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“The King's Tower is the most important tower in a battle; don't let the enemies get to it! If it is destroyed, you lose immediately!”

King Tower Red King Tower Red Active
Red Idle Red Active
King Tower Blue King Tower Blue Active
Blue Idle Blue Active


  • Each player has a 4×4 King's Tower, located at the center back of their side of the Arena, 1 tile from the back.
  • Destroying it automatically grants the player who destroys it the remaining Crowns and ends the battle.
  • The power of the player's Tower (referred to in-game as "Tower Power") scales with their King Level. The King's Towers' hitpoints and damage are increased by approximately 7% and 8% respectively per Level up to Level 9. From Level 10 onwards, both of these statistics are increased by roughly 10% per Level.
  • The King's Tower is not able to attack until it is damaged or either of the player's Crown Towers are destroyed. When one of these events happen, the King's Tower activates its defense, which is a large black cannon that targets both air and ground enemies. Activation takes 4 seconds to complete - it takes 3.3 seconds for the King Tower's cannon to aim at an enemy target, and another 0.7 seconds before it shoots its first cannonball.
  • The King's Tower is classified as a building and will be targeted by building-targeting troops. These are: Balloons, Battle Rams, Cursed Hogs, Electro Giants, Elixir Golems, Golemites and Blobs, Giants, Goblin Giants, Golems, Hog Riders, Ice Golems, Lava Hounds, Ram Rider's Ram, Royal Giants, Royal Hogs, Skeleton Barrels, and Wall Breakers.
  • There are certain cards that will deal reduced damage to Crown Towers. More specifically:
  • The King's Tower is affected by Rage, just like all tower troops.


  • When using area damage spells like the Fireball and Arrows, you should generally avoid hitting the King's Tower, as doing so will activate the King before destroying a Crown Tower. An activated King's Tower will be targeting and attacking troops, helping the opponent defend attacks more easily. However, if your opponent's King's Tower is already activated, hitting it with spells to damage it along with any nearby troops that you're targeting is free chip damage, though this strategy is inefficient as the King's Tower's health is much higher than all tower troops.
    • Activating the King's Tower early can be worth the tradeoff in specific scenarios. For example, the Three Musketeers are highly vulnerable to Fireball, and hitting all 3 effectively results in a +5 Elixir trade. As a result, many players opt to deploy them behind their King's Tower, which causes them to split shortly after. A pre-emptively placed Fireball can still hit all 3 in this position, though the player should weigh the consequences of activating the opponent's King's Tower under their circumstances.
  • Some cards, typically ranged units, are largely unaffected by a King's Tower activation due to never getting in its attacking range. Decks centered around using an X-Bow, Royal Giant, and Mortar may opt to attack the King's Tower with a spell if the value they gain from hitting other units alongside it is significant.
  • On the contrary, some cards are much less effective when attacking against an activated King's Tower. For example, when placed on a Tower Princess or Dagger Duchess, the Skeletons spawned by a Graveyard are unable to accumulate without support due to both the Tower Princess and King's Tower hitting the Skeletons.
  • When defending against a Graveyard with spell-vulnerable troops, place them directly in front of your King's Tower. Due to the circular area of area damage spells, the opponent may accidentally hit your King's Tower while trying to take out your troops with a spell.
  • If 2 buildings are placed in front of the King's Tower, a building-targeting troop such as a Golem will target the King's Tower after destroying these 2 buildings. This puts the opponent at an advantage as the death damage of a Golem or Golemite or a hit landed by a Hog Rider can activate the King's cannon, once again giving a significant advantage. A Tornado could also drag the troop to the King's Tower after it has destroyed the first building, although this is often a waste of Elixir.
  • When placing melee ground troops after destroying both Crown Towers, they should be placed horizontally from the bridge instead of the center of the Arena. This will minimize the path that it will take for them to reach the King Tower to start attacking him. An exception can be made for the Prince and Dark Prince; these will path straight towards the King Tower when they are placed in the center.
    • Air troops will path towards the King Tower in a similar way as the Prince. As such, they should be placed at the center of the Arena in order for them to connect as early as possible.
  • Avoid using Arrows, Fireball, Rocket, Barbarian Barrel, The Log, or Giant Snowball against the Electro Giant if he is attacking the King Tower. This will cause the King Tower to get stunned unnecessarily, making him take longer to defeat the Electro Giant. However, in 2v2 mode you can combine a Tornado with one of these spells to activate your King Tower from the Reflected Damage, without it taking any damage. This is because damage dealt by any offensive spell originates from the King Tower and technically counts as an attack by it.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
1 sec 7 Air & Ground
Damage per second
Experience Level Required
1 2,400 50 50 1
2 2,568 54 54 2
3 2,736 58 58 3
4 2,904 62 62 5
5 3,096 67 67 7
6 3,312 72 72 10
7 3,528 78 78 14
8 3,768 84 84 18
9 4,008 90 90 22
10 4,392 99 99 26
11 4,824 109 109 30
12 5,304 119 119 34
13 5,832 131 131 38
14 6,408 144 144 42
15 7,032 158 158 54

Tower Skins[]

