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“The royal Giant Evolution is SO royal that he shoots giant golden cannon balls. Talk about privileged! He also protects himself with powerful Recoil Damage generated by each attack.”

The Royal Giant Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns a Royal Giant with identical stats to the original. Every time he attacks, he will deal damage in a 2.5 tile radius around him, also knocking back enemy ground troops. The Evolved Royal Giant has a bigger cannon and a purple cloth with chainmail armor. The Royal Giant's Evolution costs 6 Elixir and requires 1 cycle to deploy.


  • The Royal Giant requires only 1 cycle to evolve, meaning that he is relatively easy to get back into him, possibly allowing the player to evolve him more than once within a battle.
  • Unlike the regular Royal Giant, the Evolved Royal Giant will deal damage around him when he attacks, meaning that swarms are not as reliable of a counter against him. A Skeleton Army can be obliterated immediately, while bulkier swarms like Barbarians will be constantly knocked back, taking longer to kill him. Thus, it is better to use cards that are immune to knockback against him, such as a Prince or P.E.K.K.A.
    • Therefore, a Mini P.E.K.K.A will be less effective against him as he will be constantly knocked back.
    • However, Evolved Barbarians are still effective against him as they can do massive damage before the Royal Giant has a chance to shoot and knock them back.
  • Rage has great synergy with the Evolved Royal Giant as the attack speed boost allows the Evolved Royal Giant to knockback low-range melee troops placed on top of him, such as Mini P.E.K.K.A and Monk, until the Rage ends, leaving him unscathed for the duration.
  • The Evolved Royal Giant, like the regular Royal Giant, can be placed in the middle of the opponent's map to almost immediately attack the second Crown Tower once the first one has been destroyed. He should be placed 1 tile down from the center so that he is out of the King's Tower's range during his deployment time. Since he can single-handedly take down a Crown Tower, this is very effective in the Overtime period, as the threat of the Evolved Royal Giant typically deters opponents from using all of their Elixir at once to attack, allowing the player to defend easier.
  • Air troops like the Minion Horde and Inferno Dragon are an effective counter to the Evolved Royal Giant as they're immune to his recoil and will be at full hitpoints for a counterattack, all for a positive Elixir trade.
  • If placed properly, Bats combined with a Cannon can fully counter the Evolved Royal Giant for a slight positive Elixir trade.
  • The Cannoneer works much better against him than the Tower Princess due to his higher DPS.
  • An Inferno Tower works extremely well against him for a positive Elixir trade, as it distracts the Royal Giant while ramping up damage. Other buildings are less effective so they should only be used in conjunction with other cards.
  • The Evolved Royal Giant is very good at countering offensive buildings, such as the X-Bow and Evolved Mortar, due to its high health, damage, and range. Letting it tank and take out the offensive building while forcing the opponent to defend the Evolved Royal Giant with extra troops.
  • As a last resort, Freeze can be used to stop him from attacking and therefore stop his recoil, allowing swarms to counter him.
  • Tornado can be used to pull back the Royal Giant to delay his attacks.
    • Like the Electro Giant, Tornado also pairs well with the Evolved Royal Giant, as it can pull units towards him so they take recoil.
    • Similarly, a Fisherman can pull troops towards his recoil radius. He can also pull heavy troops such as the Prince or P.E.K.K.A so that the Royal Giant can get more shots off.


Evolved Royal Giant Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Projectile Speed
Troop Count
6 1.7 sec Slow (45) 1 sec 5 1000 Buildings x1 Ground Troop Common

Evolution Attributes

Recoil Radius
1 2.5

Card Statistics

Recoil Damage
Area Damage
Damage per second
1 1,236 120 32 70
2 1,359 132 35 77
3 1,495 145 38 85
4 1,643 159 42 93
5 1,804 175 46 102
6 1,977 192 51 112
7 2,175 211 56 124
8 2,385 231 61 135
9 2,620 254 67 149
10 2,879 279 74 164
11 3,164 307 81 180
12 3,473 337 89 198
13 3,819 370 98 217
14 4,190 406 108 238
15 4,597 446 119 262



  • The Royal Giant's Evolution card was added to the game on 19/6/2023, in the Card Evolution Update.
  • On 21/6/2023, a maintenance break, fixed the deploy sound effects of the Evolved Royal Giant.
  • On 30/6/2023, a maintenance break, decreased the Evolved Royal Giant's hitpoints to 120% of the original's (from 130%) and removed his area damage.
  • On 8/8/2023, a Balance Update, decreased the Evolved Royal Giant's hitpoints to 110% of the original's (from 120%).


  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Evolved Royal Giant's hitpoints by 3%, but removed his hitpoints boost.



  • In the Spanish and Finnish language settings of the game, the Royal Giant's name translates to "Noble Giant".
  • Despite wearing an armor, he has less hitpoints than an equal-level Giant. This is likely for balancing reasons.
  • The Royal Giant was once very infamous among players for being overpowered due to his range and high hitpoints, meaning that he was harder to take down before landing a highly damaging shot. This is referenced in the game a few times:
    • A Loading Screen Hint that reads “All cards are created equally… even Royal Giants.”.
    • A post-battle 2v2 message that says “Nerf the Royal Giant”.
  • The Royal Giant's Evolution is the subject of an Emote.
  • Before the Royal Giant's Evolution's release, the Evolved Royal Giant's pushback range was decreased to 1 tile (from 1.5 tiles).