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“Increases troop movement and attack speed. Buildings attack faster and summon troops quicker, too. Chaaaarge!”

The Rage is an Epic card that is unlocked from the Serenity Peak (Arena 14). It is an area-damage, air-targeting spell with a medium radius and low damage. It also increases movement speed and attack speed of allied troops and buildings by 35%. It is a deep purple potion packed in a large bottle. It is the same as that spawned by the Lumberjack and the Santa Hog Rider. A Rage card costs 2 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Rage can be used to increase the movement speed of slow troops, such as Golems, P.E.K.K.As, and Giants.
  • This spell can also be used to boost the spawn speeds of cards such as the Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, Witch, and Night Witch, the fire rate of defensive buildings, or the Elixir Collector's production speed. However, building lifetime still drops with its normal rate, even with the Rage, so beware when using it on low-health buildings. It should also never be used on the Goblin Cage, as it only spawns after it is destroyed.
  • Rage can be used to help fast attacks, and with its low cost, it can assist the Prince, Hog Rider, Ram Rider, and other troops to destroy a Crown Tower. It is particularly effective when the opponent's best counter to the attack is out of hand, forcing them to quickly react with a different card.
  • Rage does a small amount of damage when used, which is enough to defeat anything up to Spear Goblins. This is enough to allow troops to break through weak swarms while also getting their speed and attack speed boosted.
  • Rage works well in Goblin Giant decks, as the Goblin Giant is faster than other tanks, allowing him to reach the Crown Tower much sooner and deal significantly more damage. The Goblin Giant also comes with 3 different attackers that benefit from the spell, making him a better choice than other troops. A Ram Rider can benefit in a similar way.
  • The effect of Rage falls off after a maximum of 2 seconds after something has left its radius, and will always expire once the spell's duration ends. This matters the most on short-ranged cards like Balloon as they would not be able to take full advantage of the spell, restricting the spell's placement as a result.
  • Rage does not affect retargeting speeds, animations occurring after set periods, nor can it influence anything irrelevant to movement or direct attacks. For example, the Executioner's axe flies at the same speed even if the Executioner is raged, the King's Tower will not activate its cannon more quickly, and the Giant Skeleton‘s death bomb will not explode faster, so raging these units would be less effective.
    • The only exception is the Phoenix's Egg; Rage allows it to revive faster. However, it will still be destroyed solo by the Crown Tower if nothing is tanking for the Egg.
  • It is effective when the player is defending their Crown Towers since it will be able to affect both the defensive units and buildings.
  • Inherently, the Rage is a high-risk, high-reward card that requires good timing in order to succeed. When using Rage, be careful to time it right or else an opposing counter attack will come unhindered due to the player's lack of Elixir.
  • Rage can be used for the player’s troops to dodge slow-moving spells, especially ones with a small radius, like the Rocket. This is effective with the Three Musketeers.
    • However, the Rage's 0.5 second deploy time gives more time for the spell to reach said troop. Timing the Rage is very important, especially with slower moving troops.
  • Lumberjack is an alternative to Rage. He can deal high damage on offense or defense, and act as a tank for the player's push before activating its Rage, but he costs 2 more Elixir, and the player has less control over when and where the spell's effect takes place.
  • Rage's effect does not stack with another Rage spell, the Lumberjack's dropped Rage spell, or the built-in Rage buff from raged troops. However, the effect of Rage does stack with the environmental Rage boost of Rage Battles.
  • Under the influence of Rage, an X-Bow can shoot 4 projectiles every second, dealing massive damage to the opposing Crown Tower. This can be risky however, so only cast the Rage if you notice that the opponent does not react to the X-Bow in time.
  • Rage can be used to neutralize slowing effects, such as from the Ice Wizard. This might allow your troops to get closer to said Ice Wizard and be able to defeat him without taking too much damage.
  • The Elixir Collector is affected by Rage, technically allowing it to produce Elixir faster. However, it it is not enough to produce even a single Elixir due to its duration. In order to produce additional Elixir, 3 Rage spells are needed. This results in a massive 5 Elixir deficit, and thus is an ineffective strategy.
    • Other spawner buildings can similarly result in additional waves of troops being spawned from them. The Barbarian Hut will not spawn additional waves, but it will result in the last wave spawning addional Barbarians. However, like the Elixir Collector, using the Rage spell just to spawn additional waves is an ineffective strategy.
  • Since Rage's duration is identical at all levels and its damage is quite low, upgrading it is generally wasteful if the player wishes to only boost friendly troops. At equal levels, a Rage spell deal enough damage to OHKO Runners, and a Level 14 Rage spell can OHKO Level 15 Runners. Therefore, it is recommended that the player invest their Epic resources, (i.e., Wild Cards or Trade Tokens) into other Epic cards first.


