aka a person who will never be a PEKKA

  • I live in in the very depths of Smash Ult
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is PUUUUUUNCCCCCH
  • I am a PUUUUNNNNNCHHH (that's a gender right ?)

Hello, and welcome to my message wallEdit

Here you can share or ask stuff about

-Clash Royale

-Clash of clans

-Pokemon Battling stuff

-Battle Cats(DERPLORD)

-Epic Battle Fantasy (especially 4th)

What you CANNOT share though are :

-No Mini PEKKA hate

-No LavaLoon or NightGolemLightning

-No Fire Spirits hate(unless you hate playing against them)

-"Royal Giant is way better than Giant"

-No uncensored curse words.


-No wrong "facts" about anything(Archers suck because they are OHKO'd by zap)I am a huge Fact Nazi.

Keep clashing

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