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“Mirrors your last card played for +1 Elixir. Does not appear in your starting hand.”

The Mirror is an Epic card that is unlocked from the Miner's Mine (Arena 15). It is a spell that repeats the last card used by the player for 1 extra Elixir. It will never appear as 1 of the first 4 cards dealt to the player at the start of a battle. The Level of the copied card will be one Level higher than that of the Mirror. When in a battle, the card will display the player's last placed card inside the Mirror. A Mirror card does not have a defined Elixir cost; instead, it shows a "?".

Mirror cannot be used on Champion cards. If the player's last played card was a Champion card, the Mirror will appear greyed out with a ? in place of the Elixir number. If the player's first card played was a Champion card, and they obtain a Mirror card by having it be dealt to their hand as the second card, the Mirror will again appear greyed out with a ? in place of the Elixir number. Attempting to deploy it while it is greyed will do nothing, and on the first attempt the text "Mirror cannot be deployed as a first card" will be displayed.


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  • The Mirror allows the player to repeat a card, such as the Goblin Barrel, leaving the opponent without the proper Elixir or cards to counter it.
    • There are a few ways around this. The opponent may have a single card that counters both, like an area damage troop like the Wizard, or may have multiple cards that can counter one after the other, like two spells. The opponent will also be able to counter a Mirrored card more easily with an Elixir advantage.
    • It is effective to use Mirror a card which the opponent only has one counter to. For example, if the opponent always counters a Goblin Barrel with The Log, the player can Mirror their Goblin Barrel and their opponent will not have The Log to counter it, unless if the opponent also has a Mirror. If not, a Mirrored Goblin Barrel at tournament standard will do massive damage as Crown Towers take three shots to defeat higher Level Goblins.
  • Elixir Collectors can be Mirrored in order to boost the player's Elixir production, allowing the player to deploy cards faster, although it will only give a profit of 1 Elixir.
  • The Mirror has the ability to prevent appearing in the player's starting hand. This decreases the number of cards that can appear in the starting hand to 7 cards instead of 8, allowing the player to manipulate their starting hand slightly, for a more optimal starting hand. The player can further manipulate their starting hand by using an Elixir Collector in their deck, to lower the number of possible cards that can appear to 6.
  • It is easy to tell that an opposing player has the Mirror, as it is the only way to deploy a card twice in a row or have two of the same card at different Levels on the field. However, Spear Goblins from the Goblin Hut/Goblin Gang and Spear Goblins from the card can have different Levels on the same field. The same goes for the Fire Spirit, Skeletons, Barbarians, Goblins, Minions, Musketeers, Bats, and Royal Recruits. In 2v2, it is also possible that two players from the same team use the same card of different Levels.
    • With the addition of Mirror's unique sound effects, it becomes much easier to learn if your opponent has it or not.
  • Mirroring cards is especially effective against spells, as the Level boost can change some key interactions against troops.
  • On the other hand, mirrored spells are a great way to remove a certain troop from the field immediately due to the Level boost.
    • Mirrored Zap, Rage, and Giant Snowball will defeat Goblins immediately.
    • Mirrored Barbarian Barrel and Earthquake will defeat Princesses, Dart Goblins, and Rascal Girls immediately.
    • Mirrored The Log will defeat Archers and Firecrackers immediately.
    • Mirrored Fireball will defeat Musketeers, Wizards, and Electro Wizards immediately.
    • Mirrored Lightning will defeat Baby Dragons immediately.
    • Mirrored Rocket will defeat Elixir Golems immediately.
  • On uncapped modes certain interactions change compared to Tournament Standard if both players are at the highest Level, where Mirror produces level 16 cards. Take note of the following interactions to know which cards are more or less favorable to Mirror.
    • A Mirrored Bandit, Night Witch, Miner, Royal Ghost, Giant Skeleton, Lava Hound, or Mega Knight will die one Tower shot faster at maxed ladder than at tournament standard. In the Miner's case, this causes it to get one less hit on the Tower at maxed ladder in a 1v1 situation.
    • A Mirrored Poison will deal a lower percentage of Tower damage compared to the tournament standard.
    • A Mirrored Rocket will deal a higher percentage of Tower damage compared to the tournament standard.
  • The Mirror is a high-risk, high-reward card. If played correctly using powerful cards like the Giant Skeleton or P.E.K.K.A., the resulting push can have a devastating snowball effect.
    • This strategy is especially effective during the double-Elixir period, allowing the player to Mirror the above cards more easily and support them.
    • The opponent will gain more of an Elixir advantage if the Mirrored card was easily countered.
  • If the player accidentally plays a card too early or otherwise at the wrong time, they can use the Mirror to play that same card again but at the cost of 1 additional Elixir.
  • There are cards that are not wise to Mirror:
    • Minions, as the player can use the Minion Horde to get the same number of Minions for 2 less Elixir.
    • Skeletons, as the player can use the Skeleton Army to get 9 more Skeletons with the same Elixir cost.
    • Goblins or Spear Goblins, as the player can use the Goblin Gang to get 3 Goblins and 3 Spear Goblins for 2 less Elixir.
    • Musketeer, as the player can use the Three Musketeers to get 1 more Musketeer with the same Elixir cost.
    • Elixir Golem as the player will give 4 Elixir to the opponent after being defeated while costing 4 Elixir for the player.
  • The Mirror can be used as a surprise card. The opponent may use multiple cards to defend against a single unit. If the player mirrors that card (better in the opposite lane), the opponent will not have those counters in hand to defend against the second unit, possibly forcing them to take tower damage or overspend on defense.
    • Because of this, it might not be a good idea to mirror cards that rely on surprise placements, like the Miner or Goblin Barrel, as the visual indicator would reveal their location, making them easier to counter.
  • The Mirror can be used along a Clone to make a large push and overwhelm an opponent (with a high-damaging troop or low-health troops) if they can't defend against it. This tactic is not advised with low health troops, as splash damage can take down those troops with ease unless the opponent has no counter.
    • If you mirror and then clone your units, it will cost more, and half of them will have full hitpoints. If you clone and then use mirror, it will produce less units and cost less, but only 1/3 of them will have full hitpoints.
  • Before placing Mirror into a deck, players should consider what cards they will want to Mirror. If they are intending to Mirror anti-tanks such as a Mini P.E.K.K.A, they may be able to add a different anti-tank, such as the Executioner or even a Sparky, which can have the same surprise factor Mirror could have, possibly at a more efficient cost. Most successful decks with Mirror have cards with a unique purpose in them, such as the Furnace.
  • In scenarios where the opponent's Crown Towers are low on hitpoints, the player can Mirror their offensive spells to finish them off. Alternatively, Mirror can be utilized to cycle the deck if you have some cheap utility cards like Skeletons, to allow the user to rotate to their offensive spells quicker.


