“When the Goblin Cage is destroyed, a Goblin Brawler is unleashed into the Arena! Goblin Brawler always skips leg day.”

The Goblin Cage is unlocked in Spooky Town (Arena 12). When spawned, the card initially takes the appearance of a wooden jail cell with moderate hitpoints. The cage shakes when enemy targets are nearby. After a short time or after taking enough damage, the Brawler breaks out and attacks opposing troops or buildings nearby. The Brawler himself is a huge, brawny, tattooed Goblin with moderate hitpoints and high damage. His health, damage and speed are all comparable to a single Elite Barbarian.


  • If an enemy Hog Rider or Ram Rider is deployed, the Goblin Cage should be placed down in front of the Rider to mitigate as much damage as possible. This placement is more effective than the general center placement as the Goblin Brawler will start attacking immediately and will not have to chase the Rider.
  • If placed in the center of the player's side of the map, it can completely stop a Mega Knight with the help of both Crown Towers, allowing for a big positive elixir trade.
  • If placed 1 tile from the other side of the arena, it can pull an entire Minion Horde. Once the Goblin Brawler spawns, the remaining Minions will be kited and the brawler will get 2 hits on the foe's Princess Tower.
  • The Goblin Brawler is among the few units that can escape the Giant Skeleton's death bomb. Deploy the cage on top of the Giant Skeleton and it will absorb a few attacks from the Giant Skeleton before spawning the Goblin Brawler to defeat it.
  • The Brawler is weak to dual lane units such as Royal Recruits, split Royal Hogs and split Three Musketeers because he is not a good tank and it only targets 1 unit at a time.
  • Additionally, the Brawler is weak to swarms so pairing it with spells such as Zap, The Log or Poison can synergize with him and allow him to advance towards the Crown Tower.
  • The Goblin Cage can absorb two of the three lightning strikes from the Lightning spell, so it can be used to tank for lightning vulnerable troops like the Musketeer.
  • While not immediately obvious, the Goblin Cage's hitbox is identical to a spawner type building, such as the Goblin Hut, rather than a defensive building such as Cannon. This means it can pull building targeting units from a slightly farther distance. This also makes it safer to place in the middle as a passive play to bank Elixir, as the Cage will deter most attacks while also being unvaluable to spell down.


  • The Goblin Cage was added to the game on 17/5/19.
  • On 1/7/19, a Balance Update increased the Goblin Cage's lifetime by 33%, from 15s to 20s, and also increased the damage of the Brawler by 25% from 211 to 264 at tournament level. Humorously, his description was also updated; previously saying "When the Goblin Cage is destroyed, a Goblin Brawler is unleashed into the Arena! Goblin Brawler never skips leg day."
  • On 2/9/19, a Balance Update decreased the Goblin Brawler's movement speed to Fast (from Very Fast).
  • On 5/5/20, a Balance Update increased the Goblin Brawler's damage by 6%.


  • It has the shortest lifetime of any building.
  • The Goblin Brawler is inspired by a goblin prisoner character in the Clash-A-Rama series.
  • The Goblin Cage is the subject of two Emotes.
  • This is the second building to be added to the game since soft launch, the first building being the Furnace.
  • In the Season 3 reveal video, the text on screen incorrectly lists the Goblin Brawler's move speed decrease as a melee range decrease.


Goblin Cage Attributes

4 20 sec Building Rare

Goblin Brawler Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Troop Count
1.1 sec Fast (90) 0.8 (Melee: Short) Ground x1 Ground

Card Statistics

Cage Hitpoints
Brawler Hitpoints
Brawler Damage
Brawler Damage per second
3 455 485 159 144
4 500 533 174 158
5 550 586 192 174
6 605 645 211 191
7 664 708 232 210
8 728 776 254 230
9 800 853 279 253
10 878 936 306 278
11 964 1,028 337 306
12 1,060 1,130 370 336
13 1,164 1,241 407 370
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