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“Building capable of burrowing underground and appearing anywhere in the Arena. Spawns Goblins one at a time until destroyed. Then spawns a few more, to make sure everything nearby has been properly stabbed.”

The Goblin Drill is an Epic card that is unlocked from the Serenity Peak (Arena 14). It spawns a building with high hitpoints. The Goblin Drill can be placed anywhere in the Arena. When it resurfaces, it will deal damage to enemy units around it in a 360º area around it, and inflict knockback. Every 3 seconds, the Goblin Drill will passively summon a Goblin. However, its first wave of Goblins will spawn 0.8 seconds after it is deployed. When defeated, it will also spawn 2 Goblins. It appears as a building with a wooden hull, a circular hatch, a team-colored stripe, and a metal drill on its top. A Goblin Drill card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Goblin Drill is very powerful on offense, being able to directly reach Crown Towers with its unrestricted deployment range, and will quickly spawn Goblins which deal high damage while tanking for them. Once the Goblin Drill is destroyed, even more Goblins will spawn and tank for each other.
  • The Goblins will spawn at the top of the Goblin Drill when used by the player, or at the bottom of the Goblin Drill when used by the opponent. The Goblin Drill will do more damage to a Crown Tower if it is spawned in front of it than if it was spawned behind the Crown Tower, as the Goblins will spend less time moving.
  • An interesting technique involving the Goblin Drill is using the Tornado to pull defending troops (i.e. Valkyrie) away from the Goblin Drill and clear defending swarms (i.e. Skeleton Army) right before its death spawn of 2 Goblins. This play is similar to the Tornado and X-Bow technique, and can almost always guarantee some Tower damage if done correctly, unless the opponent uses a spell or a long-range troop.
  • Compared to the Miner, the Goblin Drill's burrowing speed is 33% slower, and its sound effect is different, so the player must keep this in mind to know which card is being deployed and when.
  • Its high hitpoints make it an effective tank for building-targeting troops like the Giant. However, its extremely short lifetime means that it will not pull these troops for very long. Therefore, it is more effective to place the Goblin Drill directly on top of building-targeting units to take advantage of its hitpoints and so that the Goblins can immediately begin attacking.
  • Using Earthquake on a Goblin Drill is not recommended as its extremely high decay rate means that the Earthquake's building damage multiplier is somewhat wasted. It is better to save the Earthquake for other troops, such as swarms, or to simply use the Elixir on other cards.
  • Since it deals knockback after spawning, it can stop the Battle Ram and Ram Rider's charge, absorb their damage and defeat either unit for an even or positive Elixir trade.
  • The Goblin Drill can be used to eliminate spawner buildings placed behind your opponent's Crown Towers. This comes especially in handy against the Furnace since the drill absorbs one Fire Spirit and the Goblins can rapidly take it out on top of forcing a response from your opponent.
  • A spell alone cannot fully counter a Goblin Drill. The player will either have to use their spell early to reduce the building's lifetime and hit the Goblins that spawn over its duration, or use their spell when the building is destroyed, Either will result in some damage as spells are usually temporary.
    • This does not apply to the Poison though. The Poison lasts for the entirety of the building’s lifetime. It would cripple the building and destroy all the Goblins spawned for an equal Elixir trade. However, you would still take some minor damage so prepare your backups.
  • The Log or Barbarian Barrel make decent soft counters to the Goblin Drill, as the area of effect can hit both the Goblin Drill and the spawned Goblins after its destruction. Arrows have a similar effect. Royal Delivery can hit either the Goblin Drill or one-shot the spawned Goblins, but not both.
  • The Goblin Drill has just enough hitpoints to endure a single shot from Sparky at equal levels provided you send it directly at her. The resulting Goblins that spawn from the Goblin Drill will help to take out Sparky.
  • The Goblin Drill's spawn damage is just enough to one-shot Skeletons. When paired with either Giant Snowball or Zap, it can one-shot swarms like the Goblin Gang, making them useful to pair with the Goblin Drill on offense.
  • The most reliable counters to the Goblin Drill are troops who can deal splash damage, troops which one-shot Goblins, or both, like Bomber, Bowler, Executioner and Wizard.
    • Most swarm cards can negate most of the damage done by the Goblin Drill and its Goblins, but this requires precise timing. The swarm should be dropped right after the Goblin Drill spawns so that its spawn damage does not hit the swarm. Otherwise, the Goblin Drill will either one-shot the swarm, or put the swarm's health low enough so that a spell will one-shot the swarm. Air swarms are more reliable, as they will completely avoid the Goblin Drill's damage and the damage dealt by the Goblins, allowing them to survive more easily during the defense.
    • Mini tanks are another effective counter to the Goblin Drill. Knight, Valkyrie, Royal Ghost, and Dark Prince will prevent most, if not all of the damage.
    • Single-target ranged units are generally ineffective. When placed at a distance, they will let a fairly high amount of damage through, and when placed on top of the Goblin Drill, they will be defeated in the process.


