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“He lands with the force of 1,000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage. Stand aside!”

The Mega Knight is a Legendary card that is unlocked from the Electro Valley (Arena 11). It spawns an area-damage, ground-targeting, melee, ground troop with very high hitpoints and high damage. Upon deployment, he will deal damage to enemy units around him in a 360º area around him, and inflict knockback. If there are ground units between 3.5 and 5 tiles of him, he will stop moving and begin charging a jump attack which takes 0.9 seconds to execute, and will deal double damage, and inflict knockback. He appears with black spiked fists and huge armor, along with grey chainmail and a team-colored belt. A Mega Knight card costs 7 Elixir to deploy.


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  • His spawn damage is slightly less than a Royal Delivery, which makes him useful for quickly defeating cards with similar health to a Musketeer or Wizard. He will then only require two more regular attacks to defeat them fully.
    • His spawn damage does less damage than his jumping attack. For example, when you are fighting troops that can survive the spawn impact but not the jump, such as Zappies, you may want to deploy them further instead of on top of them for more damage.
  • The Mega Knight's high spawn damage and very high hitpoints make him a bit hard to defeat on the opposing side. He can get enormous value against massive pushes because of this. However, he can be countered relatively easily if alone.
  • Mega Knight has great defensive potential, but despite everything, he is not effective at taking out tanks such as the Golem. His main defensive potential comes from his very high health and his spawn and jump damage obliterating support troops and glass cannons.
  • He is very good at countering equally-leveled Elite Barbarians, thanks to his high spawn damage and knockback. Make sure that the Mega Knight is placed in such the way that both Elite Barbarians are knocked towards the same direction such that he would be able to damage down both at the same time, and spare enough health for a counterattack. It is also recommended to use the Mega Knight's jump damage against a pair of Elite Barbarians instead of his spawn damage as it denies up to 2 more hits by a pair of Elite Barbarians.
    • However, if the Elite Barbarians are at a much higher Level, do not attempt to use a Mega Knight on them. The Mega Knight would only chip at most 4/5 of their HP off before being completely overwhelmed. A swarm card or P.E.K.K.A. would be better to fully defeat them.
    • Do not place the Mega Knight 3.5-5 tiles directly in front of a pair of Elite Barbarians. This will cause the Mega Knight to knock them into two directions, causing the Mega Knight to lose more health than he needs to. If you want to use the Mega Knight's jump damage on a pair of Elite Barbarians, kite the Elite Barbarians with the Mega Knight so they walk in a straight line. That way, when the Mega Knight jumps on them the Elite Barbarians will be knocked in the same direction.
  • The Mega Knight works especially well with the Inferno Dragon, as they compliment each other's weakness. Mega Knight can take out ranged glass cannons and swarms that counter the Inferno Dragon. The Inferno Dragon in turn can sear tanks Mega Knight would struggle to deal enough damage to. However, it can be somewhat countered by air swarms so be sure to bring spells to deal with them.
    • Despite this combo being able to counter P.E.K.K.A., she can survive and start a counterpush as long as helped by an Electro Wizard for a neutral Elixir trade, but it requires some alignment. You should place your P.E.K.K.A. some tiles away from them, forcing the Mega Knight to jump and the Inferno Dragon to reach her position slowly due to its short range, then deploying the Electro Wizard to zap it down. Remember to take caution as the Mega Knight could retarget onto him and leave your P.E.K.K.A. helpless.
    • A similar strategy is to combine Mega Knight & P.E.K.K.A. in a push, as they also counter each other’s weaknesses. While it can be more threatening, it is extremely expensive at 14 Elixir, often requiring that 1 of them be used on defense beforehand, which can whittle down their hitpoints. It is also even weaker to air units. You also shouldn't put two of them in the same deck for they are very expensive and you are left vulnerable to a punishment for your lack of Elixir. Instead, consider a Mini P.E.K.K.A. or a Prince, as it is obviously cheaper.
  • The Mega Knight is helpless against air troops such as Minions and Bats, so it is best to pair him with other troops that can attack air, by using such as the Archers, the Mega Minion, or the Executioner. Alternatively, you can have a cheap spell such as Arrows in hand to deal with most air swarms.
  • Since the Mega Knight's damage per second without his initial jump is somewhat low, other highly damaging units like the Prince can synergize with him well, helping him take out tanks while the Mega Knight helps deal with swarms. Air units like the Minions and the Bats also work well, but are usually vulnerable to spells.
  • A powerful but odd combo is pairing him with the Ram Rider, as he will stomp on cards that will stop the Ram Rider such as stuns like Zappies or buildings like Tesla. You also cannot distract both simultaneously with troops, which is important as the Ram Rider will most likely get damage.
  • When using him to counter a reactive pack of Royal Recruits, be careful for the other side of the Royal Recruits approaching. Alternatively, you can use an Ice Golem to bring them all together, so that the Mega Knight can spawn right on top of all of them.
