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“Monk has spent many isolated years perfecting a new style of combat. He fires off a 3-hit combo, with the last blow dealing extra Damage and pushing enemies back!”

The Monk is a Champion card that is unlocked from the Silent Sanctuary (Arena 18). It spawns a single-target, ground-targeting, melee, ground troop with high hitpoints and moderate damage. The Monk uses a 3-hit combo: the first 2 attacks deal normal damage, while the 3rd strike deals extra damage and knockback, even if the targeted troop is normally immune to knockback. Being a Champion card, he will stay out of the player's card cycle, and only return once he is defeated. The Monk's ability reflects projectiles back to their source, as well as granting himself a large damage reduction for a short time. He appears similar to the Hog Rider, except that his mohawk, beard and eyebrows are white, he has a long mustache, wears a mala, a cincture, and a red kilt. A Monk card costs 5 Elixir to deploy and his ability costs an additional 1 Elixir to activate.

Ability: Pensive Protection[]

“Takes less Damage while deflecting projectiles back at the opponent!”

The Monk has a special ability, accessible from the rightmost side of the screen just above the player's card slots in battle. After a 1-second delay, the Monk activates his “Pensive Protection”, reducing all incoming damage he takes by 80% and reflects all incoming projectile-based ranged attacks back to the said offender. Spells are always reflected to the nearest opposing Crown Tower. Against melee and non-projectile ranged attacks and spells, it only reduces all incoming damage to him by 80% and will not protect nearby troops and buildings. The Monk is impervious to all forms of knockback and the Tornado's pull during Pensive Protection's duration. The ability goes on a 17-second cooldown after the duration ends. The Pensive Protection ability costs 1 Elixir to activate.


