“Deals Damage per second to Troops and Crown Towers. Deals huge Building Damage! Does not affect flying units (it is an EARTHquake, after all).”

The Earthquake card is unlocked from the Jungle Arena (Arena 9). It is an area damage spell with a radius of 3.5 tiles and low damage. An Earthquake card costs 3 Elixir to cast. It will slow down and deal low damage to ground troops, but will deal triple its troop damage to buildings over three ticks. It does not slow a card's attack or unit spawn speed, so its slowdown effect is more similar to the Ram Rider's snare.

It is a murky brown liquid in a small oblong vial with earth rumbling in the background. It appears to be contained in the same vial as the Poison Spell.


  • Since the Earthquake deals 300% more damage to buildings, it is an easy way to destroy buildings like Elixir Collector and Furnace for a positive Elixir trade. It is very effective at taking out buildings of similar cost, as it will usually fully eliminate them without any extra assistance. Against more costly buildings like the Barbarian Hut, its effect is still valuable, but won't always singlehandedly turn the tables in the attacker's favor.
  • The Earthquake deals the most Crown Tower damage in the game for its Elixir cost, making it very effective at finishing off low health towers efficiently and allowing it to be valuable against decks without much buildings or swarm cards.
  • It is generally not a good idea to use it on defense due to its low troop damage, but in a pinch the 50% slowdown effect can prevent the opponent's push from decimating the Tower. The 50% slow effect does not stack with the slow from the Ice Wizard, Ice Golem, and the Giant Snowball.
  • Against the Inferno Tower, Earthquake combined with a Zap can severely cripple, if not take out the defensive building entirely.
  • It is also a great blanket counter to win condition building cards like X-Bow and Mortar, though you will need something else to take them out fully or distract their targeting.
  • Earthquake can damage an inactive Tesla.
  • It pairs best with Hog Rider and the Royal Hogs. Both are fast moving troops that appreciate being able to take down buildings relatively quickly. The spell also does enough damage to one-shot Skeletons in one tick and to completely destroy Goblins with all three ticks, making trying to support the building with cheap follow up troops difficult.
  • Using the same principle, Miner can pair well with Earthquake. The spell's three second duration gives it an area denial effect, and can clear away many of the swarms typically used to counter a Miner while dealing considerable Crown Tower damage. However, compared to a Poison, the spell can't fully defeat troops like the Dart Goblin or the Rascal Girls.


  • The Earthquake card was added to the game on 15/4/19.
  • On 2/3/20, a Balance Update allowed the Earthquake to affect a hidden Tesla.
  • On 5/5/20, a Balance Update increased the Earthquake's regular damage by 11%, but decreased its building damage multiplier by 25% (400% -> 300%).
  • On 2/6/20, a Balance Update increased the Earthquake's movement speed debuff from 35% to 50%, but removed its troop attack speed debuff and unit spawn speed debuff.


  • It is the only spell card to do full damage to Crown Towers, and the only spell that deals additional damage to buildings but less damage to troops.
  • It deals three times more damage to buildings.
  • It does damage in three ticks, in a way similar to that of Poison.
  • It is capable of damaging troops, unlike its Clash of Clans counterpart, and doesn't deal an increased percentage of damage to the same targets over multiple uses.


3 3.5 Ground -50% 3 sec Spell Rare
Damage per second
Building Damage/sec
3 39 117
4 42 126
5 47 141
6 51 153
7 56 168
8 62 186
9 68 204
10 75 225
11 82 246
12 90 270
13 99 297
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