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“Spits out bolts of electricity hitting up to three targets. Suffers from middle child syndrome to boot.”

The Electro Dragon is an Epic card that is unlocked from the Spooky Town (Arena 12). It spawns a single-target, air-targeting, short-ranged, air troop with moderate hitpoints and moderate damage. The Electro Dragon launches an attack that hits its target, which will arc and strike up to 2 other targets within 4 tiles of each other. It will stun affected troops for 0.5 seconds. The Electro Dragon resembles a small blue dragon with blue eyes and glowing spikes on its back. An Electro Dragon card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.


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  • The Electro Dragon has a chain lightning attack wherein each attack that the Dragon fires has the ability to spread out to a maximum of 2 other nearby targets. The targets can be hit from up to 3.5 tiles away from the previous target.
    • Keep in mind that this is not a splash damage effect. The chain lightning will merely hit three individual troops. The player can take advantage of this when facing an opposing Electro Dragon by placing a swarm like a Skeleton Army in front of the unit they want to protect, as the chain lightning will only hit three units.
    • Its chain attack is very effective at dealing damage to a Witch or a Night Witch while also defeating their Skeletons and Bats. It will also stun them, delaying her from spawning additional Skeletons or Bats.
    • If the Electro Dragon's attack only strikes 1 target, the target will only take one-third of the Electro Dragon's potential firepower. Unlike the Electro Wizard, unspent charges on the Dragon's attack are not stacked on to the original target.
  • A lone enemy Electro Dragon can be used to activate your King Tower. Place down a single unit in the middle between the Crown Tower and King's Tower, so that when the Electro Dragon attacks the Crown Tower, the chain will bounce to the solo unit, and then it will bounce to the King's Tower, activating it. This is easier to do with buildings, as their size will make them closer to both Towers and increase the likelihood of a chain. In addition, since they cannot move, there is less risk of them moving away from the King Tower and end the chain. Because of this, players should avoid putting the Electro Dragon in Graveyard decks, as a King Tower activation can severely cripple future pushes.
    • If possible, try to take a hit with a weak unit like Skeletons first to minimize attacks on the Crown Tower while trying this technique.
    • A Princess placed 3 tiles beside the Crown Tower and 1 tile in front of the King Tower is enough to cause a King Tower activation in a similar way. However, note that the Princess will be defeated in the process.
  • The Electro Dragon can be a decent counter to a Goblin Barrel due to its attack chaining onto each Goblin. However, the Goblins will still get a few stabs in, so don't rely on the Electro Dragon as your only counter.
  • The Electro Dragon is somewhat fragile for its Elixir cost. Its attack and move speed are also slow, so it is best used as a helper on defense where other troops can take blows for it or behind a tank on offense.
  • Since the Electro Dragon stuns and flies, it can be reliably used to counter charge units, especially those that cannot hit air like the Prince, Battle Ram, or Sparky.
    • Even though an Electro Dragon does not deal a lot of damage, it cannot be targeted by the Princes, making it a great assist card against the Double Prince push. Pair it with a ground mini tank and it will be able to stop the push with all of its hitpoints left for a counterattack.
  • A Lightning spell can take out an Electro Dragon up to 1 Level higher immediately. To work around this, the player can deploy other cards that die to Lightning, like Witch, to bait out the spell, or the player can deploy their Electro Dragon away from other units so that their Lightning does not get much value. The player can also deploy it near a Crown Tower, and then deploy a card with more hitpoints than an Electro Dragon, like Ice Golem, in an attempt to block the remaining Lightning strikes.
  • The Electro Dragon can be used to attack troops that are being protected by tank cards, like Archers behind a Giant for example.
  • Single-troop cards like the Musketeer or Mega Minion are great counters since the Electro Dragon will not be able to deal full damage to them because its attack will be unable to chain.
    • The Ice Golem is the cheapest check to a lone Electro Dragon. Place it to tank its hits while the Crown Tower shoots it down. This will stop it for a +3 Elixir trade, with a half-health Ice Golem surviving for a counterattack.
    • A Goblin Giant works in a similar way, setting up for an attack, while the Spear Goblins deal damage to it. The chain attack will not be able to hit them, allowing them to deal significant damage to it.
  • Electro Dragon is an ideal counter to Zappies because even though the lights on its backlight up before attacking, stun effects will not reset its attack; destroying them with more than enough health left over for a counterpush.
