and one to go to the Pump. This will get damage on both Princess Towers and also deny the Collector of some of its Elixir.
    • This can also be an opportunity to get spell value on their Collector if they try to protect it with low health troops.
  • Royal Hogs synergize well with the Heal Spirit. Heal Spirits have the same move speed as Royal Hogs, and due to the former being a bulky swarm, the healing of the Spirit is more maximized.


  • The Royal Hogs card was added to the game on 20/6/18.
  • On 6/8/18, a Balance Update made the Royal Hogs' first attack quicker.
  • On 3/9/18, a Balance Update decreased the Royal Hogs' hit speed to 1.2 seconds (from 1.1 seconds)
  • On 5/11/18, a Balance Update decreased the Royal Hogs' damage by 6%, and reduced their mass by 50%.
  • On 4/11/19, an update moved the Arena to unlock this card from Hog Mountain (Arena 10) to Royal Arena (Arena 7).
  • On 3/2/20, a Balance Update increased the Royal Hogs' damage by 6%.


  • The Royal Hogs have the most health out of all the swarm cards.
  • The flavor text for the Royal Hogs, asking "Who let the hogs out?!" is a reference to the pop song, "Who Let the Dogs Out," by the Baha Men.
  • The Royal Hogs are the subject of some Emotes (one regular set, one Chinese New Year set, one single easter and pirate emote).
  • Royal Hogs were the first troops to be featured in the Troop Rush game mode to celebrate the Year of the Pig .


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
5 1.2 sec Very Fast (120) 1 sec 0.7 (Melee: Short) Buildings x4 Ground Troop Rare
Damage per second
3 395 34 28
4 434 37 30
5 477 41 34
6 525 45 37
7 576 49 40
8 632 54 45
9 695 59 49
10 762 65 54
11 837 72 60
12 920 79 65
13 1,011 87 72
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