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“The Arena is a certified butterfly-free zone. No distractions for P.E.K.K.A, only destruction.”

The Mini P.E.K.K.A is a Rare card that is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). It spawns a fast, single-target, ground-targeting, melee ground troop with high hitpoints and very high damage. He is clothed in gray metal armour and wields a smaller version of the P.E.K.K.A's sword. He wears a helmet with team-colored horns and a single team-colored eye. A Mini P.E.K.K.A card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


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  • Like the Prince, he is best used defensively against single troops and then for a counterattack due to his slow attack speed but very high damage.
  • He can be used with high hitpoint troops, such as the Giant or Golem, so that they tank all of the damage dealt by opposing units while the Mini P.E.K.K.A deals massive damage to them. However, this strategy is very vulnerable to swarm cards, so it should be used cautiously and with spells whenever possible.
  • A Mini P.E.K.K.A can defeat equally levelled Musketeers, Wizards, Electro Wizards, Ice Wizards, Princesses, and Magic Archers in one hit for a similar Elixir cost, making him useful for quickly taking out these troops behind a tank.
    • It can also defeat most support troops in two hits, and coupled with its high speed, the Mini P.E.K.K.A can be considered as an anti-tank and anti-support. Because of this, against a tank and support push, it is more effective to deploy the Mini P.E.K.K.A on the support troop instead of the tank, so that he can eliminate it, saving more of his hitpoints for a counterpush.
  • Skeletons, placed at a certain distance, are capable of eliminating a Mini P.E.K.K.A with the help of a Crown Tower.
    • To do this, the defender should place the Skeletons in the center of the Arena, slightly staggered to the opposite lane of the attacking Mini P.E.K.K.A. The Mini P.E.K.K.A. would be effectively stalled and would be chipped down by both Crown Towers. Even a Skeletons + Ice Spirit can be used.
  • Area damage units and spells complement the Mini P.E.K.K.A and its synergies well since its slow hit speed is ineffective versus swarms. Slower and tankier area damage units like a Valkyrie should be placed in front of the Mini P.E.K.K.A, so it can push them forward more quickly, while they tank for the Mini P.E.K.K.A faster and more fragile area damage units like the Fire Spirit should be placed behind it, so it can protect them.
  • Due to the many positive Elixir trades that can be made on a Mini P.E.K.K.A, it is generally not effective to send one down the lane by itself, as this usually results in a waste of 4 Elixir. However, if the opponent happens to be low on Elixir or lacks a cheap counter, then this strategy is capable of dealing major damage to the opponent's Crown Tower or can force a bad trade.
  • The player should never ignore a Mini P.E.K.K.A in the opposite lane, as it can easily deal massive damage or even destroy a Crown Tower if not dealt with.
  • Defensively, the Mini P.E.K.K.A can be used to easily annihilate a great variety of enemy troops (for example the Giant and Musketeer) due to his high damage output for the relatively low cost of 4 Elixir.
    • With the help of a Crown Tower, a Mini P.E.K.K.A placed near the center of the map can stop Elite Barbarians for a positive Elixir trade.
    • If a Prince does not manage to charge in time, a Mini P.E.K.K.A. can defeat him for a positive Elixir trade. However, if the Prince is on the Mini P.E.K.K.A's side, even a charging Prince with not be able to take out the Mini P.E.K.K.A with the help of the Crown Tower.
    • A Mini P.E.K.K.A is a great counter to the Hog Rider, allowing only allowing one hit on the Tower if not placed in a proper position.
      • If the player has an idea of when and where the opponent will send in their Hog Rider, they can hover their Mini P.E.K.K.A in the middle of the lane and deploy it the instant the opponent places the Hog Rider. Doing this will completely shut him down.
      • If the Hog Rider is accompanied by fast grounded units like Skeletons or Goblins, the Mini P.E.K.K.A may retarget onto them, disrupting the player's defense. Using a spell to quickly destroy the Skeletons so that the Mini P.E.K.K.A can help defeat the Hog Rider is recommended, even if it is a negative Elixir trade, as the Hog Rider will get much more damage for only a small Elixir advantage otherwise.
  • A quick and deadly combo is the Miner paired with the Mini P.E.K.K.A. The Miner tanks all the damage while the Mini P.E.K.K.A does the damage. This can easily take a Tower. However, it can be fully countered with a Skeleton Army if the Skeleton Army is played early enough (i.e., one portion of the Skeleton Army goes for the Miner while the other Skeletons distract the Mini P.E.K.K.A). Many players tend to use small units against the Mini P.E.K.K.A; the player can use this habit to their advantage by assisting it with an area damage spell or a splash damage troop, such as a Fire Spirit or Princess.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
4 1.6 sec Fast (90) 1 sec Melee: Short (0.8) Ground x1 Ground Troop Rare
Damage per second
3 642 340 212
4 706 374 233
5 776 411 256
6 853 452 282
7 937 496 310
8 1,027 544 340
9 1,129 598 373
10 1,239 656 410
11 1,361 720 450
12 1,495 792 495
13 1,643 870 543
14 1,804 955 596
15 1,983 1,050 656

