Emotes are the only form of communication in battle or spectating. You can build your Emote deck with 8 emotes and use them in battle.

To access emotes during a battle, press on the chat bubble button on the top left corner of your hand and select the emote. If you want to use an emote not in your deck, there is a white arrow to the right of your emotes that gives you access to all of your emotes. The same chat bubble is found on the side of your screen when spectating. When used by an in-game player, an emote will make one sound along with a short animation that will last for a few seconds; when used by a spectator, a smaller emote will appear on a side but without the sound.

To access emotes in Clan Chat, press the smaller emote button to the left of the send message button and select the emote to send. Clanmates can hear the sound and see the animation by tapping on the emote sent in the Clan Chat.

When first starting the game, players get access to the 4 king emotes. Over time, additional options have become available to players, like different emote packs that contain emotes, resources and Tokens to purchase in the Shop for real money. Individual Emotes can also be bought from the Shop for 250 Gems each. Some emotes can only be obtained through special challenge events or within Pass Royale rewards.


Laughing King
Thumbs-Up King
Crying King
Angry King
Eye Twitch Goblin
Kiss Goblin
Laughing Goblin
Muscle Goblin
Nail Biter Goblin
Anticipation Goblin
This Is Fine Goblin
Peace Goblin
Thumbs-Up Goblin
Confused Goblin
Deal With It Goblin
Surrender Goblin
Tongue Goblin
Facepalm Goblin
Happy Goblin
Dagger Goblin
Thumbs-Up Princess
Whistling Princess
Kiss Princess
Angry Princess
Eating Giant
Thumbs-Up Giant
Angry Giant
Smash Giant
Peace Princess
Grin Princess
Yawn Princess
Bow Princess
Scream Hog
Think Hog
Kiss Hog
Hammer Hog
Scream Hoggy
Helmet Hoggy
Happy Hoggy
Sleep Hoggy
Roar Barbarian
Laugh Barbarian
Pick Barbarian
Sword Barbarian
Head Skeleton
Idea Skeleton
Crying Skeleton
Love Skeleton
Flame Wizard
Darkness Wizard
Shrug Wizard
Dab Wizard
Laugh Ewiz
Thumbs-Up Ewiz
Idea Ewiz
Shocked Ewiz
Finger CRL
Scream Bandit
Cheer Knight
Excited Musketeer
Happy Baby Dragon
Fuse Bomber
Happy Minion
Blink Inferno Tower
Pancakes Mini PEKKA
Mustache Prince
Arrow Dark Prince
Bored Valkyrie
Gem Royal Ghost
Trophy Goblin
Santa Ice Spirit
Santa Ice Wizard
Grass Ram
Bola Ram Rider
Lion Dance Hoggy
Coins Hoggy
Rocket Hoggy
Noodles Hoggy
Dance Mini PEKKA
Sword Mini PEKKA
Spatula Mini PEKKA
Error Mini PEKKA
Third Anniversary Goblin
Cake Giant
Cake Rascal
Musket Musketeer
Painting Ram Rider
Muscle Princess
Champion Trophy Goblin
Kiss Log
Crying Log
Happy Royal Ghost
Eastern Bunny Hoggy
Eastern Egg Dragon
Butterfly PEKKA
Flower Miner
Goblin Cage Muscle
Goblin Cage Escape
Mirror Prince
Surrender Prince
Surprise Prince
Tea Prince
Baby Dragon Licking
Baby Dragon Kissing
Thundering Edragon
Shocked Edragon
Trumpet Princess
Fish Slap
Surprise Fisherman
Anchored Goblin
Wet Fisherman
Pirate King
Sea Goblin
Pirate Hog
Treasure Rascal
Deal with it Princess
Stuned Miner
Flame Miner
Kiss Night Witch
Applaud Night Witch
Chiken Royale
Bandit Coin
Mariachi Eskeleton
Elixer Golem Raising
Angry Elixer Golem
Night Witch Catrina
Globin Costume
Globinstein Monster
Witch Catrina
Confetti Goblin
Dacing Giant Goblin
Dacing Dart Goblin
Festival Hoggy
Gamer King
Nutcracker Barbarian
Santa Giant
Firecracker Confetti
Champion Tournament King
New Year Bomber
Hongbao Miner
Bomb Balloon


  • The 19/9/16 Update added the function to mute emotes during battle.
  • The 20/6/18 Update started adding new emotes to the game, purchasable in the Shop.
  • The 5/9/18 Update added the function to use emotes in Clan chat.
  • Since 19/11/18,  free CRL Emotes became available to any player that created a Fantasy Royale team from the News section of the game. After creating a team, the emotes would be added to the player's account within a few hours.
  • On 1/12/18, by linking your Supercell ID with your Youtube account during the CRL finals 2018, you would obtain an exclusive Goblin Emote.
  • On 5/12/18, an update added the ability to buy single Emotes for 250 gems from the Shop, with three different emotes being available each day. Also, players who had previously earned at least 1 Legend Trophies were given an exclusive Royal Ghost Emote.
  • Since the weekend of 29/12/18,  some emotes become available through Special Event Challenge.
  • During the weekend of 2/3/19, three emotes became available for Clash Royale's third anniversary. The Rascal girl emote could be obtained by participating in a tournament created by a YouTube content creator selected by Supercell.
  • Since 13/4/19, exclusive emotes are displayed together with a Legendary aura.
  • Starting fron 1/7/19, some emotes become available through Pass Royale rewards.
  • Since 30/9/19, by linking your Clash Royale profile with your Supercell ID, one exclusive Hay Day chicken emote is unlocked.
  • Since 20/1/20, finishing in the top 100 in a Global Tournament now awards an exclusive King emote.
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