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“Building that spawns Spear Goblins. Don't look inside... You don't want to see how they're made.”

The Goblin Hut is a Rare card that is unlocked from the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns a building with moderate hitpoints. Every 10 seconds, the Goblin Hut will passively summon a group of 3 Spear Goblins, with a 0.5 seconds delay from each other. When defeated, it will also spawn 1 Spear Goblin. A Goblin Hut card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Goblin Hut should be placed on either side of the player's territory, as the spawned Spear Goblins will target the closest enemy cards or Crown Towers on the respective side on which the Goblin Hut is placed.
  • As with any spawner, the player should not allow a Goblin Hut user to build up spawners. If the opponent's Goblin Huts do accumulate, then the opponent will be gaining a passive Elixir advantage all the while.
  • Unless the Goblin Hut had already been planted, it is not possible to counter a Sparky efficiently with this because of the spawned unit's range.
  • The Goblin Hut can spawn up to 12 Spear Goblins (value of 8 Elixir), creating a maximum profit of 3 Elixir. It is advised to place troops with high hitpoints such as the Giant to shield the Spear Goblins so that they can accumulate behind the tank, build up a strong push, and yield a higher damage potential.
  • The player should avoid attacking directly towards a Goblin Hut with building-targeting troops like a Giant or Golem, otherwise the Spear Goblins will accumulate quickly and they would be able to counterattack after the tank is defeated.
  • Since the Spear Goblins deal little damage, the opponent will likely ignore them to an extent, allowing the Spear Goblins to slowly damage their Crown Towers. All Spear Goblins can hit the Tower at least once even if the Crown Tower can take them out in one shot.
  • A common strategy is to place the Goblin Hut at the back of the player's own territory to make sure enemy troops don't attack it, though this is vulnerable to spells which can generate an Elixir profit if they also hit the Tower, with Rocket, Lightning and Earthquake being the most dangerous examples. Placing it in front of a King Tower is a good way to prevent the Rocket from affecting both a Crown Tower and the Goblin Hut, though Lightning, Poison, and Earthquake can still be deployed in such a way that it can hit both the Crown Tower and the building.
  • Another strategy is to play it in the middle of the player's field between the river and the King's Tower and between the two Crown Towers. This will pull incoming troops away from a Crown Tower and allow for more time to counter, as well as have your Crown Tower take less damage. This is especially useful before Double Elixir time, when spawners normally aren't as powerful.
    • If one is desperate enough, they can deploy the Goblin Hut in front of their Crown Tower. This will spawn 6 Spear Goblin; 3 from the initial spawn wave, and 3 when it is destroyed. The Goblin Hut will also act as a temporary shield to draw away troops from the tower. However, this can be countered by most spells, as all damaging spells but Freeze destroy equal-Level Spear Goblins instantly.
  • The Goblin Hut can also be used to counter other spawning buildings, such as the Tombstone, or Barbarian Hut, as the spawned Spear Goblins will quickly destroy the enemy melee troops with their range.
  • A Goblin Hut can easily be destroyed or heavily damaged with spell cards such as the Goblin Barrel or Rocket.
  • Poison is effective against it due to its long duration, allowing the spell to damage the Hut and the spawned Spear Goblins. Its radius is also often large enough to allow it to also chip at a Crown Tower. However, a Goblin Hut user may take advantage of the used Poison and try strategies that would be weakened by Poison, such as a Graveyard push. Therefore, the player should only use Poison on the Goblin Hut if they do not need it to counter a more threatening card.
  • The Goblin Hut can be used with other spawners like the Barbarian Hut, Tombstone, or Furnace, to overwhelm the opponent. This is known as a Spawner strategy and works at all Levels. This deprives the opponent of any Elixir as they must constantly defend against the spawned troops, leaving the player free to devastate them.
  • The Goblin Hut is most effective during the double Elixir period. During this stage, it is possible to put down multiple Goblin Huts very quickly, and overwhelm the opponent with mass numbers. However, remember that a Spear Goblin push can easily be countered with an area damage spell or troop such as the Wizard, Arrows, or The Log.
  • The Goblin Hut is rather ineffective against Bowlers and Executioners, since their projectiles have the ability to not only destroy the building but also to destroy the recently spawned Skeletons.
  • Long range or air attackers like a Magic Archer or a Flying Machine can snipe down a Goblin Hut placed in the center of the opponent's side without getting in range of the Crown Towers. This will not work if the Goblin Hut is placed farther back closer to their King's Tower, but this means that it will be more difficult for it to distract building targeting troops, giving the player a chance to attack.
  • While the Bomb Tower cannot counter the Goblin Hut itself, it will counter the Spear Goblins that spawn from it. However, since the Spear Goblins are ranged and move fast, the Bomb Tower will take some damage and will be destroyed before the Goblin Hut expires.
  • In a pinch, the player can use spells like Zap or The Log to defeat multiple Spear Goblins that were accumulated from the Goblin Hut. This is most recommended doing when the lane needs to be cleared from the Spear Goblins so that troops like a Prince can attack more potent targets.
    • Against a Goblin Hut that is low on health, The Log can will not only finish off the Goblin Hut but also destroy the Spear Goblins that spawn upon the building's destruction.
    • The Barbarian Barrel can destroy a low-hitpoint Goblin Hut similarly to The Log, and spawns a Barbarian to attack the Crown Towers. However, it cannot reach the Goblin Hut if it is placed too deep within the enemy's territory.
  • The Goblin Hut is affected by Rage, technically allowing it to produce extra waves. However, its lifetimer decays more quickly under a Rage spell's effect, and as a result, only 1 extra wave will be produced with the help of Rage. This is a 2 Elixir investment for a equivalent return value of 0.66 Elixir, and thus is an ineffective strategy to use.
  • In the Rage Challenge, all buildings' (including the Goblin Hut's) lifetimes are unaffected, but in Goblin Hut's case, the Troop producing speed is, allowing it to produce up to 11 waves of Spear Goblins instead of the usual 8 in the challenge.


