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“Don't be fooled by her delicately coiffed hair, the Musketeer is a mean shot with her trusty boomstick.”

The Musketeer card is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). She is a single-target, medium-ranged troop with moderate hitpoints and moderately high damage. She has purple coiffed, curly hair, a blunderbuss-styled musket and a metal helmet with a tiny crater on it. She is the same as those spawned by the Three Musketeers. A Musketeer card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


  • The Musketeer can be used to back up higher hitpoint troops such as Giants. The Musketeer's high damage output compensates for the other troop's low damage output and high health.
  • As the Musketeer can target both air and ground troops, she is a reasonable substitute to Archers, albeit at the price of a higher Elixir cost.
  • A Musketeer can counter most troops effectively, with or without the help of a Crown Tower.
    • Always be sure to make the most of her six tile range and force melee troops to walk towards her.
    • Mini tanks and distraction unit complement the Musketeer well, allowing her to stay alive longer and make use of her range and moderately high damage per second.
    • She can one-shot any unit with less health than an Ice Spirit. With the help of the Princess Tower's arrow, she can one-shot any unit with as much or less health than Archers, and also deal with offensive swarms more easily.
    • She does well against most air troops when placed at a distance. However, Minions and Mega Minion will take her out quickly when placed on top of her.
    • Against a Balloon, she can prevent all Princess Tower damage with a quick placement close to the bridge. However, this makes her extremely vulnerable to support troops behind the Balloon.
  • The Musketeer’s long range allows her to attack from a distance without engaging the defending troops. The Musketeer's long range is effective against Crown Towers, as the King's Tower will be unable to target her if she is attacking a Princess Tower.
  • The Musketeer can outrange the Cannon and defeat it without the fear of being counterattacked. However, despite a Tesla having the same range as the Cannon, the Tesla's property of being invisible while underground forces the Musketeer to walk into range before attacking the Tesla. However, it may be worthwhile to use a cheap distraction troop like Skeletons to provoke the Tesla into popping up, allowing the Musketeer to use her range advantage.
  • The Musketeer can deal high damage to a Crown Tower despite her slightly below average hitpoints. However, most troops can defeat her if she is on the other side of the arena unaccompanied, so there is little reason to leave a Musketeer unattended.
    • Mini-tanks and high damage troops like the Knight or Mini P.E.K.K.A. will counter her and have plenty of health remaining for a counter push.
    • Swarms like the Guards will also counter her, though a well timed spell can let her get a sneaky lock onto the tower.
    • Skeletons placed to surround her or an Ice Spirit can prevent her from getting more then 1 shot on the defender's Crown Tower. To stall her the longest with Ice Spirit, place it outside of her attacking range and let it run towards her. It will jump on her right before she shoots for the second time.
  • A very powerful combo is the Hog Rider, the Musketeer, and the Valkyrie. The Musketeer is for protecting the Valkyrie and Hog Rider from air troops. The Valkyrie is for protecting the Musketeer and Hog Rider from swarms and the Hog Rider is used to tank for the Musketeer and Valkyrie. This strategy is commonly called the Trifecta for its combination of three troops, and is quite an old one. However, Minion Horde is a decent way of cleaning it up since the Musketeer is often not capable of defeating Minions in one-shot. Lightning can also severely cripple the team.
  • The Musketeer can be deployed in the middle and one tile into the opposite lane, allowing her to defend a push while setting up a counterpush in the other.
  • Fireball can defeat the Musketeer in one hit if the Musketeer is one level lower than the Fireball. Otherwise, it will survive with a slither of health, but it will not be able to land a shot on a Princess Tower alone. A cheap spell like a Zap or The Log can be used to defeat it if it must be taken out immediately, such as if it is on the opponent's side defending, or if it is supported with a tank.


  • The Musketeer card was released with Clash Royale's soft launch on 4/1/16.
  • On 9/2/16, the Chest Rewards & Card Balance Update decreased the Musketeer's damage by 25% and her Elixir cost to 4 (from 5).
  • On 19/2/16, a Balance Update increased the Musketeer's damage by 11%.
  • On 3/5/16, the May 2016 Update increased the Rare card level cap to 11 (from 10). The update also fixed the "range bug", which decreased the Musketeer's range to 6 (from 6.5) but her effective range was unchanged.
  • On 4/2/19, a Balance Update increased the Musketeer's damage by 3%.
  • On 6/10/20, a Balance Update increased the Musketeer's first attack speed to 0.8 seconds (from 0.5 seconds).
  • On 27/10/21, the 2021 Quarter 3 Update increased the level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • "Boomstick" may be a reference to the horror movie Army of Darkness.
  • The Musketeer wears a cape in her card picture, but not in battle.
  • The Musketeer is the subject of a set of Emotes.
  • The Musketeer card could be a reference to the fourth Musketeer in the novel The Three Musketeers, D'Artagnan.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
4 1.1 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 6 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Rare
Damage per second
3 340 103 93
4 374 113 102
5 411 124 112
6 452 136 123
7 496 150 136
8 544 164 149
9 598 181 164
10 656 198 180
11 720 218 198
12 792 239 217
13 870 263 239
14 955 289 262