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 150,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 100 Mini P.E.K.K.A. cards
50 XP
2 Deal a total of 455,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 4,000 Gold
50 XP
3 Deal a total of 760,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
50 XP
Troop Destroyer
Troop Destroyer
1 Destroy 350 enemy Troops 6,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Destroy 1,000 enemy Troops 100 Rare Wild Card
125 XP
3 Destroy 1,750 enemy Troops 9,000 Gold
125 XP
Armor Breaker
Armor Breaker
1 Land hits for the full Damage amount 800 times 100 Banner Token
175 XP
2 Land hits for the full Damage amount 2,400 times 125 Banner Token
175 XP
3 Land hits for the full Damage amount 4,800 times 150 Banner Token
175 XP



  • The Mini P.E.K.K.A card was added with Clash Royale's game launch on 4/1/2016.
  • On 9/2/2016, the Chest Rewards & Card Balance Update, increased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's hitpoints by 3%.
  • On 29/2/2016, the March 2016 Update, decreased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's sight range to 5.5 tiles (from 6 tiles).
  • On 3/5/2016, the May 2016 Update, increased the Rare card Level cap to 11 (from 10) and made the Mini P.E.K.K.A affected by all forms of pushback. The update also fixed the “range bug”, which decreased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's range to 1.05 tiles (from 1.5 tiles), but his effective range was unchanged. Additionally, the Mini P.E.K.K.A's sound effect when deployed was changed.


  • On 11/8/2017, a Balance Update, increased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's damage by 4.6%.


  • On 24/1/2018, a Balance Update, increased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's hitpoints by 7%.
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, changed it so that Rare cards start at Level 3 and end at Level 13 (from 1 to 11).


  • On 1/7/2019, the July 2019 Update, increased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's range to 1.2 tiles (from 1.05 tiles), now classified as Melee: Medium.


  • On 7/4/2020, a Balance Update, added a card render to the Mini P.E.K.K.A's card info screen.
  • On 5/5/2020, a Balance Update, decreased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's range to 0.8 tiles (from 1.2 tiles), now classified as Melee: Short.
  • On 3/11/2020, a Balance Update, decreased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's attack time interval to 1.7 seconds (from 1.8 seconds).


  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • On 3/2/2022, a Balance Update, decreased the Mini P.E.K.K.A's attack time interval to 1.6 seconds (from 1.7 seconds).
  • On 1/7/2022, a maintenance break, changed the Mini P.E.K.K.A's card image.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, added the Armor Breaker Card Mastery task for the Mini P.E.K.K.A. It also fixed an issue where unlocking Mini P.E.K.K.A caused all card previews to be stuck with a loading spinner.




  • The Mini P.E.K.K.A's name derives from the Finnish name for "Peter", which in turn comes from the Greek name "Petros", meaning stone.
  • The acronym for P.E.K.K.A doesn't officially stand for anything in particular originally. Supercell held a Facebook contest on 22 August 2012 to see who could come up with the best written-out name for P.E.K.K.A as judged by the number of likes the comment received. The name "Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins" was the winner. The person who submitted the acronym was called Víctor in the Facebook announcement.
  • It is 1 of 3 troops that are “miniature” versions of another troop in Clash of Clans, the others being the Baby Dragon and Electro Dragon. They are smaller versions of P.E.K.K.A, Dragon, and Electro Dragon, respectively.
    • In the Arabic, Thai, and Finnish language settings of the game, the Mini P.E.K.K.A's name translates to "Small P.E.K.K.A", "Tiny P.E.K.K.A", and "Little P.E.K.K.A" respectively.
    • When compared to the regular P.E.K.K.A, the Mini P.E.K.K.A has less health and a slightly faster attack speed, moves faster and is significantly cheaper, but has slightly less damage and a shorter range. On looks alone, he has a different color scheme in his picture, and also only has 1 eye.
    • According to a Clash-A-Rama comic strip, the Mini P.E.K.K.A is the P.E.K.K.A's child.
  • The Mini P.E.K.K.A's gender has been confirmed as male, as the Mini P.E.K.K.A commercial referred to Mini P.E.K.K.A as "he" and "him", despite being based on a female troop, the P.E.K.K.A.
    • The Clash of Clans Facebook account erroneously referred to the Mini P.E.K.K.A as a she in a post.
  • His description is a reference to the Clash of Clans P.E.K.K.A commercial.
    • Even though his description states that the Arena is a butterfly-free zone, a butterfly can be seen flying in the Training Camp picture.
  • The Mini P.E.K.K.A has a passion towards pancakes. His passion of pancakes is also referenced a few times:
  • The Furnace's description could be a reference towards the Mini P.E.K.K.A since the Mini P.E.K.K.A says "Pancakes" when it is deployed in the Arena.
  • The first Wooden Chest that the player obtains during the tutorial is guaranteed to drop a Mini P.E.K.K.A, along with the Musketeer.
    • Unlike the Musketeer, the player is told to use the Mini P.E.K.K.A during the tutorial.
  • The Mini P.E.K.K.A is the subject of a few Emotes.
  • In the Card Mastery intro video, the Mini P.E.K.K.A's Damage Dealer Card Mastery task was shown to require the Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal 151,000 damage. However, it was lowered to 150,000 in-game.
  • Before the Mini P.E.K.K.A's card release, the Mini P.E.K.K.A was supposed to be an Epic card. However, he was changed to a Rare card post-release.