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Goblin Queen's Jorney

The Goblin Queen's Journey is a temporary game mode unlocked at Arena 12. Here your tower troop will be locked to the Baby Goblins, giving a special ability to the Goblin Queen Tower, replacing the King's Tower. There is also no cap to the amount of Goblin Trophy's. Advancing to a new Goblin/Arena will award the player with a Chest boost, which halves the time to open every Chest achieved during the boost. The Chest boost lasts for 24 hours.

Trophy Road Statistics (0 - 3400)

The contents of each chest are based on the Arena the reward is unlocked in, not the player's current Arena.

Goblin (Arena) Level/Evolution Cap Goblin Trophy Count Reward
Gold Mines

Goblin Mines
0-1000Goblin Trophy
Level 9, 0 Evolutions 100 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
200 Goblin Trophy GoblinDemolisherCard x40
300 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
400 Goblin Trophy Emote 381 - Goblin Queen Thumbs Down
500 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
600 Goblin Trophy GoblinDemolisherCard x60
700 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
800 Goblin Trophy GoblinDemolisherCard x100
900 Goblin Trophy Goblin Bounty
950 Goblin Trophy BabyGoblinsCard x1800
Mud Pit

Mud Pit
1000-2000Goblin Trophy
Level 11, 1 Evolution 1100 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
1200 Goblin Trophy GoblinCurseCard x5
1300 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
1400 Goblin Trophy Emote 382 - Goblin Queen Anger
1500 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
1600 Goblin Trophy GoblinCurseCard x10
1700 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
1800 Goblin Trophy GoblinCurseCard x25
1900 Goblin Trophy Goblin Bounty
1950 Goblin Trophy BabyGoblinsCard x4500
Scrap Yard

Scrap Yard
2000-3000Goblin Trophy
Level 13, 1 Evolutions 2100 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
2200 Goblin Trophy GoblinMachineCard x1
2300 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
2400 Goblin Trophy Emote 383 - Goblin Queen Crying
2500 Goblin Trophy Goblin Stash
2600 Goblin Trophy GoblinMachineCard x1
2700 Goblin Trophy Goblin Strongbox
2800 Goblin Trophy GoblinMachineCard x2
2900 Goblin Trophy Goblin Bounty
2950 Goblin Trophy BabyGoblinsCard x5000
Ancestral Palace

Ancestral Palace
3000+Goblin Trophy
No cards unlock on this arena.
Level 15, 2 Evolutions 3400 Goblin Trophy Emote 384 - Goblin Queen Laughing



  • The Goblin Queen’s Journey game mode was added to the game on 17/6/2024, in the Goblin World Update.


  • As of the event’s rewards in June 2024, from 0-3400 Goblin Trophies, you are getting: 6 Goblin Stashes, 200 Goblin Demolishers, 6 Goblin Strongboxes, 4 Emotes, 3 Goblin Bounties, 11,300 Baby Goblins, 40 Goblin Curses and 4 Goblin Machines.