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  • For the purposes of determining Elixir trades, the Monk and his activated Ability count as 6 Elixir, as the player must play the 5 Elixir Monk and then spend a further 1 on his Ability.
  • The third hit in his combo (much like The Log) can knock back all ground troops. This is most effective against slow troops, troops with low damage outputs and the Mighty Miner especially, who takes lots of time to ramp up his damage, and will end up being reset every third hit on top of dealing triple the damage.
    • Note that killing a troop does not reset the combo. This means that if he defeats 2 troops with a non-combo attack, the next attack will be a combo attack. For example; against the Rascals, after killing a Rascal Girl with 2 regular attacks, the third attack will be used either on the second Rascal Girl, fully defeating her immediately, or on the Rascal Boy, dealing heavy damage to him.
  • Reactive play against spells is high-risk high-reward. If you want to defend against a Rocket with the Monk, it’s not that easy to pull off; there is a very small time window for you to deploy him and activate his ability. The better move is to use him proactively.
    • One could place him in as a "shield" for cards that can usually be weakened via spells. Being paired with cheap ranged units like the Firecracker is a sweet pairing as he denies every weak spell except for Freeze, Zap, Earthquake, Tornado, and Royal Delivery. Moderate-health units such as Electro Wizard, Zappies, or Mother Witch will be protected except against Lightning and Poison. Also, having the Monk being around an Elixir Collector, Sparky, or your Crown Tower can deny an incoming Rocket and its uninteractive "Rocket Cycle" strategy. Being near a Crown Tower during the duration of his ability will send an opposing Goblin Barrel back to the opponent's closest Crown Tower and turn said spell against them.
      • If you are against a Monk and fragile ranged units are are deployed near him, Poison can still counter them.
      • Although he can reflect Arrows, he will not fully reflect the spell unless he is in or within 2 tiles of the exact center of the casting area for the spell; if this isn't the case, some arrows may still kill some of the troops he is nearby.
      • Regardless, the Monk's extremely high hit-points and damage reduction still make him amazing at buying time for any glass cannon.
  • When The Log or Barbarian Barrel are reflected by his ability, they're converted to fight for you, retain their full range and can even go further back than normal. In the case of the Barbarian Barrel, a friendly Barbarian will spawn to assist. However, note that anything placed in front of the Monk will not be saved from the reflection.
    • Against a Monk, the player can lure the Monk towards the center, and if he activates the ability, they can use The Log, Magic Archer, or Firecracker to activate the King's Tower.
  • An X-Bow, even when played defensively, can be forced to absorb much damage from his ability, on top of rendering most of its synergies powerless against him.
    • The Mortar too can be fully defended by a Monk when played properly, as most of the shots will either be reflected back to it or be absorbed by his high hitpoints.
  • All reflected projectiles that can splash or don't seek after a target do 25% of their normal damage to Crown Towers. For example, if a Sparky shot is reflected and splashes the tower, the Tower will take 25% damage but the Sparky will take full damage.
  • His ability makes him an outstanding hard-counter to almost every ranged unit and certain ranged attacks. Certain troops have varying effects.
    • The Monk can activate his ability against the Archer Queen, to counteract her ability. The increased attack speed is used against her, which will result in her quick demise.
    • If the Mother Witch were to be defeated by the Monk's ability, she ends up turning herself into a friendly Cursed Hog.
    • The Hunter's shot at point-blank will be fully reflected back at him by Pensive Protection, Instantly killing him regardless of level. However, if he is placed at a distance, he will not take any damage from the reflected projectiles because the projectiles de-spawn after a couple tiles
    • The Firecracker's projectiles deal no damage to the Monk as he reflects them. This is because the projectiles themselves are split into two phases. The initial projectile and the shrapnel that explodes out of it afterward.
    • The Fisherman's hook is fully stifled until the ability ends, forcing him to repeatedly charge his hook.
    • The Ram Rider's snare gets reflected back and slows her. Coupled with his combo knockback, the Monk can be a very sufficient counter to her. However, the Monk must be played before the Ram Rider covers half the distance to your Crown Tower.
    • The Ice Wizard will be slowed down by his own attack, as well as any unit next to him will be slowed down.
    • For a slight negative Elixir trade, the Monk and his ability can be used to force a Cannon Cart into its building phase, making it easier to address with troops that can outrange it or ensuring that it will no longer be a threat.
    • Even though the Royal Giant cannot target the Monk, his projectiles can still be reflected back, provided that the Monk is placed close to the Royal Giant. The Royal Giant will take major damage from his own attacks this way.
    • Projectiles with piercing capabilities from the Bowler, Executioner, Firecracker and Magic Archer are reflected back at them for full damage and can damage the opposing Crown Towers if their positioning is used against them. In the case of the Bowler, the knockback will be used against his fellow troops.
      • But keep in mind that these reflected projectiles can be used to activate the King Tower. This can be a great way to activate your King Tower against the Monk, however this is risky, and is likely to result in the troop being killed in the process.
      • If you can predict a Magic Archer at the bridge, activating the Monk's ability will cause the Magic Archer to deal damage to his own Crown Tower through the reflected projectiles. This technique also works similarly against the Firecracker.
      • When the Executioner's axe hits the Monk under Pensive Protection, it is immediately returned to him and will cause him to throw it faster and therefore, take lots of damage or otherwise die because of it.
  • The Monk can deflect arrows from Crown Towers. However, Crown Tower projectiles being deflected back have their damage reduced to only 25%. Because of this, against Crown Towers, his ability should only be used in conjunction with other troops that would deal damage to the Crown Tower.
  • There are still cards whose attacks cannot be deflected by Monk and can counter him due to their nature as tank killers.
    • Both the Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower can counter a Monk for positive or neutral trade, as neither their beams count as projectiles. Even if a good chunk damage are reduced, it is only temporarily. Once the Monk gets out of its ability, both units are going to be dealing 100% of their full potential damage. Thus, using the ability against them is near-useless.
    • Cards such as Tesla, Zappies, Electro Dragon and Electro Wizard will not take reflected damage, since their attacks are instant and not counted as projectiles.
    • Obviously the Monk gets folded to Mini P.E.K.K.A. and other cards with strong melee attacks. Do what you must.
    • Unlike other air troops, Bats and the Phoenix do not attack with projectiles. Since the Monk cannot attack air troops, they will be able to defeat him unharmed.
    • Spirit cards cannot be reflected by the Monk, despite being projectiles when attacking. This is especially useful with the Heal Spirit, as it will assist other cards at defending against the Monk.
  • If a Monk is cloned, the clone will actually start walking with its ability activated.
  • Any projectile the Monk reflects with Pensive Protection will have the same damage as the initial source of the projectile, and will not scale up nor down to the Monk's level.


Monk Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
5 0.8 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee: Medium (1.2) Ground x1 Ground Troop Champion

Pensive Protection Attributes

Invulnerability Duration
Damage Reduced
Ability Cooldown
1 4 sec -80% 17 sec

Card Attributes

Damage per second
Combo Damage
11 2,150 140 175 422
12 2,360 154 192 463
13 2,595 169 211 509
14 2,847 186 232 559
15 3,124 204 255 613

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 215,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 1 Monk card
150 XP
2 Deal a total of 650,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 10,000 Gold
150 XP
3 Deal a total of 1,080,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
150 XP
Keep Your Distance
Keep Your Distance
1 Knock back enemy Troops a total of 250 times 15,000 Gold
175 XP
2 Knock back enemy Troops a total of 760 times 300 Gem
175 XP
3 Knock back enemy Troops a total of 1,250 times 25,000 Gold
175 XP




  • On 7/2/2023, a Balance Update, decreased the Monk's attack time interval to 0.8 seconds (from 0.9 seconds).
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).


  • On 5/3/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Monk's hitpoints by 7.5%.
  • On 17/6/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Monk's combo damage by 0.47%.