  • The Electro Dragon can stop a Balloon on its own, preventing all but the death bomb from hitting the Crown Tower. If an Ice Spirit is used alongside it, it can prevent the death bomb as well from hitting the Tower.
  • The Electro Dragon is very strong in Golem and Giant decks as it will be able to delay and defeat support units or tank killers that are placed to counter the tank with its chain attack. It can also render Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, and the Mighty Miner useless, similar to an Electro Wizard, although they could make it target another troop easier than the Electro Wizard since he targets 2 troops at a time.
  • The Electro Dragon pairs well with the Miner. The Electro Dragon can start a push and take some damage from the Crown Tower, and then the Miner can be send in to damage the Tower. The Electro Dragon will stun the Tower, causing it to retarget to the Miner, saving itself. It can also assist the Miner against defenders thanks to its chain attack.
    • A good way to stop this push is to distract the Electro Dragon before it connects to the Tower. Place a single troop away from the Tower and distract the Miner with another card.
  • It is quite effective against an Elixir Golem or a Lava Hound. When these units are defeated, the Electro Dragon will hit some of their death spawn units with the chain attack, increasing its value. This is not useful against the Skeleton Barrel however, as the Skeleton Barrel has a slight delay between its death and the spawned Skeletons.
  • A poorly placed Electro Dragon can kited into the other lane with any ground-attacking troop; it will keep following the ground troop while the Crown Towers slowly shoot it down. In order to prevent such a move, make sure that the Electro Dragon is placed closer to the edges of the Arena, making it further away from the ground troop.
  • Spawner buildings placed on the center can be sniped by an Electro Dragon placed on the river. The Goblin Hut will cause all Spear Goblins to stay close to the building, which will cause the Electro Dragon to hit the building as well. Other troops from spawner buildings will simply run away, but they will chipped by the Electro Dragon, removing any value that they could have got otherwise.
  • When combined with a mini tank, the Electro Dragon can stop an X-Bow or Mortar push very well. If the building has already connected to the Tower, the Electro Dragon will force it to retarget to the mini tank, while its chain attack will hit additional defenders next to the building.
  • While weak to the chain attack, the Minions and Bats are just enough to stop an Electro Dragon from connecting to the Crown Tower. Make sure that they are placed close enough to get enough hits to it, preferable surrounding the Electro Dragon.
  • A Tornado can bring troops close enough for an Electro Dragon to chain on them. When used on offense, bring at most 2 troops towards the Tower with a Tornado, so that the Electro Dragon can hit the troops while the third hit bounces onto the Tower.
  • Against the Three Musketeers, the Electro Dragon and a mini tank can stop two of them together while also hitting the Crown Tower. In order for the Crown Tower to be hit, make sure that the front Musketeer is 4 tiles from the river.
    • If you want to stop all three of the Musketeers, you can combine them with a Tornado to pull the Musketeers closer to each other, so that the chain attack hits all three, while the mini tank distracts them.
    • On defence, an even cheaper combination would be an Electro Dragon combined with Skeletons or an Ice Spirit. This can stop two of the split Musketeers with the help of the Crown Tower.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Stun Duration
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
5 2.1 sec 0.5 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 3.5 Air & Ground x1 Air Troop Epic
Damage per second
6 594 120 x3 57
7 653 132 x3 62
8 718 145 x3 69
9 790 159 x3 75
10 867 175 x3 83
11 950 192 x3 91
12 1,045 211 x3 100
13 1,146 231 x3 110
14 1,259 254 x3 120
15 1,384 279 x3 132

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 165,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 20 Electro Dragon cards
75 XP
2 Deal a total of 495,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 6,000 Gold
75 XP
3 Deal a total of 830,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
75 XP
Hit Maker
Hit Maker
1 Hit enemy Troops a total of 1,450 times 9,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Hit enemy Troops a total of 4,200 times 20 Epic Wild Card
125 XP
3 Hit enemy Troops a total of 7,350 times 15,000 Gold
125 XP



  • The Electro Dragon was once available in the Electro Dragon Draft Challenge, which started on 27/10/2018. In this challenge, gameplay was similar to a regular Draft Challenge, except that one of the players was able to choose who would use the Electro Dragon. If the player achieved at least 6 wins, they obtained the Electro Dragon early.
  • The Electro Dragon card was generally released on 9/11/2018.
  • On 3/12/2018, a Balance Update, decreased the Electro Dragon’s hitpoints by 5% and increased its first attack time interval to 0.7 seconds (from 0.2 seconds).



  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).