Cost of previous card played +1 Spell Epic
Mirrored Common Level
Mirrored Rare Level
Mirrored Epic Level
Mirrored Legendary Level
6 7 7 7 9
7 8 8 8 9
8 9 9 9 9
9 10 10 10 10
10 11 11 11 11
11 12 12 12 12
12 13 13 13 13
13 14 14 14 14
14 15 15 15 15
15 16 16 16 16

Mirrored Level 16 Card Statistics

A Level 15 Mirror can deploy Level 16 cards.

Troops, Defenses and Production

HitpointShield Hitpoints
Special Damage
BoostTower DamageDeath Damage
Archers 486 171 N/A
Baby Dragon 1,843 256 N/A
Balloon 2,688 1,024 384 (Death Damage)
Bandit 1,447 308 617 (Dash Damage)
Barbarians 1,071 306 N/A
Bats 130 130 N/A
Battle Healer Attacking 2,745 216 N/A
Healing 162 322 (Spawn Healing)
54 (Passive Healing)
Bomber 531 368 N/A
Bomb Tower 2,169 355 355 (Death Damage)
Bowler 3,328 460 N/A
Cannon 1,316 339 N/A
Cannon Cart 1,313 (+1,428) 340 N/A
Dark Prince 1,920 (+384) 396 793 (Charge Damage)
Dart Goblin 416 210 N/A
Electro Dragon 1,520 307 x3 N/A
Electro Giant 6,169 261 307 (Reflected Damage)
204 (Reflected Crown Tower Damage)
Electro Spirit 368 159 x9 N/A
Elite Barbarians 2,143 613 N/A
Elixir Collector 1,711 N/A N/A
Elixir Golem Elixir Golem 2,508 406 N/A
Elixir Golemite 1,220 203 N/A
Elixir Blob 576 101 N/A
Executioner 2,048 271 x2 N/A
Fire Spirit 368 331 N/A
Firecracker 486 102 x5 N/A
Fisherman 1,389 308 N/A
Flying Machine 983 274 N/A
Giant 6,542 406 N/A
Giant Skeleton 5,784 427 855 (Death Damage)
1,710 (Death Crown Tower Damage)
Goblin Cage Goblin Cage 1,186 N/A N/A
Goblin Brawler 1,728 539 N/A
Goblins 323 192 N/A
Golem Golem 8,192 499 358 (Death Damage)
Golemite 1,664 79 158 (Death Damage)
Guards 130 (+384) 194 N/A
Heal Spirit Attacking 369 176 N/A
Healing 640
Hog Rider 2,712 508 N/A
Hunter 1,341 135 x10 N/A
Ice Golem 1,915 135 135 (Death Damage)
Ice Spirit 368 175 N/A
Ice Wizard 1,098 144 133 (Spawn Damage)
Inferno Dragon 2,065 57/193/675 N/A
Inferno Tower 2,796 67/254/1,356 N/A
Knight 2,822 323 N/A
Lava Hound Lava Hound 5,712 86 N/A
Lava Pup 345 144 N/A
Magic Archer 849 214 N/A
Mega Knight 6,369 428 685 (Spawn Damage)
856 (Jump Damage)
Mega Minion 1,339 498 N/A
Mini P.E.K.K.A. 2,176 1,152 N/A
Miner 1,930 308 77 (Crown Tower Damage)
Minion Horde
368 188 N/A
Mortar 2,188 425 N/A
Mother Witch Mother Witch 849 212 N/A
Cursed Hog 1,003 84 N/A
Three Musketeers
1,152 349 N/A
P.E.K.K.A. 6,016 1,305 N/A
Phoenix Phoenix 1,679 347 260 (Death Damage)
78 (Death Crown Tower Damage)
Phoenix Egg 382 N/A N/A
Reborn Phoenix 1,343 277 N/A
Prince 3,072 627 1,254 (Charge Damage)
Princess 416 270 N/A
Ram Rider Ram 2,819 424 849 (Charge Damage)
