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“Walk softly... and carry a big drill! This Champion deals increasing Damage to his target and can switch lanes to escape combat or change attack plans. This makes him not only the mightiest, but also the sneakiest Miner in the Arena.”

The Mighty Miner is a Champion card that is unlocked from the Royal Crypt (Arena 17). It spawns a single-target, ground-targeting, melee, ground troop with high hitpoints and various damage stats. The Mighty Miner's damage increases over time as he remains focused on a single target, similar to the Inferno Dragon. Being a Champion card, he will stay out of the player's card cycle while he is deployed, and only return once he is defeated. The Mighty Miner’s ability causes him to dig underground to the horizontally opposite position of it and drop a bomb in the spot he was at which explodes after 1 second, dealing damage and inflicting knockback. He appears as a hunk with a mustache, blue shorts, a hat with a more advanced helmet for its candle, wielding a giant drill with an emblem of a crown, which majorly resembles the Goblin Drill. A Mighty Miner card costs 4 Elixir to deploy, and his ability costs an additional 1 Elixir to activate.

Ability: Explosive Escape[]

“Mines underground to the opposite lane, leaving a bomb at the original location. Surprise!”
Ability-Mighty Miner

The Mighty Miner has a special ability, accessible from the rightmost side of the screen just above the player's card slots in battle. After a 1-second delay, the Mighty Miner changes his position to the horizontally mirrored position of himself. He is intangible while changing positions. He also drops a bomb in the position he originally was prior to using the ability, dealing medium area damage to enemies around it after 1 second. His bomb affects both ground and air units and will also knock them back 1.8 tiles. The ability goes on a 13-second cooldown after the duration ends. The Explosive Escape ability costs 1 Elixir to activate.


