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King holding Magic Item

Magic Items are a currency that allows players to more quickly upgrade and obtain Cards. Magic Items can give the player particular cards, upgrade cards without using Gold, and open Chests instantly. Magic Items can be found in Chests, as a Trophy Road reward, from special offers in the Shop, from the Season Shop, as a reward from Special Challenges, and from Pass Royale. The player can see what Magic Items they currently have by clicking the "Magic Items" tab under the "Cards" section. Any player at or above King Level 7 can use Magic Items. They can be obtained by players who are under King Level 7, but they cannot be used.

Magic Items each have an inventory limit, which may vary depending on the player's King Level. If a Magic Item is obtained via purchasing a Shop offer, the player will be allowed to exceed the inventory limit.

Types of Magic Items[]

Wild Card[]

Common Wild CardRare Wild CardEpic Wild CardLegendary Wild CardChampion Wild Card

Wild Cards can be converted into any card of their corresponding rarity that the player has unlocked. As such, Wild Cards can come in each of the five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Champion. For example, if any card has 9/10 cards for the next upgrade, one Wild Card can be used to fill in the 10th card, therefore allowing the card to be upgraded. This makes them useful for filling in the last few required cards for the next upgrade. Wild Cards can be obtained from Chests, all rarities of Lucky Drops, the Trophy Road, Special Challenges, Path of Legends, Shop offers, Card Masteries, and both sides of Pass Royale. Every card obtained from a Chest above Arena 4 has a 5% chance to become a Wild Card of that rarity, with the odds increasing the higher the Chest's Arena is. King's Chests and Legendary King's Chests are guaranteed to give Wild Cards, with a guaranteed Legendary Wild Card starting from Arena 11 and higher. Wild Cards cannot be manually used on cards with a full upgrade meter, or if the player hasn't unlocked it yet. When Wild Cards are used, they deplete from the player's inventory until they either run out or until the selected card reaches its maximum inventory; specifying a certain amount of Wild Cards to use is impossible.

Wild Cards have an inventory limit separated by rarity, which also depends on the player's King Level. If a player would be put over their limit by receiving Wild Cards, they will be able to keep all the Wild Cards and go over their limit. If their Wild Card limit is already full, accepting more Wild Cards will cause them to be converted into a random card of that rarity. If said card is at the max level, has a full inventory, or does not own any card of said rarity, the player will receive Elite Wild Cards and Star Points instead. Inventory limits are also bypassed by Wild Cards gained from Shop offers.

Wild Card Statistics

Inventory Limits

King Level Common Wild Card

Common Wild Card

Rare Wild Card

Rare Wild Card

Epic Wild Card

Epic Wild Card

Legendary Wild Card

Legendary Wild Card

Champion Wild Card
Champion Wild Card
King Level 1-6 50 20 2 1 1
King Level 7-9 4
King Level 10-13
King Level 14-17 100 10
King Level 18-21 200 50
King Level 22-25 400 100
King Level 26-29 800 200 20 2 2
King Level 30-33 1000 400 50 4 4
King Level 34-37 2000 800 100 10 10
King Level 38-41 5000 1000 200 20 20
King Level 42-53 1250
King Level 54-70

Book of Cards[]

Common Book of CardsRare Book of CardsEpic Book of CardsLegendary Book of CardsBook of Books

Books of Cards can give the player the remaining amount of cards needed to level up a card of a particular rarity to its next level until level 15. They can be considered more powerful versions of Wild Cards, with one Book being able to supply any number of cards. Unlike Wild Cards, Books of Cards come in four card rarities, and they cannot be used on cards with a full upgrade meter. However, there is also a fifth type of book called "Book of Books" which is functionally identical to Books of Cards, but can be used for any card rarity, including Champion cards. Books of Cards are available via Shop offers and one type of Book of Cards will always be available in the Season Shop every season. They are also available in Epic and Legendary Lucky Drops. A Book of Books can be obtained via Shop offers and Legendary Lucky Drops.

It is important to note that there is no Book equivalent for Champion cards, so either the Book of Books or Champion Wild Cards must be used.

A Book of Cards will not compensate the player for any "extra" cards. For example, if a player uses a Book of Books on a Level 13 Archer Queen currently at 10/20 cards, they will only receive 10 Archer Queen cards, despite the book being able to reward up to 20 Champion Cards. So for maximum value, one should ideally use a book when they have very little to no cards for the upgrade.