Rider N/A 165 N/A
Rascals Rascal Boy 3,100 212 N/A
Rascal Girl 417 212 N/A
Royal Ghost 1,930 416 N/A
Royal Giant 4,908 490 N/A
Royal Hogs 1,339 118 N/A
Royal Recruits 850 (+384) 212 N/A
Skeleton Army
130 130 N/A
Skeleton Dragons 899 257 N/A
Sparky 2,316 2,123 N/A
Spear Goblins 212 130 N/A
Tesla 1,840 368 N/A
Valkyrie 3,051 427 N/A
Wall Breakers 529 627 N/A
Wizard 1,152 450 N/A
X-Bow 2,560 66 N/A
Zappies 847 186 N/A


See the table above for spawned troops' stats. Note that Cards that spawn their exclusive units are listed in the table above rather than this table.

Special Damage
BoostTower DamageDeath Damage
Troop/Spell Spawned
Barbarian Barrel N/A 386 N/A Barbarians
Barbarian Hut 1,864 N/A N/A Barbarians
Battle Ram 1,545 457 915 (Charge Damage) Barbarians
Electro Wizard 1,138 175 x2 N/A Zap
Furnace 1,356 N/A N/A Fire Spirit
Goblin Barrel N/A N/A N/A Goblins
Goblin Drill 2,099 N/A 133 (Spawn Damage)
39 (Spawn Crown Tower Damage)
Goblin Gang N/A N/A N/A Goblins
Spear Goblins
Goblin Giant 5,171 281 N/A Spear Goblins
Goblin Hut 1,356 N/A N/A Spear Goblins
Graveyard N/A N/A N/A Skeletons
Lumberjack 2,045 386 N/A Rage
Night Witch 1,447 501 N/A Bats
Royal Delivery N/A 699 N/A Royal Recruits
Skeleton Barrel 850 N/A 212 (Death Damage) Skeletons
Tombstone 847 N/A N/A Skeletons
Witch 1,341 215 N/A Skeletons

Other Spells

Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
Other Increased Attributes
Arrows 196 x3 (588) 59 x3 (177) N/A
Clone N/A N/A Cloned Common Level: 16
Cloned Rare Level: 16
Cloned Epic Level: 16
Cloned Legendary Level: 16
Cloned Champion Level: 16
Earthquake 132 x3 (396)
462 x3 (1,386) (Building Damage)
86 x3 (258) N/A
Fireball 1,101 330 N/A
Freeze 184 55 N/A
Giant Snowball 286 85 N/A
Lightning 1,689 506 N/A
Poison 145 x8 43 x8 N/A
Rage 307 93 N/A
Rocket 2,373 593 N/A
The Log 463 92 N/A
Tornado 135 x2 47 x2 N/A
Zap 306 92 N/A

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Rewards
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 90,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 20 Mirror cards
75 XP
2 Deal a total of 275,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 6,000 Gold
75 XP
3 Deal a total of 455,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
75 XP
Big Spender
Big Spender
1 Spend a total of 1,100 Elixir playing this card 9,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Spend a total of 3,200 Elixir playing this card 20 Epic Wild Card
125 XP
3 Spend a total of 5,600 Elixir playing this card 15,000 Gold
125 XP