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  • For the purposes of determining Elixir trades, the Mighty Miner and his activated Ability count as 5 Elixir, as the player must play the 4 Elixir Mighty Miner and then spend a further 1 on his Ability.
  • Thanks to the Mighty Miner's main Inferno Tower-like attack, he can shred tanks such as the Royal Giant or the Mega Knight. Unlike other tank killers such as the Hunter and the Mini P.E.K.K.A., he packs more health, giving him more survivability.
  • Use his ability wisely. One of his weaknesses are swarms, and Explosive Escape's bomb mitigates that. Explosive Escape's lane swapping mechanic can also be handy with cards such as reactive melee troops.
  • Outside of his ability, the Mighty Miner does not deal area damage. He cannot defeat Skeletons in one hit, so avoid using him to defensively kill swarms though you can spend another 1 Elixir to use his ability.
  • A good strategy is to send the Mighty Miner alone at the bridge. The opponent will likely spend a fair amount of Elixir to try to defend him. Then, activate his ability and place a threat card like Graveyard or Goblin Barrel in the other lane (the lane that he will resurface on). The troops that the opponent used to defend him will be weakened by the bomb and minimal Elixir is needed to defend this counterpush. Be wary, as good players can and will be prepared for it. However, if one uses this as a punishment, it can very easily take out the Crown Tower if the opponent does not have counters in hand since the opponent cannot predict if one might actually use the ability or not.
  • When using the Mighty Miner's ability to tank for an opposite side Graveyard, place the Graveyard first and then use the ability. This allows the Skeletons from the Graveyard to spawn in faster before the Tower starts targeting the Mighty Miner.
  • Mighty Miner can defend some split-lane pushes, mostly ground ones, due to his high damage potential from his main attack, combined with Explosive Escape's lane swap mechanic.
  • If the Mighty Miner is deployed in the pocket, in the position opposite of your opponent's Crown Tower, you can use the ability and quickly jump to the opponent's other Crown Tower, leaving minimal reaction time. However, this can be predicted for an Elixir advantage.
  • Do not counter the Mighty Miner with tanky low-damage melee cards such as the Mega Knight or the Knight, but only if their Explosive Escape is ready. A ranged tank killer in the center, such as the Musketeer, will defend well against offensive Mighty Miners, regardless of whether he uses Explosive Escape or not.
    • A center-placed Tombstone also counters a proactive Mighty Miner. He has a very hard time shredding the Skeletons, and even if you use its ability (which is used to mitigate its swarm counter), it will still head for the Tombstone instead.
    • Likewise, a center-placed Inferno Tower will counter the Mighty Miner, regardless if the opponent decides to use the Explosive Escape ability because the Mighty Miner will always be pulled to a center Inferno Tower on either lane. However, if the opponent does not use the Explosive Escape ability, then it is a negative Elixir trade of 1. Nevertheless, the Inferno Tower can discourage future attacks on your Crown Towers because of its defensive potential.
  • Like the Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower, stun cards such as the Electro Wizard can counter a reactive Mighty Miner. Before doing so, you should try to bait his Explosive Escape first with a swarm such as the Skeleton Army, as otherwise you could became helpless, although this is 7 Elixir against 5.
  • A Fisherman counters him quite well. When the Fisherman drags him to the center, value from Explosive Escape's lane swap will be minimized, and he will still be countered. Also, if you want more profit, you can drag him to activate the King Tower, but this is risky, as if the Mighty Miner has high enough health left after destroying the Fisherman, he might drill down the entire King Tower.
  • With the same concept, do not attempt to drag a Mighty Miner towards your King Tower with a Tornado, unless you have a spell or troop with a stun, as he might deal a high amount of damage to it.
  • When a Mighty Miner is nearing your Tower or you suspect Explosive Escape to be used offensively, prepare cards for the other side if a center-place can't, as his ability can head for the other Tower quickly.
  • The Royal Recruits are also an excellent counter to the Mighty Miner as the Royal Recruits can block both lanes and Mighty Miner will be swarmed by them, but this will result in a negative Elixir trade even if Mighty Miner uses his special ability.
  • Because the Mighty Miner has melee range, he's less reliable than the Inferno Dragon against troop ignoring units such as the Hog Rider, which can quickly run out of range if the Mighty Miner isn't near the building he's targeting.
  • Pairing P.E.K.K.A. and the Mighty Miner is a good choice for a push. Deploy them together and when they reach the opponent's side, the opponent is sure to defend this push. To create tension on both sides, activate the Mighty Miner's ability. This push could get a Crown Tower or both of them down unless defended properly. However, if the opponent is smart enough, they might use a mini tank to pressurize the opponent to activate the Mighty Miner's ability, then use a swam card in the center, killing both cards for a positive Elixir trade.
  • The Mighty Miner's ability can be used to completely counter a Goblin Barrel if timed correctly.


Mighty Miner Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
4 0.4 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee: Long (1.6) Ground x1 Ground Troop Champion

Explosive Escape Attributes

Deploy Time
Ability Cooldown
1 1 sec 13 sec

Card Attributes

Damage (Stage 1)
Damage (Stage 2)
Damage (Stage 3)
Damage per second (Stage 1)
Damage per second (Stage 2)
Damage per second (Stage 3)
Explosive Escape Damage
Area Damage
11 2,250 40 200 400 100 500 1,000 334
12 2,475 44 220 440 110 550 1,100 367
13 2,722 48 242 484 120 605 1,210 404
14 2,992 53 266 532 132 665 1,330 444
15 3,285 58 292 584 145 730 1,460 487

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 275,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 1 Mighty Miner card
150 XP
2 Deal a total of 830,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 10,000 Gold
150 XP
3 Deal a total of 1,380,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
150 XP
Drill Master
Inferno Master
1 Hit Troops or buildings a total of 350 times with a fully charged drill attack 15,000 Gold
175 XP
2 Hit Troops or buildings a total of 1,000 times with a fully charged drill attack 300 Gem
175 XP
3 Hit Troops or buildings a total of 1,750 times with a fully charged drill attack 25,000 Gold
175 XP