  • The Mega Knight can be a potential counter to the Sparky. If the Sparky has low enough health and is about to cross the bridge, the spawn damage from the Mega Knight might be able to knock it out. If you time it correctly, the Mega Knight will absorb the Sparky's shot and with the help of a Tower, be able to destroy the Sparky. This will leave you with a relatively high health Mega Knight to do a counter-attack with. However, if the Sparky somehow manages to defeat the Mega Knight, then it is a negative trade of 1 Elixir for you.
    • If a Sparky is placed behind a tank such as the Giant Skeleton, place the Mega Knight behind the combo. This will cause the Mega Knight to spawn on top of the Sparky while forcing the Giant Skeleton to walk into the splash radius of the Mega Knight.
    • If a Sparky is placed behind a building-targeting tank such as the Giant, place the Mega Knight to the side of the combo and make sure the Sparky is closest to the Mega Knight. The Mega Knight will spawn on both troops while distracting the Sparky, allowing you to counter the Giant with troops that will otherwise be destroyed by the Sparky.
  • The Mega Knight can be used to counter a Goblin Barrel but it requires precise timing. His spawn damage can defeat all three Goblins if timed correctly — ideally, he should be deployed at the back of the Tower when the Goblin Barrel’s shadow crosses the river. This is, again, 7 Elixir for 3, but the counterpush potential is huge. Be cautious.
    • If you find this too hard to execute, you can deploy the Mega Knight between two Goblins which will prevent most of the damage dealt to your Tower. This is done by placing the Mega Knight in between the top Goblin and the one at the bottom. Be aware of tricky barrels, however.
  • The Mega Knight is a simple card to use on your side, but be wary as it is more defense-orientated than offense. When you see a bunch of squishy troops, put him in, and you'll be left with a counterpushing one, which may gain some offensive value when the opponent can't counter.
  • One of the keys to defeating the Mega Knight is timing. To counter the Mega Knight properly, the counter unit should generally be placed no more than three tiles away from him, so that he doesn't initiate his jump attack and deal massive damage. Without it, his damage per second is somewhat low for his Elixir cost.
    • Using the above strategy, ground tanks like the Knight and the Valkyrie (obviously save for the Ice Golem, as a kite wouldn't be enough.) or high-damage glass cannons like the Mini P.E.K.K.A. or the Goblin Brawler are the most Elixir-efficient counters to a lone Mega Knight coming onto the defender's side of the arena. With the help of the Crown Tower, the Mega Knight will not be able to take them before they are defeated.
  • Similar to the Bandit, the Mega Knight will re-target onto any troop placed nearby him if his original target ends up being farther away than the newly spawned troop. If the defender is in a situation where they know they cannot prevent his jump from occurring, they can still place a cheap troop like Skeletons in front of him right before he is about to jump to soak up the damage.
    • However, the Mega Knight's jump mechanic is not purely identical to the Bandit's dash ability. His charge time is 0.1 seconds higher but does not make him invincible. He will still take damage while he is airborne and can be defeated mid-air. Interestingly, while in mid-air, The Log, Earthquake and Bowler will not be able to damage him, but an X-Bow or Mortar will stay locked onto an airborne Mega Knight. As a result, he counters these siege buildings well as his jump is difficult to react to at the bridge and will take out a majority of their health. He can also take care of the weaker support troops backing up the building after taking it out. Sparky and Bomber will also hit the Mega Knight even when he jumps.
    • Like the Bandit, a Mega Knight will retain his jumping ability, and cloning him, will not interrupt the original troop's actions. However, the cloned unit will not inherit the current status of the troop. Additionally, a jumping Mega Knight will not produce another clone that is already jumping, and it still needs to charge up its ability.
      • Cloned Mega Knights do not inflict spawn damage,
    • A Bandit can fully counter a lone Mega Knight. By deploying her 4 tiles from the river and 3 tiles from the Crown Tower when the Mega Knight is 2 or 3 tiles from the river, she will dash at just the right time to nullify the jump damage of the Mega Knight as well as lure him into range of both Crown Towers.
  • The P.E.K.K.A. is a very effective, and arguably it's a hard-counter to the Mega Knight, as her high damage per second and high hitpoints allow her to defeat the Mega Knight 1-on-1 even without a Crown Tower helping. It can also wreck the Mega Knight's support cards, save for air troops. After defending, she will have a fair amount of hitpoints remaining in case the player would like to counterpush. In the case that your opponent reveals that they have P.E.K.K.A. first, it is best to drop the Mega Knight in the other lane as it is unlikely that they will have much Elixir to counter your Mega Knight. Additionally, the Mega Knight moves much faster than the P.E.K.K.A., and is harder to distract with swarms, making the P.E.K.K.A. approaching your Tower fairly easy to deal with.
  • With the help of the Crown Tower, a Mega Knight can stop the Prince and still have a lot of hitpoints left for a counterattack. With his spawn damage, he will counteract the Prince's charge, and he will withstand a decent amount of hits while the Crown Tower attacks him. On the contrary, a Prince can also stop a Mega Knight with the help of a Crown Tower, thanks to his high hitpoints and high damage.