Up to one copy of each Book can be held at a time. The limit does not change with King Level. If a player tries to accept a book while their inventory is full, they will receive a warning. Proceeding will convert the accepted Book into 100 Gems, regardless of its rarity. Inventory limits are bypassed by Books gained from Shop Offers.

Magic Coin[]

Magic Coin

Magic Coins allow a card upgrade without using Gold if there are enough cards for the upgrade. Magic Coins can only be obtained from Shop offers. In order to reap its maximum value, a player should use the Magic Coin to upgrade a card from Level 13 to Level 14, as it is the final and most costly upgrade level that requires Gold (100,000 Gold).

Magic Coins have a maximum inventory limit of 1. The limit does not change with King Level. If the player tries to claim a Magic Coin when their inventory is full, the Magic Coin will be converted into 100 Gems. Inventory limits are bypassed by Magic Coins gained from Shop Offers.

Chest Key[]

Chest Key

Chest Keys skip a Chest's unlock timer immediately for free. Chest Keys can be obtained from Special Challenges, Shop offers, and on the paid sides of Pass Royale. In order to reap their maximum value and save the most time, the player should optimally use Chest Keys on Legendary Chests, Mega Lightning Chests, and Royal Wild Chests immediately, which have the longest unlock timers at 24 hours. However, due to these Chests only appearing once every 500 Chests the player obtains, it is very likely that they will surpass the maximum Chest Key inventory over their playtime if they exclusively save their Chest Keys for them, even if they earn little keys over time. Additionally, Chest Keys have a very low return when the inventory overflows, only rewarding the player with 100 Gold. Therefore, if the player's inventory is full or close to full, it is recommended for them to spend Chest Keys on whatever locked Chests they currently own, starting from those with the longest unlock timers.

Chest Keys have a maximum inventory limit starting at 5, going up to as much as 10 at King Level 38.

Chest Key Inventory Limits

King Level Chest Keys

Chest Key

King Level 5-21 5
King Level 22-25 6
King Level 26-29 7
King Level 30-33 8
King Level 34-37 9
King Level 38-70 10

Card Boost Potion[]

Card Boost Potion

Card Boost Potions boost the Level of a card temporarily for 1 hour to match the King Tower Level, similarly to the Pass Royale's Level Boost. Card Boost Potions can be obtained from Special Challenges, and Shop offers. It is most recommended to use this when the player is going to do multiple matches with said card Card Boost Potions have a very low return when the inventory overflows, only rewarding the player with 500 Gold.

Card Boost Potions have a maximum inventory limit of 8.

Wild Shard[]

Wild Shard

Wild Shards can be used to unlock evolution for cards that have a Card Evolution available, similarly to Wild Cards. Wild Shards can be used to add evolution shards to any card. Wild Shards can be obtained from Shop offers, Epic Lucky Drops, and the Season Shop.

Wild Shards have a maximum inventory limit of 6.

Elite Wild Cards[]

Elite Wild Card

Elite Wild Cards are used to get cards to Level 15 from Level 14. Elite Wild Cards work on any rarity if they're Level 14. Elite Wild Cards can be obtained through the Level 14 card overflow, through Shop offers, Path of Legends, and Special Event Challenges. They can also be found in Epic and Legendary Lucky Drops, with a preset number of 7,500 and 50,000 Elite Wild Cards respectively.

The number of Elite Wild Cards obtained through the Level 14 card overflow depends on the card's rarity. Each Common card converts to 1 Elite Wild Card, each Rare card converts to 5 Elite Wild Cards, each Epic card converts to 20 Elite Wild Cards, each Legendary card converts to 1,500 Elite Wild Cards, and each Champion card converts to 4,000 Elite Wild Cards. All rarities of Magic Book will convert to 5,000 Elite Wild Cards if the user’s card collection is entirely at level 14.

Elite Wild Cards have a maximum Inventory limit of 400,000.



  • Magic Items were added to the game on 30/3/2021, in the 2021 Quarter 1 Update. For one week after the update, a free offer containing an Epic Book of Cards and a Magic Coin was available in the Shop.
  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, fixed a bug related to the Magic Coin and trades.



  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, added Elite Wild Cards and the Wild Shard.
  • On 23/10/2023, the End of October 2023 Update, made it so that Wild Cards would not convert to Elite Wild Cards when Elite Wild Cards are at maximum limit.


  • The Wild Card was a suggestion by a user named V-Man776 on Clash Royale subreddit.