Goblin Hut Attributes

Spawn Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
5 11.5 sec 1 sec 29 sec Building Rare

Spear Goblin Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Projectile Speed
1.7 sec Very Fast (120) 5.5 500 Air & Ground Ground

Card Statistics

Goblin Hut Hitpoints
Goblin Hut Hitpoints lost per second
Spear Goblin Hitpoints
Spear Goblin Damage
Spear Goblin Damage per second
3 400 13.7 62 38 22
4 440 15.1 69 42 24
5 484 16.6 75 46 27
6 532 18.3 83 51 30
7 584 20.1 91 56 32
8 640 22 100 61 35
9 704 24.2 110 67 39
10 772 26.6 121 74 43
11 848 29.2 133 81 47
12 932 32.1 146 89 52
13 1,024 35.3 160 98 57
14 1,124 38.7 176 108 63
15 1,236 42.6 193 119 70

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
1 Spawn a total of 960 Troops 100 Goblin Hut cards
50 XP
2 Spawn a total of 2,850 Troops 4,000 Gold
50 XP
3 Spawn a total of 4,750 Troops 150 Gem
50 XP
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 230,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with spawned Goblins 6,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Deal a total of 660,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with spawned Goblins 100 Rare Wild Card
125 XP
3 Deal a total of 1,140,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with spawned Goblins 9,000 Gold
125 XP



  • The Goblin Hut card was added with Clash Royale's game launch on 4/1/2016.
  • On 29/2/2016, the March 2016 Update, decreased the Spear Goblins' sight range to 5.5 tiles (from 6 tiles).
  • On 3/5/2016, the May 2016 Update, increased the Rare card Level cap to 11 (from 10). The update also fixed the "range bug", which decreased the Spear Goblins' range to 5 tiles (from 5.5 tiles), but their effective range is unchanged.


  • On 16/3/2017, a maintenance break, increased the Spear Goblins' projectile speed to 500 (from 350). This was done to fix some unexpected behaviour that the Spear Goblins showed.
  • On 19/4/2017, a Balance Update, increased the Goblin Hut's hitpoints by 5%.
  • On 9/10/2017, the Epic Quests Update, decreased the Spear Goblins' attack time interval to 1.1 seconds (from 1.3 seconds).