    • A Mega Knight can be quite helpful against a Double Prince push. While he would be overwhelmed alone, he can be combined with cheap distraction troops like Bats and stop such a push while keeping some of the Mega Knight's hitpoints for a counterattack.
    • Pairing the Double Prince push with the Mega Knight is a potentially devastating strategy, as it amplifies the strong points of the push, but also its weak points. Their high hitpoints and damage can allow the Princes to shred through units even faster, but cards that output a large damage, such as Rocket or Minion Horde, can deal with it.
  • An Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, or Mighty Miner can take out the Mega Knight as long as their ramp-up attack is uninterrupted. If they do get interrupted once, spending a bit more Elixir to deploy a distraction unit, such as an Ice Golem, will keep the Mega Knight in place and can allow either Inferno to defeat the Mega Knight, keeping a positive Elixir trade (if you use Inferno Dragon + Ice Golem).
  • Bats and Cannon (or any other defensive tower), can counter Mega Knight pretty well if he gets distracted by a defensive tower. When he is distracted, Bats can be placed to swarm the Mega Knight and eventually take him out. This strategy is only recommended when the Mega Knight has taken prior damage since Bats isn't the best damage dealer and can't usually take out a tank by itself.
    • Conversely, Bats also synergise rather well with the Mega Knight. The Bats provide DPS and air coverage for the Mega Knight, while the Mega Knight takes out swarms, mini-tanks and tanks tower shots for the Bats. This combination can be both defensively effective and offensively deadly if played correctly.
  • A Zap spell will not stop the Mega Knight from jumping once his charge initiates, neither does any stun effect. The jump can only be stopped if he is defeated mid-air, by using The Log, or if the player uses other cards to pull him out of his jumping range like a Tornado. When he is already mid-jump, only the Fisherman's dragging ability can cancel its effect.
    • If the Mega Knight is stunned while in the air, he will still land normally, however, he will remain stunned after landing down. Because of this, Freeze can be used to save some time for the defender to deploy a troop in such a way that the Mega Knight does not jump a second time. However, this is situational and not practical during single Elixir time.
  • A Skeleton Army is typically not effective against the Mega Knight. In most cases, the Mega Knight will destroy the Skeleton Army even when he's surrounded due to his large splash radius. However, if he has around half of his hitpoints left, it can be effective to use the Skeleton Army on him.
    • However, a Skeleton Army can be useful in taking him out if you have a tank soaking up the damage for them. You can place a tank in front of Mega Knight and place a Skeleton Army behind the Mega Knight.
    • Skeleton Army can fully counter the Mega Knight if placed correctly, if you put the Skeleton Army right at the middle of the tower slightly veering to the opposite side of the Mega Knight right as the Mega Knight jumps, a few Skeletons will distract the Mega Knight as the other Skeletons will come to their aid. The Mega Knight will die with one or two Skeletons surviving with no damage done on the Crown Tower.
  • The defender can use the Mega Knight's jump mechanic against him and activate their King's Tower with an Ice Spirit and Skeletons. The player should wait for the Mega Knight to approach their Crown Tower, and when he is about to jump, deploy the Ice Spirit four tiles from the King's Tower and one tile into his lane to redirect his jump. Afterwards, they should place Skeletons one tile from the King's Tower and one tile away from his lane, right before he jumps a second time. If done correctly, he will head towards the King's Tower after jumping onto the Skeletons, activating it. This will deal significant damage to the player's King's Tower however, so it is not recommended to perform this more than once.
  • Likewise, Tombstone can also lure the Mega Knight into activating King's Tower, given the Tombstone is deployed right in front of the King's Tower to the Mega Knight side (7-2 placement). The Mega Knight will jump closer to the Tombstone and eventually destroy it, targeting the King's Tower afterward. For a slightly more expensive, but more consistent King activation, the Tombstone can be placed higher up, such as with a placement 5 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the Crown Tower. After its destruction, the player can place a troop that is one shot by the Mega Knight's jump close to the King's Tower.
  • Heavy swarm cards such as the Barbarians and Royal Recruits are an effective counter to the Mega Knight when played reactively, provided his jump is negated. 3 of the Barbarians will survive, demanding further response, while for the Royal Recruits, some of them are spawned in the other lane, which also demand response.
  • When you suspect that your opponent is running a Mega Knight, it is not advised to clump up troops together in a small area proactively, as he will reap massive value. To play around him when proactively playing an offensive card like Royal Hogs, splitting them in the middle of the Arena is always an option.
  • A very common mistake among players is to defend against him with glass cannons such as the Musketeer or the Wizard without support. It is highly advised to distract him with a tank such as the Knight when you want to defend him using this route.


