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“Gems can be used to buy gold or speed up the unlocking of chests.”

Gems are the premium currency of Clash Royale. When players first download the game, they start with 100 Gems. Additional Gems can be earned in-game by opening Crown Chests, getting them as a daily bonus from the Shop or from Trophy Road as free rewards, through special challenges, in Clan Wars, from completing Mastery Tasks or purchasing them with real money. They can be used to unlock Chests instantly, buy items in the Shop, enter Challenges, and many more.

Purchasing Gems[]

  • Gems can be purchased from the Shop for the following amounts: (All amounts in USD)
Image in Shop Price (USD) Gems Name Gems per Dollar (USD)
Fistfull of Gems
$0.99 80 Fistful of Gems 80 gems / 1 dollar
Pouch Of Gems
$4.99 500 Pouch of Gems 100 gems / 1 dollar
Bucket Of Gems
$9.99 1 200 Bucket of Gems 120 gems / 1 dollar
Barrel Of Gems
$19.99 2 500 Barrel of Gems 125 gems / 1 dollar
Wagon Of Gems
$49.99 6 500 Wagon of Gems 130 gems / 1 dollar
Mountain Of Gems
$99.99 14 000 Mountain of Gems 140 gems / 1 dollar
  • When it is available, the Hoggy Bank can be used to get 750 Gems when it is full, costing $4.99.


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  • You can skip the opening of Chests with your Gems. Every 10 minute interval reduces the cost of doing so by 1 Gem.
  • You can buy Gold, Cards, Chests, Emotes, and certain Magic Items in the Shop with Gems.
  • You can start Tournaments and join Challenges using Gems.
  • You can continue lost Special Challenges using Gems. This is free if you have Pass Royale.
  • You can buy Global Tournament bonus rewards for Gems.
  • You can also skip the request time to send another request for 1 Gem every 10 minutes. However, doing this will make the previous request
  • disappear.
  • You can use Gems to upgrade a card when the player has an insufficient amount of Gold.
  • You can skip a tier in Pass Royale using Gems.

Spending Gems Effectively[]

Since Gems are a rare and valuable resource, it is important that a player use them effectively in order to maximize the value they gain from them. The following section details which methods of spending Gems reward the most Card and Gold value.

  • Winning Grand Challenges gives the player the most Cards and Gold per Gem; however, entering one requires 100 Gems, and also requires the player to win 12 matches without losing a total of 3, so a high level of skill is also necessary (although it is technically more valuable than buying Gold in the Shop after only a few wins).
  • Classic Challenges are a much less risky, but slightly less rewarding way of spending Gems. The same amount of wins in order to gain the maximum value is the same as a Grand Challenge, but entering one only requires 10 Gems, meaning the player wastes less if they do not complete the Challenge. However, winning 10 Classic Challenges (which has the same Gem cost as a Grand Challenge) rewards less total rewards; a 12-win Grand Challenge will reward 10% more Cards and Gold than 10 12-win Classic Challenges. Additionally, a player has to win much more matches compared to a Grand Challenge.
  • Buying the bonus rewards from Global Tournaments is nearly as valuable as winning Classic or Grand Challenges, and is less skill demanding. Obtaining the maximum amount of bonus rewards requires 15 wins, but the player is eliminated after 5 losses instead of 3. However, claiming the rewards costs 500 Gems. The exact Global Tournament rewards vary, but generally, claiming all the bonus rewards is about as valuable as achieving around 8 or 9 wins in 5 Grand Challenges.
  • Depending on what rewards are remaining, using Gems to continue or restart a Special Event Challenge can be fairly valuable. For example, if a Special Event Challenge has a remaining reward of 20,000 Gold, and costs 100 Gems to re-enter, it is only slightly less valuable than fully winning 10 Classic Challenges. However, re-entry can be made free with the paid Pass Royale, so the player should consider if they would like to purchase it instead of spending Gems. Every following option sees a much higher drop in the amount of value gained per Gem, so this is the last recommended option.
  • Spending Gems on buying Cards, Gold, or Chests in the Shop provides little value. A stack of 5 Epic cards can cost up to 250 Gems, only giving the player 1 Epic card for 50 Gems. The highest value Gold deal in the Shop (100,000 Gold for 4,500 Gems) only provides 22 Gold per Gem. The Legendary King's Chest at Arena 15 costs 2,500 Gems, but only rewards 380 Cards. For comparison, a 12-win Grand Challenge rewards 1,100 Cards for 100 Gems, giving the player nearly 3 times the amount of Cards for 1/25th of the price.
  • Spending Gems on speeding up Card requests, speeding up Chest unlock timers, or skipping Pass Royale tiers is not recommended as they provide extremely low value per Gem. Chests unlock timers can be skipped without using Gems by using a Chest Key, while unlocking Pass Royale tiers can be done from simply winning a few matches.

Obtaining Gems Without Purchase[]

  • At the start of the game, you receive 100 Gems.
  • Gems can be found inside Crown Chests; they will contain 2 to 4 Gems.
  • Gems can be obtained as a one time Trophy Road reward at 900 Trophies, 2,900 Trophies, and past 5,000 Trophies.
  • Occasionally, some free Gems can be found as a daily deal in the Shop.
  • Gems can be won as one-time rewards in some Special Event Challenges or Global Tournaments.
  • Some Magic Items give you Gems if you already have the maximum number of them. For example, the Common Book of Cards is sold for 100 Gems.
  • When completing the first set of Mastery tasks, the player will be rewarded with 150 or 300 Gem, depending on the rarity of the card completed.


  • Clash Royale is the second Supercell game to feature a $0.99 premium currency package. (The first one was Hay Day, which allowed you to spend $0.99 to purchase a “Pile of Coins”).
  • If the language is set to Japanese, you can see how many Gems you have got for free and how many you have purchased by tapping on the number of Gems you have in the upper right corner.