  • On 24/1/2018, a Balance Update, increased the spawn time interval to 5.05 seconds (from 4.95 seconds).
  • On 25/4/2018, the Clan Wars Update, increased the Spear Goblins’ attack time interval to 1.2 seconds (from 1.1 seconds). The card's description was also changed slightly. It used to read “Building that spawns Spear Goblins. But don't look inside. You don't want to see how they are made.
  • On 4/6/2018, a Balance Update, increased the Spear Goblins’ damage by 34%, but also increased their attack time interval to 1.7 seconds (from 1.2 seconds), increased their first attack time interval to 0.5 seconds (from 0.2 seconds), and decreased the Goblin Hut’s lifetime to 50 seconds (from 60 seconds).
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, changed it so that Rare cards start at Level 3 and end at level 13 (from 1 to 11).
  • On 1/10/2018, a Balance Update, decreased the Goblin Hut's spawn time interval to 4.75 seconds (from 5.05 seconds).



  • On 7/4/2020, a Balance Update, decreased the Goblin Hut's lifetime to 40 seconds (from 50 seconds), but also made the Goblin Hut spawn 3 additional Spear Goblins upon death.
  • On 5/5/2020, a Balance Update, decreased the Goblin Hut's hitpoints by 35%.


  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Goblin Hut from Goblin Stadium to Jungle Arena.
  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).
  • On 7/12/2021, the 2021 Quarter 4 Update, decreased the Goblin Hut's hitpoints by 17%, its lifetime to 31 seconds (from 40 seconds) and its spawn time interval to 4 seconds (from 4.5 seconds).


  • On 3/6/2022, a maintenance break, changed the Goblin Hut's card render.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Goblin Hut from Jungle Arena to Goblin Stadium.
  • On 7/12/2022, a Balance Update, increased the Goblin Hut's spawn time interval to 10 seconds (from 4 seconds), decreased its lifetime to 29 seconds (from 31 seconds), and made it so that 3 Spear Goblins will spawn per wave (from 1).


  • On 4/4/2023, a Balance Update, increased the Spear Goblins' range to 5.5 tiles (from 5 tiles).
  • On 6/6/2023, a Balance Update, decreased the Goblin Hut's Spear Goblins spawned upon death to 1 (from 3).
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).



  • Goblins are small, grotesque, monstrous creatures that appear in the folklore of multiple European cultures. First attested in stories from the Middle Ages, they are ascribed conflicting abilities, temperaments, and appearances depending on the story and country of origin, ranging from mischievous household spirits to malicious, bestial thieves. They often have magical abilities similar to a fairy or demon, such as the ability to shapeshift. Similar creatures include duendes, kobolds, leprechauns, and ghouls.
    • In the German and Dutch language setting of the game, the Goblin Hut's name translates to "Kobold Hut". In the Spanish, Norwegian, Arabic, Finnish, and Vietnamese language setting of the game, the Goblin Hut's name translates to "Duende Hut", "Goblin Cabin", "Ghoul Hut", "Goblin Lodge", and "Leprechaun Tent" respectively.
    • The Goblin Hut is 1 of 11 cards associated with Goblins, with the others being Spear Goblins, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Goblin Cage, Goblin Giant, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Drill, Party Rocket, Party Hut, and of course, Goblins.
      • The Goblin Hut, along with Goblin Cage, Goblin Drill, and Party Hut are the only Goblin-related cards to be buildings.
  • The Goblin Hut is 1 of 7 buildings which first existed in Clash of Clans, the others being Cannon, Mortar, Tesla, Inferno Tower, Elixir Collector, and X-Bow.
    • The Goblin Hut resembles its respective counterpart from the Single Player Campaign, in Clash of Clans. However, in Clash of Clans, the Goblin Hut does not spawn Spear Goblins or any troop for that matter.
  • The Goblin Hut is one of the first building cards to receive a card render, alongside the Mortar, Tesla, and Goblin Cage.
  • Its Star Level 3 Skin grants the Spear Goblins a red mohawk similar to the Level 6 Goblin in Clash of Clans.
  • In the Clash Royale Goblin Hut commercial, it is revealed what apparently goes on inside the Goblin Hut: a Goblin dance party.
  • During Clan Wars, a Goblin Hut appears at the bottom-left side of the River, giving the player statistics about Clan War mechanics when tapped on.
  • The Goblin Hut is unavailable in multiple special game modes. More specifically:
  • The Goblin Hut is the subject of a Tower Skin.