If you have notifications for Clash Royale enabled on your device, the game will send you various alerts or reminders about your game. The table below lists the notifications that the game can send.


Message Trigger Can appear while device is not connected to the Internet
Crown chest available, time to battle! When a new Crown Chest becomes available Yes
<Chest type> Chest unlocked! When a Chest has been unlocked Yes
Oops! You forgot to unlock a chest! When the player logs off for 5 minutes without starting a Chest unlock Yes
You have a card request available! When the player can request cards from their clan Yes
Remember to request cards from your clan! When the player has got an available card request but does not request for a while Yes
New card released! <Card name> now available! When a new card scheduled to be released in an update becomes available Yes
Epic Sunday: more cards available in Shop! At the beginning of Epic Sunday, where there are 6 cards in the Shop instead of the usual 3 Yes
Another top player is looking for a match! When you are near the top of the leaderboards, another player begins searching for a match No
Another player in your tournament is looking for a match! When you are participating in a custom tournament, another player of the same tournament begins searching for a match No
Join <player name> in a Clan Battle! When another player in your Clan is looking for a partner in Clan Battle No
You have a new Clan mail! When a player in your clan sends mail to your clan No
Battle awaits in the Arena! When the player has not logged into Clash Royale in more than 3 days Yes
<Event name> Challenge has started! <Event description> When a special event challenge starts Yes
<Event name> Challenge has 2 hours left. <Event description> When a special event challenge has 2 hours left Yes
Re: <customer support ticket info> * Customer service agent replies to your ticket No

*Notifications regarding a customer support ticket can appear even while you are logged into your game.

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