  • The Mirror card was added with Clash Royale's game launch on 4/1/2016.
  • On 2/2/2016, the February 2016 Update, increased the Mirrored Common cards Level by 4 and Mirrored Rare cards Level by 2.
  • On 29/2/2016, the March 2016 Update, changed the Mirror's card image. It was also fixed a bug that caused the player to receive 1 Elixir after using Mirror, effectively refunding the +1 Elixir cost.
  • On 23/3/2016, a Balance Update, decreased the Mirrored Legendary cards Level by 1.
  • On 3/5/2016, the May 2016 Update, increased the Mirrored Common and Rare cards Level by 1. It also changed the Mirror by making it count as a 1.5 Elixir card when calculating the Average Elixir Cost of a deck. Before the update, it was simply ignored in calculating the average cost as if the deck had only 7 cards.
  • On 19/9/2016, the September 2016 Update, increased all Mirrored cards Level by 1. This allows players with Level 8 Mirror to deploy Level 14 cards, which would be unobtainable otherwise.
  • On 2/11/2016, a maintenance break, decreased the Level 8 Mirror's Mirrored card Level by 1. This was to fix a bug where cards above the max Level did not appear.
  • On 15/12/2016, the December 2016 Update, increased the Level 8 Mirror's Mirrored card Level by 1; the bug above was finally fixed.


  • On 20/6/2018, the Summer 2018 Update, changed the Mirror such that, if used in a deck, will never appear as one of the cards in the player's opening hand. It also moved the Arena to unlock the Mirror from Spell Valley to Electro Valley.
  • On 27/6/2018, an Optional Update, changed the Mirror such that it will never appear as one of the cards in the player's opening hand during Draft battles.
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, changed it so that Epic cards start at Level 6 and end at Level 13 (from 1 to 8).
  • On 5/12/2018, the December 2018 Update, changed the Mirror's card description, adding the phrase "Will not appear in your starting cards" to it.


  • On 28/1/2019, the January 2019 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Mirror from Electro Valley to Spooky Town.
  • On 13/2/2019, an Optional Update, made it so that mirroring Three Musketeers would no longer display the cost of 11 Elixir.
  • On 15/4/2019, the April 2019 Update, changed the Mirror's card description. Previously, its description was "Mirrors your last card played for +1 Elixir. Will not appear in your starting cards."
  • On 1/7/2019, the July 2019 Update, removed the Mirror from all Draft selections.
  • On 26/11/2019, the End of November 2019 Update, gave the Mirror a new animation if a card has been mirrored. A Mirror appears on the ground with the new card, in addition to a special sound effect.


  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, fixed the missing Mirror deployment animation.
  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13). It also added a card render to the Mirror's card info screen.


  • On 4/4/2022, the April 2022 Update, increased all Mirrored cards Level by 1. This allows players with Level 14 Mirror to deploy Level 16 cards, which would be unobtainable otherwise.
  • On 12/9/2022, a maintenance break, reverted the Mirror to its state before 4/4/2022. More specifically, it decreased all Mirrored cards Level by 1, making a Level 14 Mirror deplay Level 15 cards once again.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, made it so that the Mirror is unusable immediately after using a Champion card. It also moved the Arena to unlock the Mirror from Spooky Town to Miner's Mine.




  • The Mirror is the only card in the game that does not have a defined Elixir cost. However, the cost will always be at least 2 and at most 10, as there are no other cards that cost less than 1 or more than 9.
    • When calculating the Average Elixir Cost of a deck, the Mirror is treated as a 1.5 Elixir card. Before the May 2016 Update, it was simply ignored in calculating the average cost as if the deck had only 7 cards.
    • Mirror is grouped with 1 Elixir cards when sorting them by Elixir in-game.
    • While there are no 10 Elixir cards currently, a 10 Elixir card would still cost 10 Elixir after mirroring it.
  • The Mirror is 1 of 2 cards which does not appear in the player's starting hand, with the other being Elixir Collector.
  • The upgrades work like that of a Clone. When leveling up the Mirror, the mirrored cards' Level will be increased. Along with the Clone, Mirror is the only card, which has a stat that does not increase at all Levels. In its case, it is the Cloned Legendary Level stats.
  • The Mirror is unavailable in multiple special game modes. More specifically:
  • While upgrading it, the card will show its original card image.
  • By using Mirror on a Clone and using it on a Champion, it is actually possible to get a Level 16 Champion.