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“This mystical creature will be reborn as an egg when destroyed. If it hatches, it returns to the fight! What an egg-cellent ability. Being born again is tiring, so a hatched Phoenix will have slightly less Hitpoints and Damage (80% of its total).”

The Phoenix is a Legendary card that is unlocked from the Spooky Town (Arena 12). It spawns a single-target, air-targeting, melee, air troop with moderate hitpoints and moderate damage. When defeated, the Phoenix explodes, dealing damage, inflicting knockback, while spawning an egg which has low hitpoints. If the egg is not defeated within 4.3 seconds, it will hatch into another Phoenix with 80% of the original's hitpoints and damage. However, a reborn Phoenix does not deal death damage or spawn an egg once it is defeated. A Phoenix card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Phoenix synergizes quite well with Clone. Having a second Phoenix for another death explosion can provide useful offensive and defensive utility.
    • Alternatively, the Phoenix can also synergize quite well with Mirror. The unexpected second and higher-levelled Phoenix can provide additional defensive and offensive power, also being able to almost guarantee a respawn due to its increased Egg hitpoints. The mirrored Phoenix will also tank for the original's Egg, increasing the chances of the original Phoenix's revival.
    • However, air swarms or ground anti-air cards like the Minion Horde or the Musketeer will counter both Phoenixes and destroy the Eggs as well, resulting in an Elixir deficit for you.
  • The Phoenix should be played in conjunction with cards that can tank even just one shot from the Crown Towers for the Egg when it dies. Something even as weak as Skeletons are enough to buy it all the necessary time for a successful revive.
  • The Phoenix will resurrect faster under the effects of Rage, allowing it to support a large push in time.
  • If the Phoenix dies to a Crown Tower, Zap or a Giant Snowball in most scenarios can buy enough time for the Egg to revive by briefly delaying just one hit.
  • Don't underestimate its combat process. The Phoenix's damage output is significant and with great hitpoints for the cost, making it a formidable opponent against any troop.
  • A player can fully counter a Phoenix by kiting it with a ground targeting troop; Crown Towers will take its first apparition down and the unit will destroy the Egg. However, this will not work if the troop can charge/has a very fast movement speed, can jump over the river or only targets buildings.
  • The Phoenix's Egg is not considered a building. Because of this, Earthquake will deal its troop damage to it, meaning that it needs all three hits in order to destroy it.
    • Even though it is not considered a building, a Tornado cannot pull it. As such, it is not such a good idea to use it solely for the Egg’s destruction, especially since the spell cannot destroy the Egg by itself.
  • Any spell with as much damage or higher than a Barbarian Barrel is able to destroy the Egg on its own. Any spell with less damage cannot destroy it on its own and requires additional support from other cards or the Crown Towers. Keep this in mind when you manage to defeat a Phoenix while on offense.
  • The Phoenix is a great counter to multiple unsupported range cards:
    • The Phoenix is a decent counter to an attacking Witch, despite its seeming disadvantage due to its single-target limit. To quickly counter the Witch, the Phoenix player should deploy the card directly above the Witch just as it crosses the bridge, allowing the Phoenix to bypass the Witch’s continuous Skeleton spawns and chip it down quickly, with the possible help of a Crown Tower in cleaning up the Witch’s Skeletons.
      • An attacking Phoenix can also be used to defeat a defending Witch with the help of a Tornado spell, which should preferably draw the Witch towards the Phoenix while defeating its pesky Skeleton spawns in one shot.
    • The Phoenix is, similarly, also a good counter to an attacking Wizard, Firecracker, Executioner or Musketeer, given that the defender places the Phoenix directly over the attacking card. Against the Executioner and Firecracker, the Phoenix should also be placed at angle to avoid the Crown Tower taking unecessary damage.
    • Alternatively, these ranged cards can also be used to reliably counter an unsupported Phoenix at range.
  • Hunter is a great counter to the Phoenix, being able to quickly gun it down with its superior shotgun blast.
  • Moderate-large swarms (such as Bats or Skeleton Army) can similarly overwhelm an attacking Phoenix and quickly defeat it.
  • The Phoenix can be deadly when paired with an Electro Giant, due to its high DPS being able to quickly shred any tanky troops placed to defend against the Electro Giant, whilst the Electro Giant tanks for and demolishes swarms for it. Tornado can preferably also be used to pull troops into the attacking radius of the duo.
    • This push, despite seemingly undefeatable and heavily damaging to towers, can be countered via the usage of a building (such as a Cannon) and a cheap anti-air DPS card (such as Mega Minion) to distract and pull the Phoenix away from the Electro Giant, thus rendering them separated and vulnerable to attacks.
    • Goblin Giant may also be used as a substitute for Electro Giant in this push, providing a slightly lower cost and longer swarm-clearing range in exchange for lowered hitpoints, and less effective swarm-clearing when already locked to a target.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Egg Lifetime
Death Damage Splash Radius
Troop Count
4 1 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 4.3 sec Melee: Long (1.6) 1.5 Air & Ground x1 Air Troop Legendary
Damage per second
Death Damage
Death Damage
Crown Tower Death Damage
Tower Damage
Phoenix Egg Hitpoints
Reborn Phoenix Hitpoints
Reborn Phoenix Damage
Reborn Damage per second
9 870 180 180 135 40 198 696 144 144
10 957 198 198 148 44 217 765 158 158
11 1,052 217 217 163 48 239 842 174 174
12 1,157 239 239 179 53 263 925 191 191
13 1,270 262 262 197 59 289 1,016 210 210
14 1,392 288 288 216 64 316 1,113 230 230
15 1,531 316 316 237 71 348 1,224 253 253

