“It’s HUGE! Once it began rolling down Frozen Peak, there was no stopping it. Enemies hit are knocked back and slowed down.”

The Giant Snowball card is unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). It is an area of effect spell that deals low damage in a 2.5 tile radius. This spell slows all enemies within its radius for 2.5 seconds and will knockback all but the heaviest of troops. A Giant Snowball card costs 2 Elixir to cast.


  • The Giant Snowball is a 2 Elixir utility card that is an effective finisher against low hitpoint troops.
  • This card excels at disrupting enemy pushes by knocking them back and slowing them down briefly, giving the defending player extra time to attack or defend. Its knockback effect can reset an Inferno Dragon's ramp up attack. However, this is not to be confused with a stun, as the Giant Snowball will not reset an Inferno Tower or Sparky.
  • The Giant Snowball can activate the King's Tower with a poorly placed Miner or Goblin Barrel. The Miner activation only works if the opponent plays their Miner on the corner of the Princess Tower that is closest to the King.
  • Its knockback effect is the same as that of Fireball; it is a true stun that resets the attack animations of small to medium sized troops. This is in contrast to a normal stun such as that of the Zap, which stalls attack animations but does not reset them.
  • Since it can be deployed anywhere in the arena and moves decently fast, the Giant Snowball can force a troop close to the centre of the arena to switch lanes, possibly hampering the opponent's future plays.
  • The Giant Snowball can mitigate a majority of stray damage from frail, lone support troops like a Musketeer for a positive Elixir trade. Time the Snowball so that it lands right as the enemy troop is about to attack to reduce the damage taken as much as possible.
  • The Giant Snowball's knockback mechanic can be used to force enemy troops into favourable positions. For example, the knockback can force a Hog Rider off the player's Princess Tower onto a defensive building like the Cannon.
  • With proper timing, the Giant Snowball can also be an effective support on offense, destroying low hitpoint troops and knocking back and slowing down other incoming troops.
  • The Giant Snowball works fairly well with the Ram Rider. On offense, the spell can knock defenders away from the player's Ram Rider while it simultaneously snares them, leaving them nearly immobile for several seconds and will allow the Ram to deal much more damage.
  • Another good synergy is with P.E.K.K.A. It can knock an Ice Golem further away from the P.E.K.K.A. to prevent it being kited to the other lane. This requires precise timing and some degree of prediction, however.
  • The Giant Snowball is comparable to the Zap. Both deal the same amount of damage, but the Giant Snowball offers a slower projectile that deals knockback and slowdown, while the Zap has instant damage and a stun to reset enemy charges.
    • This means a prediction Snowball on offense is often more effective than a prediction Zap would be, as the travel time of the Snowball is much less relevant in this scenario.
    • Since the Snowball deals knockback and has a circular area of effect, it is harder to use with Fireball as the knockback from one spell may cause the other to miss. The player should make sure to have both of them in hand, and deploy the Giant Snowball first to reduce the margin for error, as its knockback distance is shorter than the Fireball's.


  • The Giant Snowball card was added to the game on 20/6/18.
  • On 1/10/18, a Balance Update increased the Giant Snowball's slow duration to 2.5 seconds (from 2 seconds) and damage by 10%.
  • On 3/12/18, a Balance Update increased the Giant Snowball’s damage by 14%.
  • On 1/7/19, a Balance Update reduced the Giant Snowball's radius to 2.5 tiles (from 3 tiles).
  • On 7/10/19, a Balance Update reduced the knockback of the Giant Snowball to 1.5 tiles (from 1.8 tiles).
  • On 4/8/20, a Balance Update decreased the Giant Snowball's Crown Tower damage to 30% of the full damage (from 35%).


  • The Giant Snowball and Ice Wizard have the same slow duration.


Slow Duration
2 2.5 2.5 sec Air & Ground Spell Common
Area Damage
Area Damage
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
1 75 23
2 82 25
3 90 27
4 99 30
5 109 33
6 120 36
7 132 40
8 144 44
9 159 48
10 174 53
11 192 58
12 210 63
13 231 70
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