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“Towers are replaced with a lone defenseless safe. Destroy the safe to win!”

Heist is a game mode that can only be played in Special Event Challenges, Party Mode, and Private Tournaments. It was added to the game in celebration of the global release of another game by Supercell, Brawl Stars, which features a similar mode. Instead of King's Tower and Crown Towers, one non-defensive tower, the Safe, lies where the King's Tower normally is. To win the battle, players have to destroy the opponent's Safe before they destroy theirs.


  • The Safe counts as a Crown Tower. This means it can be targeted by building-targeting troops, and takes reduced damage from spells, Miners, Goblin Drills, Phoenixes, Evolved Firecrackers, and Evolved Valkyries.
  • Spawner cards like the Witch, Goblin Hut, and Barbarian Hut are more useful in this mode. As there are no defensive Crown Towers, every single troop must be dealt with. For example, the Graveyard, even without being accompanied by the Freeze, can destroy the Safe in seconds if not effectively countered.
  • Air units, such as the Minions, are especially useful due to the fact that there are no Crown Towers to defeat them, and if the opponent has no air targeting cards in their hand, they can cause massive damage to enemy units or the Safe before they are killed.
  • When using spells, it is important to pick those spells that are enough to defeat certain units. For example, using Zap on Goblins is less effective as there are no Crown Towers that can finish off the Goblins. Arrows or The Log are more effective in this situation as the player will not have to commit more Elixir to defeat them.
  • Unlike other game modes, there are no ways to expand the spawn area of cards like by defeating a Crown Tower. Because of this, X-Bows and Mortars do not have enough range to reach the Safe. As such, they have to be used defensively, which are not very effective at doing on their own.
  • The Log cannot roll far enough to damage the Safe.
  • Using Freeze against the Safe is a waste because it cannot attack. This can allow the user to deploy their Freeze directly on the defending troops instead, without worrying about missing the Safe.





  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Safe Level cap to 14 (from 13).


  • The Safe has the highest hitpoints of any building in the game, with 16,020 hitpoints at maximum level.
  • During the global release of Brawl Stars celebration, the Hunter and Magic Archer were reskinned as Shelly and Bo respectively in this mode.
  • Even though the Safe is a single building, destroying the opponent's Safe counts as 3 Crowns for Pass Royale.
  • When a Safe is destroyed, there is a visual effect where Gold falls out from it. Although this visual effect is directly taken from the Gold Rush Event, no Gold is awarded however.
  • Oddly enough, in Heist, spells arrive from the Safe. Because of this, when used against an Electro Giant, he will stun the Safe, even though it has no effect.



1 6,000
2 6,420
3 6,840
4 7,260
5 7,740
6 8,280
7 8,820
8 9,420
9 10,020
10 10,980
11 12,060
12 13,260
13 14,580
14 16,020