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Global Spell is a game mode which is currently only available to play in certain Special Event Challenges and as a rotating mode in Party Mode. In Global Spell, there are Crown Towers, similar to normal 1v1 battles. However, unlike in 1v1 battles, a spell affects the entire Arena. Troops, buildings, and Crown Towers are affected from these spells, and these spells can have various effects. Winning in this mode is identical to regular 1v1 battles, requiring the player to destroy the King's Tower before the opponent or to destroy more Crown Towers than the opponent.

Type of Spells[]


“Someone spilt Rage all over the Arena... Everything moves and attacks faster!”

The Arena is affected by a global Rage spell. All troops and buildings are affected from it, including Crown Towers. The Rage spell acts identically to the Rage card, increasing the speed and hit speed of all units by 35%. In addition to this, the Elixir production is also affected, with a production rate of 1.35 times that of normal 1v1 battles. This also applies to periods where the Elixir production would increase, meaning that in later stages of the battle, the Elixir production can reach 2.7 times and 4.05 times that of normal 1v1 battles. The boost from the global Rage can stack with the Rage card as well as the Lumberjack's death Rage additively, allowing affected units to move and attack 70% faster.

The Floor is Healing[]

“Everything heals, even towers! Play wisely.”

The Arena is affected by a global Heal spell. All troops and buildings are affected from it, including Crown Towers. The Heal spell acts similar to the Heal card, healing every troop by 20 hitpoints every second. Unlike the Heal card, the global Heal can also affect buildings like Crown Towers. If the King's Tower is activated at any time, it will remain active even if it heals back to full hitpoints.

Global Clone[]

“The Floor Is Clone spell!”

The Arena is affected by a global Clone spell. The Clone spell acts identically to the Clone card, cloning troops. This Clone spell spawns every 15 seconds, and will clone all troops that exist in the Arena. It spawns every 15 seconds, with the first spawning 10 seconds after the match starts. Buildings and Crown Towers are unaffected by the global Clone spell.

Timeless Towers[]

Similar to The Floor is Healing, but only Crown Towers are affected. The healing is higher than that of The Floor is Healing, being 300 hitpoints, but less frequent, happening every 2.5 seconds. Crown Towers also have reduced hitpoints compared to regular 1v1 battles, but the rest of their stats are identical to those in regular 1v1 battles. If the King's Tower is activated at any time, it will remain active even if it heals back to full hitpoints.


Crown Towers

King's Tower Hitpoints
Crown Tower Hitpoints
1 1,195 643
2 1,278 694
3 1,362 745
4 1,445 803
5 1,541 868
6 1,649 932
7 1,756 1,003
8 1,876 1,080
9 1,995 1,163
10 2,186 1,279
11 2,401 1,401
12 2,640 1,536
13 2,903 1,684
14 3,190 1,851
15 3,501 2,031


“Mother Witch has cursed the Arena! Everything turns into a Cursed Hog when destroyed.”

The Arena is affected by a global curse effect. The curse spell acts similarly to the Mother Witch's effect, cursing troops which would be turned into Cursed Hogs when defeated. Every troop in the Arena is cursed, including troops that would otherwise be immune to it, with the exception of Cursed Hogs. The Cursed Hogs in this mode are slightly weaker than those that spawn from a Mother Witch.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
1.2 sec Very Fast (120) Melee: Short (0.75) Buildings Ground
Damage per second
11 520 44 36
12 572 48 40
13 629 53 44
14 691 58 48
15 759 64 53


The Arena is affected by a global blizzard. The blizzard spell applies a timer to all troops on the field. After the timer ends, the affected troops will be frozen permanently. The freeze effect is similar to the Freeze card, preventing the affected troops from moving, attacking, and spawning other troops. To counteract this, the player can remove both the initial blizzard timer and the permanent freeze from their troops by using the Warmth on them, and also make them immune to the blizzard. Crown Towers are immune to the effect of the blizzard.

Power Surge[]

The Arena is affected by a global thunderstorm. The thunderstorm spell shows some sparks for 15 seconds, and after those 15 seconds pass, a bolt of lightning will hit. This bolt will target the troop with the highest hitpoints, similar to the Lightning card. If there are any additional troops on the field, it will target at most 2 of them, again prioritizing the ones with the highest hitpoints. The lightning bolts deal slightly more damage than those from a Lightning, and they are able to deal their damage even through shields like those of the Guards and Dark Prince. Buildings are immune to the effect of the thunderstorm.


  • In the Rage mode, all buildings' lifetimes are unaffected, but in the case of spawner buildings, their spawn speed is, allowing it to produce more troops or, in the Elixir Collector's case, Elixir, than in regular battles.
    • The Tombstone can produce 10.5 waves of Skeletons instead of the usual 8.
    • The Barbarian Hut can produce 3 waves of Barbarians instead of the usual 2.33.
    • The Elixir Collector can spawn 9 Elixir instead of the usual 7.
  • Because every troop moves faster in Rage, Poison may not be able to deal all of its damage in time before the troops move out of its radius. As a result, it would be best not to use the spell in this mode. Similarly, Rocket should also be avoided, as it may result in completely missing the troops.
  • Tornado is largely ineffective in the Rage mode, as most troops move fast enough to resist its pulling strength.
  • The Rage Arena will also affect the charging times of the Bandit, Mega Knight, and Fisherman, which technically allow them to deal more damage overall, making them great options in the mode.
  • In order to handle healed troops in The Floor is Healing, it is recommended to use heavy-hitting troops like the Sparky. She can effectively OHKO a large majority of troops, rendering the healing from the Arena useless.
  • Never activate the King's Tower in The Floor is Healing and Timeless Towers modes, as he will remain activated throughout the entire match and keep being healed back to full, making every attempt at damaging him a complete waste of Elixir.
    • Conversely, the defending player should try to activate their King's Tower whenever possible to make defending easier.
  • Since the Global Clone spawns every 15 seconds, it is a good idea to rotate towards your spells quickly to have them ready for the opponent's cloned troops. This becomes easier to do during Double Elixir.
  • The healing in Timeless Towers is higher than the damage that a Mortar or Princess can deal, so they should not be used in this mode as main damage dealers.




  • On 27/7/2020, the first The Floor is Healing event started.


  • On 16/1/2023, the first Global Clone event started.
  • On 7/8/2023, the first Timeless Towers event started.
  • On 23/10/2023, the first Hogamania event started.
  • On 11/12/2023, the first Snowstorm event started.


  • On 18/3/2024, the first Power Surge event started.


  • The Floor is Healing is a reference to The Floor is Lava.