“Jumps on enemies, dealing Area Damage and stunning up to 9 enemy Troops. Locked in an eternal battle with Knight for the best mustache.”

The Electro Spirit card is unlocked from the Electro Valley (Arena 11). It is a ground troop with low hitpoints and low damage. Like the other Spirit cards, the Electro Spirit attacks by jumping onto the closest target before disintegrating. After its initial jump, the closest unit within 4 tiles of the original unit will also be damaged and stunned, and the attack will then continue to chain off from the following unit, like the Electro Dragon's attack. Up to 9 units including the original can be hit. An Electro Spirit card costs 1 Elixir to deploy.


  • If it crosses the bridge at full health, the player can deploy a unit between their Princess Tower and King's Tower to force a King's Tower activation for minimal tower damage. Since it can chain onto more units in one attack than the Electro Dragon, small swarms like Skeletons can also function as a link to the player's King's Tower. As a result, the player should avoid using the Electro Spirit in decks where a King's Tower activation greatly hampers the effectiveness of future attacks, such as a Graveyard deck.
  • Its increased chain count, chain range, and lower cost in comparison to the Electro Dragon makes it notably more difficult to nullify for a good trade. The Electro Spirit can stun and force most, if not all troops in a push to retarget, simply by deploying it from a short distance so that it can jump on the frontmost unit.
  • It is important to note that the Electro Spirit does slightly less damage per hit than the Ice Spirit. It cannot one shot Fire Spirits, for example. Some other combos also do not work as well. For example, when used in tandem with a Dart Goblin, the Electro Spirit is incapable of dropping the health of Minions to the point where the Dart Goblin can one-shot them, whereas the Ice Spirit is able to do so.
  • The Electro Spirit can counter most swarms with the help of a Princess Tower, when placed to pull the swarm off to a side before stunning them. This does not work very well versus the Minion Horde, as the Princess Tower must still shoot each Minion twice to defeat them, and since there are 6 of them, this equates to 12 shots to defeat the entire Horde. This is not fast enough to prevent some Minions from swiping at the tower.
  • When combined with a Zap or Giant Snowball, the Electro Spirit can allow the spell to one-shot all swarms besides Barbarians. This is especially useful on offense, as it will allow for the player's push to continue for a good trade, and the Electro Spirit is almost guaranteed to hit each swarm unit with its chain attack. In the same principle, it can be used with a Fireball to effectively put troops like a Musketeer or a Wizard into a hitpoint range where the spell can one-shot them.
  • The Log or a Barbarian Barrel are the cheapest methods of countering an Electro Spirit that is being tanked for by something else, as they can both one-shot it. When attacking, the Electro Spirit should generally not be played behind the push when these cards are in hand, as it will result in a waste of Elixir. However, the player may want to do this if they can greatly benefit from the opponent not having their spell in hand, such as if the player can deploy a Goblin Barrel (which is weak to the aforementioned spells) to immediately assault the enemy Princess Tower.


  • The Electro Spirit was made available before its general release on 2/11/20 as part of a Restricted Card Challenge, which started on 14/10/20. Players who achieved at least 7 wins in the Challenge would receive an Electro Spirit card as a one-time reward.


  • Although its quote states that it deals area damage, it is not the same kind of area damage dealt as something like the Baby Dragon. Its jump will always only hit one unit and its chain will only damage one unit per interval, unlike traditional area damage where a single attack has a radius that damages everything within it simultaneously. The other units that can deal damage to multiple units with one attack without an area damage radius are the Hunter, the Electro Dragon, and the Electro Wizard.
  • It is one of five troops to be defeated as a part of their attack, the other four being the Ice SpiritFire Spirits, Heal Spirit, and the Wall Breakers.
  • It is the fourth card to cost only 1 Elixir, the others being Skeletons, Ice Spirit, and Heal Spirit.


Stun Duration
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
1 0.5 sec Very Fast (120) 1 sec 2.5 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Common
1 90 39 x9
2 99 42 x9
3 108 47 x9
4 119 51 x9
5 131 56 x9
6 144 62 x9
7 158 68 x9
8 173 75 x9
9 190 82 x9
10 209 90 x9
11 230 99 x9
12 252 109 x9
13 278 120 x9
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