Deploy Time
Deploy Time
2 3 0.5 sec 5.5 sec +35% Friendly Troops & Buildings Spell Epic
Area Damage
Area Damage
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
6 120 36
7 132 40
8 145 44
9 159 48
10 175 53
11 192 58
12 211 64
13 231 70
14 254 77
15 279 84

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Rage of Empires
Rage Of Empires
1 Affect a total of 600 Troops with Rage 20 Rage cards
75 XP
2 Affect a total of 1,800 Troops with Rage 6,000 Gold
75 XP
3 Affect a total of 3,000 Troops with Rage 150 Gem
75 XP
All the Rage
All The Rage
1 Deal a total of 425,000 Damage with friendly 'Raged' Troops 9,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Deal a total of 1,220,000 Damage with friendly 'Raged' Troops 20 Epic Wild Card
125 XP
3 Deal a total of 2,140,000 Damage with friendly 'Raged' Troops 15,000 Gold
125 XP



  • The Rage card was added with Clash Royale's game launch on 4/1/2016.
  • On 29/2/2016, the March 2016 Update, added a falloff effect to Rage, causing troops to lose the bonus if they are out of its effect for 2 seconds, whereas previously troops kept the effect permanently.
  • On 23/3/2016, a Balance Update, increased the Rage's speed boost to 40% (from 35%) and decreased its duration by 2 seconds. Its description was also changed to match the speed boost percentage number.
  • On 3/5/2016, the May 2016 Update, changed the Rage's description. It used to say, “Increases troop movement and attack speed by 40%. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troops faster. Chaaaarge!”.
  • On 4/7/2016, the Tournaments Update, allowed the Elixir Collector to be affected by Rage.
  • On 19/9/2016, the September 2016 Update, decreased the Rage's cost to 2 Elixir (from 3 Elixir), its speed boost to 30% (from 40%), and its duration by 2 seconds. It also slightly changed its card description. It used to say, “Increases troop movement and attack speed. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troops faster. Chaaaarge!”.
  • On 1/11/2016, the November 2016 Update, increased the Rage's speed boost to 35% (from 30%).




  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Rage from Hog Mountain to Serenity Peak.
  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • On 12/12/2022, the Clashmas Update, set the Rage's duration to 6 seconds for every level and made the spell deal area damage. In addition, its area radius was decreased to 3 tiles (from 5 tiles), and added a 0.5 second deploy timer to Rage.


  • On 4/1/2023, an Optional Update, made the in-game visual effects of the Rage match the duration of the spell. It also fixed an issue where the Rage was considered a Troop card in its info menu.
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).


  • On 3/1/2024, a Balance Update, decreased the Rage's duration to 5.5 seconds (from 6 seconds).


  • The Rage is 1 of 7 spells which first existed in Clash of Clans, the others being Earthquake, Heal, Lightning, Freeze, Poison, and Clone.
  • The Rage, along with Wall Breakers and Barbarian Barrel, are the cheapest Epic cards, costing 2 Elixir.
  • The Rage, along with Zap, Giant Snowball, Barbarian Barrel, and The Log are the cheapest spells, costing 2 Elixir.
  • The Rage is the only spell in the game that can affect allied buildings.
  • In the Arabic, Persian, Indonesian, and Malaysian language settings of the game, the Rage's name translates to "Anger". In the Korean, Chinese, and Thai language settings of the game, the Rage's name translates to "Rage Magic", "Rage Spell", and "Mania" respectively.
  • The Rage is 1 of 3 damaging spell cards that does not contain the phrase "Reduced damage to Crown Towers." in its description despite dealing reduced damage to Crown Towers, with the others being Earthquake and Tornado.
  • The Rage is 1 of 22 cards that has had its Elixir cost changed, the others being Bomber, Fire Spirit, Royal Recruits, Cannon, Mortar, Musketeer, Three Musketeers, Heal, Bomb Tower, Barbarian Hut, Furnace, Elixir Collector, Skeleton Army, P.E.K.K.A., Wall Breakers, Electro Giant, Bowler, Goblin Barrel, Barbarian Barrel, Fisherman, and the Monk.
  • The Rage is 1 of 7 spells which have team-colored rings on their radius, the others are Earthquake, Freeze, Poison, Clone, Tornado, and Graveyard.
    • Along the perimeter of the spell, symbols will light up in sequence like a clock as the spell's duration continues.
  • The Rage, along with the Heal, Lightning, Freeze, and The Log, are featured as a spell in Squad Busters.
  • The Rage creates a "roaring" sound when casted, hence the name of the spell.
  • Troops and certain buildings affected by the Rage will have their sounds played faster with a higher pitched effect. Slowdown effects however, like that of the Ice Wizard, will do the opposite.
  • The Card Mastery task "Rage of Empires" is a reference to the Age of Empires games series.
  • Units under the effect of Rage will have their level visible, even if said units are at full health.
  • In the Card Mastery intro video, the Rage's All the Rage Card Mastery task was shown to require raged troops to deal 427,000 damage. However, it was lowered to 425,000 in-game.
  • On 12/12/2022, the Rage was supposed to be added higher damage and a pushback of 0.3 tiles, but it was pulled back last minute.
  • Before the Rage's card release, the Rage's duration was increased by 1 second.