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“Stay frosty when the Ice Spirit is about! Literally. It now infuses a target with an Ice Blast spell, which deals freezing Area Damage over time.”

The Ice Spirit's Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns an Ice Spirit with a splash radius 0.5 tiles larger than the original. When 3 seconds have passed after it hits an enemy, it will deal the same damage and stun the enemy for 1.2 seconds. The damage is repeated for a third time with the same stun time. The Ice Spirit's Evolution costs 1 Elixir and requires 2 cycles to deploy.


  • The Evolved Ice Spirit is very effective against Inferno Dragon, Mighty Miner, Prince, Dark Prince, Ram Rider, Battle Ram, and Sparky, due to the Ice Blast constantly interrupting their attacks and preventing them from charging.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit has great synergy with the Hog Rider as he can cripple and consistently stun defensive buildings such as the Inferno Tower, and support units to allow the Hog Rider to get extra hits.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit can be ignored under certain situations with the Tower Princess, dealing slight chip damage. However, it is notably higher than other 1-Elixir cards, so it should not be ignored if the Tower Princess is at low hitpoints. If the Cannoneer or Dagger Duchess are in use, the Evolved Ice Spirit will not connect, allowing the user to always ignore it.
  • Since the Evolved Ice Spirit has identical hitpoints to the regular Ice Spirit, it can still be fully countered by The Log and Barbarian Barrel despite the slight negative Elixir trade.
  • The best way to fully counter the Evolved Ice Spirit is to deploy another 1-Elixir troop, such as Fire Spirit, directly on top of him to soak his damage. This causes the opponent to prevent the user from getting any value out of its Ice Blast ability. The Skeletons are especially effective as they'll be destroyed immediately by the initial jump, preventing the Ice Blast from moving towards other supporting troops. Bats can work in a similar way, albeit for a slight negative Elixir trade.
  • While a large negative Elixir trade, the stun effect from the Ice Blast has no effect on the Goblin Cage, making it a good response for it when used in larger pushes.
  • Do not place troops next to ones that have been already hit by the Evolved Ice Spirit, to avoid them taking unnecessary damage from the Ice Blast.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit has enough hitpoints to take a shot from most medium-sized units. The Musketeer, Executioner, Baby Dragon, Witch, Minions, Princess, Ice Wizard, Miner, and Bandit, all take more than 1 hit to eliminate the Evolved Ice Spirit, giving it ample time to freeze them. Unlike the regular Ice Spirit, some of these may even be fully countered with the help of the Crown Tower due to the Ice Blast.
  • A full Ice Blast eliminates a Princess, Dart Goblin, Minions, and all the Spirit cards up to 1 Level higher and a Firecracker and Archers of the same Level. The first Ice Blast hit eliminate Spear Goblins and Goblins, while the initial hit from the Evolved Ice Spirit is enough to take out Skeletons and Bats.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit has decent synergy with Goblin Drill as he can tank a couple shots from the Tower Princess while stalling any unit meant to defend the Goblin Drill.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit can fully counter a lone Mini P.E.K.K.A as his Ice Blast ability will constantly stun and damage the Mini P.E.K.K.A., giving ample time for the Crown Towers to defeat it.
  • If placed properly, the Evolved Ice Spirit can fully counter lone swarms, such as the Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and Minions, for a large positive Elixir trade.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit has great synergy with the Inferno Tower, as he can constantly stun the Inferno Tower's target until it is defeated while preventing support troops behind the target from reaching the Inferno Tower.
    • On the contrary, the Evolved Ice Spirit is especially dangerous to your Inferno Tower as he can prevent the ramp-up damage from reaching the max damage stage for a long period of time. Consider using a cheap unit, such as Skeletons or Fire Spirit, to distract the Evolved Ice Spirit.
  • The Evolved Ice Spirit does not deal enough damage to take out the Guards' shields but it does deal enough damage to finish off the Guards' shields after all three Ice Blasts. Knowing this, you can combine the Evolved Ice Spirit with any other Spirit card to counter the Guards for a slight positive Elixir trade, however this can require precise timing.


Evolved Ice Spirit Attributes

Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Splash Radius
Freeze Duration
1 Very Fast (120) 1 sec 2.5 2 Air & Ground 1.2 sec Ground Troop Common

Evolution Attributes


Card Statistics

Area Damage
Area Damage
Ice Blast Damage
Area Damage
1 90 43 43 x2
2 99 47 47 x2
3 108 52 52 x2
4 119 57 57 x2
5 131 62 62 x2
6 144 68 68 x2
7 158 75 75 x2
8 173 82 82 x2
9 190 91 91 x2
10 209 100 100 x2
11 230 110 110 x2
12 252 120 120 x2
13 278 132 132 x2
14 305 145 145 x2
15 334 159 159 x2




  • On 5/3/2024, a Balance Update, increased the splash radius to 2 tiles (from 1.5 tiles).



  • The Ice Spirit's Evolution is tied with the Skeletons for the cheapest Evolution to be placed, costing 3 Elixir (excluding Elixir from using other cards).
  • The Ice Spirit's Evolution is 1 of 2 evolved cards to die as part of its attack, the other being the Wall Breakers.
  • In the French, Italian, Portuguese, Malaysian, and Finnish language settings of the game, the Ice Spirit's name translates to "Spirit of Ice". In the Persian language settings of the game, the Ice Spirit's name translates to "Ice Soul".
  • The Ice Spirit’s gender is confirmed to be male, as in the balance changes in the April 2022 Update it states, "We want to provide more distinct use for the Ice Spirit compared to his counterparts the Electro Spirit."
  • The Ice Spirit's Evolution is 1 of 2 evolved cards without the diamond evolution symbol anywhere on their card render, the other being Bats.
  • In Touchdown, if an Ice Spirit jumps into the enemy end zone as it attacks, it does not count as a point. This is because a jumping spirit no longer counts as a troop; it becomes similar to a projectile.
  • The Ice Spirit's Evolution is the subject of 2 Emotes.