Goblin Drill Attributes

Spawn Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
4 3 sec 1 sec 10 sec Building Epic

Goblin Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
1.1 sec Very Fast (120) Melee: Short (0.5) Ground Ground

Card Statistics

Goblin Drill Hitpoints
Goblin Drill Spawn Damage
Area Damage
Goblin Drill Tower Damage
Tower Damage
Goblin Drill Hitpoints lost per second
Goblin Hitpoints
Goblin Damage
Goblin Damage per second
6 820 52 15 82 126 75 68
7 902 57 17 90.2 139 82 74
8 992 62 18 99.2 152 90 81
9 1,090 69 20 109 167 99 90
10 1,197 75 23 119.7 184 109 99
11 1,312 83 25 131.2 202 120 109
12 1,443 91 28 144.3 221 132 120
13 1,582 100 30 158.2 244 145 131
14 1,738 110 33 173.8 267 159 144
15 1,910 121 37 191 293 175 158

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
1 Spawn a total of 660 Troops 20 Goblin Drill cards
75 XP
2 Spawn a total of 1,800 Troops 6,000 Gold
75 XP
3 Spawn a total of 3,000 Troops 150 Gem
75 XP
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 160,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with Goblin Drill and spawned Goblins 9,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Deal a total of 450,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with Goblin Drill and spawned Goblins 20 Epic Wild Card
125 XP
3 Deal a total of 790,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings with Goblin Drill and spawned Goblins 15,000 Gold
125 XP



  • The Goblin Drill was once available in the Goblin Drill Card Release Draft Challenge, which started on 12/6/2021. In this challenge, gameplay was similar to a regular Draft Challenge, except that one of the players was able to choose who would use the Goblin Drill. If the player achieved at least 6 wins, they obtained the Goblin Drill early.
  • On 17/6/2021, prior to the card's general release, a maintenance break, added a 1 second delay in its first spawn, adjusted the formation of the Goblins which spawned upon the Drill's destruction (now spawning more closely together in the center of the Drill), and reduced the push effect of the Drill's burrowing effect on ground troops.
  • The Goblin Drill card was generally released on 11/7/2021.
  • On 6/9/2021, the 2021 Quarter 3 Update, decreased the Goblin Drill's Goblins spawned upon death to 2 (from 3).
  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13). It also changed the Goblin Drill's trail to make it more distinct from the Miner's and also fixed unintended interaction with Goblin Drill and Clone.


  • On 30/3/2022, the Miner Update, fixed an issue where the Goblin Drill's Star Levels used the sound effects of the Miner.
  • On 7/6/2022, a Balance Update, decreased the Goblin Drill‘s burrowing speed to 300 (from 400).
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, increased the Goblin's first attack time interval to 0.4 seconds (from 0.2 seconds). It also moved the Arena to unlock the Goblin Drill from Rascal's Hideout to Serenity Peak. The same update also added missing particles effects to Goblin Drill’s Star Level 1.



  • On 5/3/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Goblin Drill’s lifetime to 10 seconds (from 9 seconds). It also decreased the Goblin Drill’s first spawn time to 0.5 seconds (from 1 second), but decreased the Goblin Drill’s hitpoints by 8.9%.
  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Goblin Drill’s first spawn time to 0.8 seconds (from 0.5 seconds).



  • Goblins are small, grotesque, monstrous creatures that appear in the folklore of multiple European cultures. First attested in stories from the Middle Ages, they are ascribed conflicting abilities, temperaments, and appearances depending on the story and country of origin, ranging from mischievous household spirits to malicious, bestial thieves. They often have magical abilities similar to a fairy or demon, such as the ability to shapeshift. Similar creatures include duendes, kobolds, leprechauns, and ghouls.
    • In the German and Dutch language setting of the game, the Goblin Drill's name translates to "Kobold Drill". In the Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese language settings of the game, the Goblin Drill's name translates to "Duende Digger", "Ghoul Digger", and "Leprechaun Drill" respectively.
    • The Goblin Drill is 1 of 11 cards associated with Goblins, with the others being Spear Goblins, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Goblin Cage, Goblin Hut, Goblin Giant, Goblin Barrel, Party Rocket, Party Hut, and of course, Goblins.
      • The Goblin Drill, along with Goblin Cage, Goblin Hut, and Party Hut are the only Goblin-related cards to be buildings.
      • Despite other cards that spawn Goblins having 3 Star Levels, the Goblin Drill only has 1 Star Level.
  • The Goblin Drill is inspired by a drill used by Goblins to steal Elixir from an Elixir Storage in the Clash-A-Rama episode "Goblin's Eleven".
  • The Battle Drill Siege Machine in Clash of Clans is likely inspired from the Goblin Drill.
  • The Goblin Drill's stats are the highest or lowest among all buildings. More specifically:
    • The Goblin Drill has the shortest lifetime of all buildings, with a lifetime of 10 seconds.
    • The Goblin Drill loses the most hitpoints per second of all buildings, with 237 hitpoints per second at Level 15.
    • Among all buildings that can spawn troops, the Goblin Drill has the highest spawn speed of all buildings, with an spawn speed of 3 seconds.
  • The Goblin Drill is the only building that can be deployed on the opponent's territory.
  • The Goblin Drill is unavailable in multiple special gamemodes. More specifically:
  • The Goblin Drill is the subject of an Emote.
  • There is an inconsistency with the Goblin Drill: placing it at the center would cause the Goblins to spawn on the left lane for one player and on the right lane for the other player.
  • On 3/1/2024, the Goblin Drill was supposed to receive a Goblin first attack time interval increase to 0.5 seconds (from 0.4 seconds), a lifetime increase to 10 seconds (from 9 seconds), a 9% hitpoints decrease, and a first spawn time decrease to 0.5 seconds (from 1 second), but this change was pulled back last minute.
    • However this was added the 5/3/2024 (minus the goblins first attack time)
  • Goblin Drill was originally supposed to be a Legendary card, which would have made it the first and only legendary building card, but after Mother Witch, they didn't want to release two legendary cards in a row, so it became an Epic card.