Crown Tower
Shark Tank Tower
S 1
Sandcastle Tower
S 2
Fortress Tower
S 3
Jack-o'-Lantern Tower
S 4
Party Hut Tower
S 5
Clashmas Tower
S 6
Igloo Tower
Gingerbread Tower
Lunar Lantern Tower
S 7
Log-endary Tower
S 8
Fondant Fortress Tower
S 9
Treehouse Tower
S 10
Dragon Tower
S 11
The Tower of Dreams Tower
S 12
Tropical Turret Tower
S 13
Mega Knight Tower
S 14
Colossal Castle Tower
S 15
Clan Boat Bastion Tower
Electro Tower
S 16
Ghostly Treasure Tower
S 17
Clashmas Sled Tower
S 18
Logmas Tower
Frozen Tower
S 19
Forbidden Palace Tower
S 20
Birthday Card Tower
S 21
S 22
Thermal Baths Tower
S 23
Jungle Tower
S 24
Boom Tower
S 25
Fisherman Tower
S 26
Kitchen Pot Tower
S 27
Electro Wizard Tower
S 28
Skeleton King Tower
S 29
Archer Queen Tower
S 30
Clashmas Tavern Tower
Golden Knight Tower
S 31
Tiger Tower
Lava Tower
S 32
Pinata Tower
S 33
Mighty Miner Tower
S 34
Mine Cart Tower
Crystal Cauldron Tower
S 35
Bone Pit Tower
S 36
Giant Skeleton Tower
Pancake Tower
S 37
Pixel Tower
S 38
Arcade Tower
Clash Fest Tower
S 39
Royal Arena Tower
Night Witch Tower
S 40
Spooky Town Tower
Monk’s Mantlet Tower
S 41
Ram-part Tower
Clashmas Cake Tower
S 42
Nutcracker Tower
Clashmas Tree Tower
Clashmas Sweater Tower
Ice Golem Tower
S 43
Year of the Rabbit Tower
Valentines Tower
S 44
Magic Archer Tower
Party Protector Tower
S 45
Disco Defense Tower
Archer Tower
S 46
Boot Camp Tower
Hog Head Tower
S 47
Book Barricade Tower
Heavy Metal Tower
S 48
Dark Elixer Tower
S 49
Rock Guitar Tower
Clash-A-Rama King Tower
S 50
Cartoon Castle Tower
Castling Castle Tower
S 51
Bat-tlements Tower
S 52
Cursed Kitchen Tower
Tavern Table Tower
S 53
Snoglobe Tower
S 54
Freezey the Snowman Tower
Grouchy Goblin Tower
Clashmas Tower
Longboat Tower
S 55
Explosive Valentine Tower
S 56
DJ Defense Tower
S 57
Bouncy Bastille Tower
House of Daggers Tower
S 58
Squad Buster Tower
Cluckingham Tower
S 59
Gold Goblin Tower
S 60
Goblin Mine Tower
Goblin Queen Throne Tower
S 61




RED King Tower

  • The King's Tower was added with Clash Royale's game launch on 4/1/2016.
  • On 3/5/2016, the May 2016 Update, increased the King's Tower Level cap to 13 (from 12), increased the King Tower's projectile speed to 1000 (from 850), and made it so that the King's Tower's hitpoints and damage would increase by 10% with each Level at Levels 9-12 (from 7%). The update also decreased the King Tower's range to 7 tiles (from 8 tiles), but its effective range was unchanged.
  • On 3/11/2016, Supercell released special offers for iOS only, known as the (HERO PACK)RED and (POUCH OF GEMS)RED. Players who purchased either of these offers would gain red decorations around their Crown Towers until 6/12/2016.


  • On 9/10/2017, the Epic Quests Update, added a Crown Tower Skin to make Crown Towers have the Elixir Collector's producing animation. This skin is used in Special Event Challenges with higher Elixir producing rate. It also added 2 Crown Tower Skins that would appear in the Gold Rush and Gem Rush Events respectively.
  • On 22/12/2017, a Crown Tower Skin was added that had holiday-themed decorations. This Crown Tower Skin would appear exclusively in the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge.


  • On 6/8/2018, a Balance Update, made it so that so that the King's Tower's damage would increase by 8% with each Level at Levels 1-8 (from 7%).
  • On 5/12/2018, the December 2018 Update, added a new button in the Card tab which displays the King Tower's stats when tapped.
  • On 12/12/2018, an Optional Update, added King Level to the Player Profile.



  • On 10/9/2020, an Optional Update, fixed ‘ghost notifications’ for Tower Skins sometimes appearing.
  • On 4/12/2020, a maintenance break, updated visuals of Electro Tower, Clan War Bastion, and Mega Knight bastion to look smaller.




  • The King is similar to the King from Chess, as in both games, losing the King results in an instant loss for the player.
  • Launched spells, such as the Fireball, seem to come from the King's Tower, despite there being no clear origin they could launch from.
    • Oddly enough, in Heist, spells arrive from the Safe. Because of this, when used against an Electro Giant, he will stun the Safe, even though it has no effect.
    • In Touchdown, launched spells appear to come from nowhere, due to the lack of a King’s Tower.
  • Though very rare, a 3 Crown draw can be attained when both players’ King's Towers are destroyed at the same time. If a draw is achieved this way, the game will be counted as a 3 Crown win on both the player's Profile and the opponent's Profile.
  • The first 3 Trainers in the Training Camp have reduced King's Tower statistics. Trainers 1-3 have King's Towers with 20%, 30%, and 40% of the hitpoints of a Level 1 King's Tower respectively.
  • Although Cannons themselves can only target ground troops, the King Tower's cannon can target both air and ground troops. This might be because the cannon is elevated on the King Tower.
  • Even though the King stands behind the turret, he doesn't seem to be controlling it. Rather, the turret seems to automatically aim at enemies.
  • According to a Clash Royale FAQ, it is said that the King uses Elixir-based beard oil with pine scent to keep his perfect facial hair.
  • According to an official art from the Clash Royale Twitter, the King is bald.
  • A special form of the King's Tower, which looks like 2 regular King's Towers side by side and connected to each other, is used in 2v2 mode. When activated, there are 2 cannons that can independently attack.
  • According to TV Royale, the number of Crown Towers that were destroyed in 2018 was 89 billion.
  • The King is the subject of a few Emotes.
    • He is the subject of the the first Emotes to exist in Clash Royale.