Mega Knight Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Splash Radius
Troop Count
7 1.7 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee: Medium (1.2) 1.3 Ground x1 Ground Troop Legendary

Jump Attributes

Jump Time
Deploy Time
Jump Range
Dash Range
Splash Radius
0.9 sec 3.5-5 2.2 Ground Air

Card Statistics

Area Damage
Area Damage
Spawn Damage
Jump Damage
Damage per second
9 3,300 222 355 444 130
10 3,630 244 390 488 143
11 3,993 268 429 537 157
12 4,389 295 472 590 173
13 4,818 324 518 648 190
14 5,280 355 568 710 208
15 5,808 390 625 781 229

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 270,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 2 Mega Knight cards
100 XP
2 Deal a total of 810,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 8,000 Gold
100 XP
3 Deal a total of 1,360,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
100 XP
Crash Landing
Crash Landing
1 Hit 280 enemy Troops with Spawn Damage 12,000 Gold
150 XP
2 Hit 800 enemy Troops with Spawn Damage 2 Legendary Wild Card
150 XP
3 Hit 1,400 enemy Troops with Spawn Damage 18,000 Gold
150 XP
Superhero Landing
1 Push back 6 or more units with a single deploy a total of 50 times 100 Banner Token
200 XP
2 Push back 6 or more units with a single deploy a total of 150 times 125 Banner Token
200 XP
3 Push back 6 or more units with a single deploy a total of 300 times 150 Banner Token
200 XP



  • The Mega Knight was once available in the Mega Knight Challenge, which started on 25/8/2017. In this challenge, the player would build a deck which included the Mega Knight. If the player achieved 12 wins, they obtained the Mega Knight early,
  • From 31/8/2017 through 4/9/2017, the Shop had a special offer where Arena 10+ players could buy up to 4 Super Magical Chests at the normal price that had a 50% chance to contain a Mega Knight with the first Chest and guaranteed with the second. If a Mega Knight was obtained in the first Chest, then the second one would not guarantee it. The process was repeated with the second pair of Chests.
  • The Mega Knight card was generally released on 8/9/2017.
  • On 9/10/2017, the Epic Quests Update, fixed a bug where the Mega Knight would jump even if he was less than 4 tiles away from his target.


  • On 12/2/2018, a Balance Update, decreased both his spawn and jump damage by 25% and decreased his spawn area radius to 2.2 tiles (from 2.5 tiles).
  • On 4/6/2018, a Balance Update, increased both his spawn and jump damage by 23%, but also decreased his damage by 7.5%.
  • On 20/6/2018, the Summer 2018 Update, decreased his minimum jump range to 3.5 tiles (from 4 tiles).
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, changed it so that Legendary cards start at Level 9 and end at Level 13 (from 1 to 5).
  • On 5/11/2018, a Balance Update, decreased the Mega Knight's attack time interval to 1.7 seconds (from 1.8 seconds) and his first attack time interval to 0.5 seconds (from 0.6 seconds).


  • On 28/1/2019, the January 2019 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Mega Knight from Hog Mountain to Royal Arena.
  • On 1/7/2019, the July 2019 Update, increased the Mega Knight's range to 1.2 tiles (from 1 tile), now classified as Melee: Medium.
  • On 26/11/2019, the End of November 2019 Update, added a card render to the Mega Knight's card info screen.



  • On 4/4/2022, the April 2022 Update, decreased the Mega Knight's spawn damage by 20%.
  • On 27/6/2022, the Summer 2022 Update, added the Superhero Landing Card Mastery task for the Mega Knight.
  • On 2/8/2022, a Balance Update, decreased the time required for charging his jump to 0.9 seconds (from 1.1 seconds).
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Mega Knight from Royal Arena to Electro Valley.