  • The Mighty Miner card was released on 30/3/2022, in the Miner Update.
  • On 1/4/2022, an Optional Update, fixed an issue where Mighty Miner was not being targeted correctly.
  • On 8/4/2022, a maintenance break, decreased the Explosive Escape's cost to 1 Elixir (from 2 Elixir) and gave the Mighty Miner knockback immunity.
  • On 21/4/2022, a maintenance break, decreased the Explosive Escape's exploding time to 1 second (from 3 seconds).
  • On 4/10/2022, a Balance Update, decreased the Mighty Miner's hitpoints by 8%.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Mighty Miner from Training Camp to Royal Crypt. This also made it so that players at any King Level could unlock the Mighty Miner, as opposed to only Level 14.
  • On 7/12/2022, a Balance Update, increased the Might Miner's speed to 90 (from 60), now classified as Fast.
  • On 22/12/2022, a maintenance break, increased the Mighty Miner's hitpoints by 5% and decreased his speed to 60 (from 90), now classified as Medium.


  • On 6/6/2023, a Balance Update, decreased the Mighty Miner's hitpoints by 2.2%.
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).
  • On 21/6/2023, a maintenance break, fixed the Mighty Miner’s Bomb inflicting too much damage.
  • On 8/8/2023, a Balance Update, increased the time required to change stages to 2.25 seconds (from 2 seconds).



  • Along with the Golden Knight, Archer Queen, Monk, and the Terry, he has the cheapest ability, costing 1 Elixir.
    • Also along with the Golden Knight and the Terry, he also has the cheapest combined Elixir cost of Champion and ability, costing 5 Elixir.
  • The Mighty Miner is tied with Inferno Dragon and the Little Prince for the highest attack speed of all troops, with an attack speed of 0.4 seconds.
  • The Mighty Miner is the 1 of 2 troops that deals ramp up damage, along with the Inferno Dragon.
  • In the German and Arabic language settings of the game, the Mighty Miner's name translates to "Great Miner". In the French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Persian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese language settings of the game, the Mighty Miner's name translates to "Master Miner", "Big Miner", "Colossal Miner", "Mega Miner", "Solid Miner", "Power Miner", "Nimble Miner", "Pumped up Miner", "Powerful Miner", "Superior Miner", and "Brave Miner" respectively.
  • The Mighty Miner is the only Champion card whose ability's Elixir cost was changed.
  • The Super Miner troop in Clash of Clans is likely inspired from the Mighty Miner, with both wielding a hand drill that deals damage overtime the longer they attack, and both having the ability to leave a bomb. However, unlike the Super Miner, the Mighty Miner drops his bomb when he uses his ability instead of after death.
  • The Mighty Miner is 1 of 8 cards to have an alliterative name, the others being the Royal Recruits, Goblin Gang, Mega Minion, Goblin Giant, Cannon Cart, Barbarian Barrel, and Ram Rider.
    • He is the only Champion card to have an alliterative name.
  • As he charges up his drill attack, the tip of the drill will turn different colors, with orange in Stage 2 and red in Stage 3.
  • Despite carrying a bomb-like backpack, he does not get rid of the bomb on its back when using its ability, probably due to the fact he can use the ability multiple times.
  • From his description, the “walk softly… and carry a big drill!” line is a reference to the USA President Theodore Roosevelt's quote which says “speak softly and carry a big stick”.
  • The Mighty Miner is unavailable in multiple special game modes. More specifically:
  • On 28 April 2022, according to a tweet by the Clash Royale official Twitter, the number of Mighty Miner's ability activations was 732,965,024.
  • The Mighty Miner is the subject of certain cosmetics in the game. More specifically:
    • The Mighty Miner is the subject of 2 Emotes.
    • The Mighty Miner is the subject of a Tower Skin.
  • By using Mirror on a Clone and using it on a Mighty Miner, it is actually possible to get a Level 16 Mighty Miner.
    • A cloned Mighty Miner does not fall from the sky when deployed.
  • The initial balance change for Mighty Miner on the 6/6/2023 balance changes was a 6.5% hitpoints decrease, but it lowered to 2.2% last minute.
  • During the development, the Mighty Miner was originally named "Chief Miner".