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 125,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 2 Phoenix Cards
100 XP
2 Deal a total of 380,000 damage to enemy Troops or buildings 8,000 Gold
100 XP
3 Deal a total of 640,000 damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
100 XP
Hit Maker
Hit Maker
1 Hit enemy Troops a total of 840 times 12,000 Gold
150 XP
2 Hit enemy Troops a total of 2400 times 2 Legendary Wild Card
150 XP
3 Hit enemy Troops a total of 4200 times 18,000 Gold
150 XP



  • The Phoenix card was added to the game on 26/10/2022, in the 2022 Quarter 3 Update.
  • On 2/11/2022, a maintenance break, decreased the Phoenix's damage by 10%, and increased the Phoenix Egg's lifetime to 4.3 seconds (from 4 seconds). It also fixed the Phoenix's sound effects.
  • On 21/11/2022, a maintenance break, decreased the Phoenix Egg's hitpoints by 34%.
  • On 7/12/2022, a Balance Update, decreased the Phoenix's hitpoints by 13%.


  • On 7/2/2023, a Balance Update, made it so that a reborn Phoenix would only spawn with 80% of the original Phoenix's hitpoints and damage. The reborn Phoenix's would also look slightly smaller. The update also changed its description. Previously, it read "This mystical creature will be reborn as an egg when destroyed. If it hatches, it returns to the fight! What an egg-cellent ability. Phoenix also has a fiery personality! Just kidding, it's a very serious bird. It would disapprove of all these puns."
  • On 27/3/2023, the Losers Update, changed the Phoenix's description, replacing the word "Pheonix" with "Phoenix".
  • On 4/4/2023, a Balance Update, decreased the Phoenix's death damage by 10%.
  • On 6/6/2023, a Balance Update, increased the Phoenix's attack time interval to 1 second (from 0.9 seconds).
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).



  • The Phoenix is based on the eponymous mythological Greek creature capable of rebirth on destruction. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again.
    • In the Vietnamese language settings of the game, the Phoenix's name translates to "Fire Phoenix".
  • The Phoenix is 1 of 19 troops which first existed in Clash of Clans, the others being Minions, Archers, Goblins, Skeletons, Barbarians, Giant, Valkyrie, Wizard, Hog Rider, Witch, P.E.K.K.A, Balloon, Golem, Wall Breakers, Bowler, Lava Hound, and the Archer Queen.
    • It is the only troop that is available as a hero pet in Clash of Clans.
    • The Phoenix's design in Clash of Clans is slightly different from its design in Clash Royale. As in Clash of Clans, it has yellow eyes and its body appears smaller and wings larger. In Clash Royale, it has hazel eyes and the proportions seem more evenly distributed.
    • The Phoenix in Clash Royale shares the same sound effects with its Clash of Clans counterpart.
    • Unlike in Clash Royale, the Phoenix in Clash of Clans can deal area damage and does not have death damage.
    • Its ability differs from its Clash of Clans counterpart. Instead of starting off as an attacker and reviving itself once when destroyed, the Clash of Clans Phoenix assumes the form of a passive, untargetable egg, and would temporarily revive its assigned hero for 8 seconds when they have been defeated, at which point it begins attacking.
    • In Clash of Clans, the Phoenix's gender is female, as said in Phoenix's description, whereas in Clash Royale, the Phoenix is male according to TV Royale, but uses “it” pronouns in its description.
  • The Phoenix is the only card in the game that can revive itself.
  • The Phoenix is 1 of 3 troops to deal reduced damage to Crown Towers, the others being Electro Giant and Miner. In the case of the Phoenix, its death damage deals 30% of the full damage.
  • The Phoenix is 1 of 9 troops that have the same sprite for both players, the others are Skeletons, Electro Spirit, Fire Spirit, Bats, Ice Spirit, Heal Spirit, Elixir Blob, and Lava Pup.
  • The Phoenix is 1 of 22 troops that have been featured in the Troop Rush game mode, the others being Skeletons, Skeleton Dragons, Fire Spirit, Bats, Elite Barbarians, Firecracker, Rascal Girls, Royal Hogs, Heal Spirit, Elixir Golem, Guards, Prince, Balloon, Golem, Wall Breakers, Ram Rider, Sparky, Royal Ghost, Bandit, Lumberjack, and the Monk.
  • The Phoenix, Ram Rider, Lumberjack, and the Fisherman are the only normal spawning Legendary troops that do not fall from the sky when deployed.
  • The Phoenix is the subject of 2 Emotes.