“Shoots a firework that explodes on impact, damaging the target and showering anything behind it with sparks. This is what happens when Archers get bored!”

The Firecracker card is unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10). It spawns a single troop-targeting, long-ranged Firecracker with low hitpoints and moderate splash damage. A Firecracker card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.


  • She has the exact same amount of hitpoints as the Archers. Anything that would one-shot an Archer would also one-shot a Firecracker.
  • The impact of the firework does not deal damage; rather, it is that all five pieces of shrapnel spawn clumped together, creating that illusion. This means that against shielded units, not as much of her damage is wasted, since each piece of shrapnel is an individual hit. For example, against an undamaged Dark Prince, four shrapnel pieces will break his shield, and the last piece of shrapnel will damage the Dark Prince himself.
  • Players should be careful when deploying her. If their opponent plays a card four tiles in front of their King Tower and two tiles away from their Princess Tower, the Firecracker's shrapnel will cause a King activation with most units.
    • Naturally, if the opponent is using Firecracker, the player can employ this same tactic.
    • Since activating the King Tower is a relatively simple technique, it's not advised to use her in decks that suffer heavily against an activated King Tower, such as Graveyard or Goblin Barrel decks.
  • When she shoots, she pushes herself back by 1.5 tiles. Players should keep this in mind when they are positioning her to attack, as her repeated recoil may cause her to switch to the other lane. At the same time however, this makes her effective at kiting grounded troops for a short while, and depending on which troop it is, she can fully counter them with the assistance of the Crown Towers as they cross the bridge.
    • Against a Mini P.E.K.K.A., place her on the fourth tile from the bridge, staggered slightly into the other lane.
    • Against a P.E.K.K.A. or Giant Skeleton, place her on the fifth tile away from the bridge, and on the second tile horizontally from the Princess Tower
    • Against a Battle Healer or Mega Knight, place her on the sixth tile away from the bridge, and on the third tile horizontally from the Princess Tower.
  • When using spells to finish off a Firecracker, the player should be especially mindful of any other units on the map that she could attack, possibly causing their spells to miss due to her speed and recoil effect.
  • She can be used in a manner similar to the Magic Archer and get chip damage by angling her to attack another unit and have the shrapnel hit the tower. If the unit is closer to the tower, more shrapnel will deal damage.
  • When using an Elixir Collector against her, players should avoid placing it behind their Princess Towers, as a Firecracker leftover from defense could not only chip their tower, but also deny their Collector from generating a bit of Elixir.
  • When using Miner to snipe a Firecracker that is on the opposing side of the arena firing at your troops, be particularly careful with your timing, as her pushback can make the Miner walk some extra distance, thus giving the enemy tower and herself more time to defeat the Miner.
  • The Firecracker pairs well with the Balloon. The Firecracker helps to get rid of air swarms, and the Balloon tanks the damage from the tower. However, this could possibly be a lot of spell value for the opponent.
  • When using the Firecracker to counter Wall Breakers, the defending player should place her right in front of them as soon as they see the Wall Breakers deployed at the bridge. If they try to counter the Wall Breakers by placing her at a distance, the rocket will be outran by the time it lands, allowing both Wall Breakers to connect for unnecessary damage.
  • Sending a Miner to the back of the Princess Tower as the Firecracker finishes defending is a good synergy. If the opponent uses swarms to counter the Miner, the Firecracker's shrapnel will splash onto those troops when it fires onto the tower.
  • She can defend supported tank pushes similarly to an Executioner by placing her right in front of the tank, allowing her area damage to heavily damage back end troops. However, this makes her more vulnerable to spell damage value.
  • Despite her shrapnel effect, she is not too effective at countering a Graveyard that is tanked for due to her slow attack time and her shrapnel not one-shotting Skeletons.


  • The Firecracker was made available before its general release on the first day of Season 7 via a challenge.
  • On 3/2/20, the Firecracker was fully released in the February Update.
  • On 7/7/20, a Balance Update decreased the Firecracker's recoil range by 25% (from 2 tiles to 1.5 tiles).


  • The Firecracker is the subject of an Emote.
  • The Firecracker's attack is comparable to Penny's attack in Brawl Stars, another Supercell game.
  • The Firecracker's attack is similar to the Hunter's. Each shrapnel deals its own damage, so something closer to the point where her firework hits will be hit by more of them, and therefore take more damage. Unlike the Hunter's attack, the shrapnel go straight through enemies, like a Magic Archer's arrow.
  • The Firecracker is one of two troops to recoil when attacking, along with the Sparky.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
3 3 sec Fast (90) 1 sec 6 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Common
Area Damage
Area Damage
Damage per second
1 119 25 x5 8 x5
2 130 27 x5 9 x5
3 143 30 x5 10 x5
4 158 33 x5 11 x5
5 173 36 x5 12 x5
6 190 40 x5 13 x5
7 209 44 x5 14 x5
8 229 48 x5 16 x5
9 252 53 x5 17 x5
10 279 58 x5 19 x5
11 304 64 x5 21 x5
12 334 70 x5 23 x5
13 367 77 x5 25 x5
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