“Together they charge through the Arena; snaring enemies, knocking down towers ... and chewing grass!?”

The Ram Rider card is unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or a Legendary Chest. It spawns a moderate-high health woman riding a ram. The Ram itself targets buildings while the Rider only targets troops, rooting them. A Ram Rider card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.


  • The Ram Rider herself has a snare which reduces movement speed by 85%. It will slow wind-ups, spawns, and charges such as Bandit, Witch, and Prince. However, the snare does not stun so Sparky and Inferno Dragon will still destroy her.
  • The snare does not reduce attack speed like the Ice Wizard's attack, so if she is in the range of an enemy unit, they will attack at full speed.
  • Just like any other ranged unit, the Ram Rider will target the nearest valid target. However, she is unique in that she will prioritize non-snared troops over snared ones – even if they are on low health.
  • Ram Rider's snare does not prevent troops from attacking. This makes ranged troops like the Electro Wizard strong counters to Ram Rider. However, short-range troops like Minions (they have a range of 1.6) will not attack Ram Rider until she runs into range, or until they slowly reach her.
  • Snared melee troops can still attack her, although she can easily run past them after charging. This can be prevented by placing the troop near the Ram Rider's destination.
  • The Ram Rider's snare does not completely stop units from moving, so melee units with a high movement speed like the Lumberjack or Fire Spirits can still inch closer to her as she attacks.
  • Ram Rider can easily shut down slow, tanky troops such as P.E.K.K.A. The rider snares them, rendering them almost completely immobile.
  • The Skeleton Army and Minion Horde can completely stop a Ram Rider with quick reaction time. The P.E.K.K.A. and Mega Knight are also great counters because of their high health and high damage (Mega Knight knocks the Ram Rider back when he spawns, giving more time to destroy them). Place them near the Ram Rider or she'll snare them, immobilizing them and dealing massive damage on the tower.
  • The Ram Rider is very viable on defense, given the situation. She can almost completely immobilize single troops, such as a Golem or Mini P.E.K.K.A.. This makes her a great counter to most building targeting units, especially the Hog Rider, Balloon, and herself since she can slow them down heavily and prevent a lot of damage from being dealt. With her slow speed, she won't move fast enough to allow the unit to be freed until it has taken a lot of damage.
    • Deploying her in front of the building targeting unit will cause her to collides with them and obstruct their pathing, keeping them from reaching the tower for an extra second.
    • The Ram Rider can keep 1 troop constantly snared, slightly struggle at 2 troops and is ineffective against 3 or more troops. The defender should not use her to counter a Hog Rider or Balloon in this situation, or their tower will suffer immense damage.
  • The Ram Rider can be used with Minions or Bats. These air troops can help protect the Ram Rider from counters like Goblins or Goblin Gang.
  • The Giant Snowball pairs very well with the Ram Rider, especially on offense. The Giant Snowball will knock melee defenders away from her, while her snare will keep them where they are for the most part. Against certain swarms like Minions, the spell will bring their health low enough to be one shot by the Rider's attack.
  • If the player has a building already placed down in the center of the arena, and the opponent tries to bypass it with a Ram Rider at the edge of the arena, they can use certain air troops to push the Ram Rider towards the building as it jumps over the river, effectively denying the bypass attempt. They must be already hovering over the correct placement, as very quick reflexes are required to correctly perform this technique.


  • The Ram Rider card was added to the game on 25/12/18.
  • The January 2019 Update changed the Ram Rider's card description. It used to read "Her bola snares enemy troops while Ram heads for the nearest building! Rams and Hogs don't mingle at parties..."
  • On 1/4/19, a Balance Update reduced the Ram Rider's snare movement speed reduction from 100% to 85%.


  • The Ram Rider is one of the two troop cards with the "Ranged Ground & Air targeting unit riding on Melee Building targeting unit" pattern, the other being the Goblin Giant. However, the Rider cannot attack alone if the Ram is destroyed.
  • The weapon that the Ram Rider wields is called a bola.
  • The Rider and the Ram are the subjects of some Emotes.
  • The Rider on the Ram is currently the only troop in the game that only attacks troops.


Ram Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
51.8 secMedium (60)1 sec0.8 (Melee: Short)Buildingsx1GroundTroopLegendary

Rider Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
Snare Duration
1.1 sec5.5Air & Ground (Troops only)x12 sec

Card Statistics

Icons stats hp
Ram Damage
Icons stats dmg
Ram Charge Damage
Icons stats boost
Ram Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
Rider Damage
Icons stats dmg
Rider Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
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