“He channels electricity through his Zap Pack, a unique device that stuns and damages any troop attacking him within its range. Don't tell him that his finger guns aren't real! He'll zap you.”

The Electro Giant card is unlocked from the Electro Valley (Arena 11). He is a single-target, melee-ranged troop with high hitpoints and moderate damage. He generally resembles the Giant, but wears gloves, goggles, and carries an electric generator on his back. This generator forms a small radius around himself, and units that attack the Electro Giant while inside the radius will be stunned and take damage. An Electro Giant card costs 8 Elixir to deploy.


  • Like the Golem, he should rarely be played in single Elixir due to the high 8 Elixir one must commit to use him. Placing him in the back without a sufficient lead or without being able to circumvent the opponent's counters will often give the opponent momentum, through a powerful opposite lane push or a positive Elixir trade on their defense.
  • However, the Electro Giant is still viable as a punish card despite his low move speed. If the opponent makes their own high cost investment early on, the Electro Giant will not only threaten to take their entire tower alone, but his stun radius denies the opponent from using swarms on him, which is one of the only ways a player can cheaply deal high damage per second after making a big investment.
  • The Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower can defeat the Electro Giant if placed correctly. The Inferno Dragon should be placed as far as possible to the side, in a position that the Electro Giant will not walk towards (i.e, not between him and a defensive building). The Inferno Tower can be placed as it usually is against building-targeting units; 4 tiles from the river, and 3 tiles from the defending Princess Tower. These workarounds are not infallible, however. The opponent can use a Giant Snowball or a Tornado to force the Inferno Dragon and other units inside the stunning radius, and they can Zap or distract the Inferno Tower with swarms to give their Electro Giant more time to reach it and stun it.
  • If the opponent carries Tornado to pull units into the Electro Giant's stun radius, the player can deploy their counter units farther back and close to their King's Tower, making it more difficult for the opponent to safely reel them in. If the opponent makes a misstep, they may activate the player's King's Tower.
  • Raging troops inside the Electro Giant's radius in an attempt to destroy him faster is counterproductive due to the fact that his reflected damage does not have a set hit speed or limit. This means that troops that attack him more quickly will also be zapped down more quickly, resulting in a waste of Elixir used to Rage them. The same concept applies to slowing effects; they will not slow the Electro Giant's stun attacks. However, it is more beneficial than using Rage as the Electro Giant will still move slower, giving the player's defenders more time to stop it from reaching their tower.
  • There are other counters to the Electro Giant that end up being counterproductive like the Lumberjack. The Lumberjack's high DPS is hampered by the fact that he attacks quickly with lower damage per attack, so he will often die in the process of defending the Electro Giant.
    • This makes Mini P.E.K.K.A. and P.E.K.K.A. fantastic counters to the Electro Giant, as they both attack slowly and deal high damage per hit. They deal enough DPS to defeat it without much or any tower damage, and both have enough health to survive the Zap effect and possibly counterattack, all for a positive Elixir trade.
  • Although it may seem like the Electro Giant stuns troops at the same time as their attack connects, the attacker's hit will take priority over the stun. This means that it won't reset the charge attacks of the Prince or Dark Prince before it gets hit.


  • Before the Electro Giant's release, Supercell changed its card description. It used to read, "A hulking hunk of man and metal. Zaps nearby enemies when attacked."
  • The Electro Giant was made available before its general release on 2/11/20 as a part of a Draft Challenge, which started on 5/10/20. Players who achieved at least 6 wins in the Challenge would receive an Electro Giant card as a one-time reward.
  • On 14/10/20, a maintenance break increased the Electro Giant's hitpoints by 12.5%.
  • On 18/11/20, an update made the Electro Giant's reflected damage scale with its level. Additionally, certain interactions with the reflected damage were changed; for example, the Hunter's bullets no longer count as individual attacks versus the Electro Giant. Previously, if the Hunter hit the Electro Giant from a point-blank range, the Hunter would be one-shot by the reflected damage.


  • The Electro Giant is the subject of a set of Emotes.
  • The Electro Giant has the second most hitpoints of any unit, after Golem.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Stun Duration
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
8 2.1 sec 0.5 sec Slow (45) 1 sec Melee: Medium Buildings x1 Ground Troop Epic
Damage per second
Reflected Damage
6 2,700 120 57 120
7 2,970 132 62 132
8 3,267 145 69 145
9 3,591 159 75 159
10 3,942 175 83 175
11 4,320 192 91 192
12 4,752 211 100 211
13 5,211 231 110 231
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