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Path of Legends Arena

The Path of Legends is a feature in Clash Royale that allows players to compete against each other in a ranked format. Once you have reached 5,000 Trophies, you will be able to enter the Path of Legends and its Leagues. Unlike Trophy Road, winning a battle will grant the player with a step, while losing will remove a step from the player. However, the player may encounter Golden Steps in their way, which will not be removed with a loss. Each League will also have a Golden Step at its lowest point, preventing the player from dropping into lower Leagues. Starting from Champion League, no Golden Steps are given, excluding the lowest point.


  • The season resets on the first Monday of each month.
  • At the end of each season, players in a League will be placed back at Challenger 1 League.
  • Depending on the player's League in the previous season, they will receive a step multiplier to reach the higher Leagues quicker.
  • There are one-time rewards obtainable when reaching a new League, as well as rewards that reset each season.

League Statistics/Rewards

League Steps required for next League Number of Golden Steps Step Multiplier Highest card level One Time Reward (left) Monthly Reward (right)
Challenger I 10 1 in 1 1 11 N/A Gold x6000
Common Wild Card x250
Gold x6000
Challenger II 21 1 in 3 2 12 Giant Chest Elite Wild Card x2500
Rare Wild Card x50
Gold x6000
Challenger III 32 1 in 4 3 Gold x15000 Epic Wild Card x10
Gold x9000
Elite Wild Card x5000
Master I 43 1 in 5 4 13 Magical Chest Emote
Legendary Wild Card x1
Elite Wild Card x7500
Master II 54 1 in 6 5 Gold x20000 Champion Wild Card x1
Gold x12000
Common Wild Card x250
Master III 65 1 in 7 6 14 Lightning Chest Elite Wild Card x10000
Rare Wild Card x50
Gold x12000
Champion 73 None 7 Gold x25000 Epic Wild Card x10
Elite Wild Card x10000
Grand Champion 82 8 15 Legendary Kings Chest x1 Legendary Wild Card x1
Gold x12000
Royal Champion 93 9 Gold x30000 Champion Wild Card x1
Elite Wild Card x15000
Ultimate Champion N/A 10 Emote 263 - King Emperor Gold x12000


  • The rating changes every season.
  • Starting from Master 1 League, the player will receive a rating score.
  • Any match from Master 1 League and onwards will affect the player's rating.
  • This player rating is what sorts the global player ranking. The top 10K get a rank displayed in the Player Profile, and the top 1K players are listed in the Global Leaderboard, now known as the Hall of Fame.
  • If the player manages to reach Ultimate Champion, only the player's rating is affected, with no more steps.



  • The Path of Legends was added on 26/10/2022, in the 2022 Quarter 3 Update.
  • On 27/10/2022, a maintenance break, reduced the animation delay when getting Crowns from a battle in the Path of Legends and fixed an issue where players could not move up steps in the Path of Legends. Some players still could not move up steps, so another one happened on 28/10/2022.
  • On 5/12/2022, the December 2022 Update, increased the number of steps required to advance to higher League in the Champion Leagues.
  • On 12/12/2022, the Clashmas Update, changed the leaderboards to show results based on the players' Path of Legends progression.


  • On 3/2/2023, a maintenance break, made the Path of Legends leaderboard reset correctly.
  • On 6/3/2023, the March 2023 Update, increased the step multiplier for each League.
  • On 27/3/2023, the Losers Update, added a new Arena exclusively used in Path of Legends. It also made it so that stone steps do not break after a draw. The same update also fixed an issue where the Challenger I badge appeared in the clan info screen for players that did not unlock Path of Legends and fixed an issue where the Path of Legends leaderboard failed to load after collecting rewards.
  • Starting from 3/4/2023 with the April 2023 Update, Path of Legends modes started to switch between different modes.
  • On 24/5/2023, a maintenance break, fixed an issue with the Path of Legends local leaderboards season reset.
  • On 2/6/2023, a maintenence break, fixed incorrect player ranks in Path of Legends.
  • On 4/12/2023, the December 2023 Update, increased the Level cap of cards in certain Leagues and slightly changed the rewards in the Path of Legends.
  • On 14/12/2023, a maintenance break, fixed some lost connections in Path of Legends.


  • If a player manages to get on the Global Leaderboards, they may get the message, "Another top player is looking for a match!"
  • In Clash Royale, League divisions are ranked I, II, III from low to high, but in Clash of Clans the reverse holds.
  • The Challenger League badges resemble the Bronze, Silver and Gold League badges in Clash of Clans. The Master II and III League badges resemble a Hog Rider's hammer and a Lightning spell bottle. The Champion and Grand Champion League badges resemble a Prince helmet and a Princess crown.
  • As of June 2024, as the one time rewards, represented on the left, you are getting: 1 Giant Chest, 90,000 Gold, 1 Magical Chest, 1 Lightning Chest, 1 Legendary Kings Chest and 1 Emote.
  • As of June 2024, as the monthly rewards, represented on the right, you are getting: 73,000 Gold, 500 Common Wild Cards, 50,000 Elite Wild Cards, 100 Rare Wild Cards, 20 Epic Wild Cards, 1 Emote, 2 Legendary Wild Card and 2 Champion Wild Card.