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“Deals Damage per second to Troops and Crown Towers. Deals huge Building Damage! Does not affect flying units (it is an EARTHquake, after all).”

The Earthquake is a Rare card that is unlocked from the Spooky Town (Arena 12). It is an area-damage, ground-targeting spell with a medium radius and low damage, also doing 3.5 times damage to buildings, that is dealt every second for 3 seconds. It also decreases movement speed of enemy troops by 50%. It is a murky brown liquid encased in a small oblong vial. An Earthquake card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.


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  • Since the Earthquake does massive damage to most buildings, it can be a good Elixir trade against structures such as the Elixir Collector and spawner buildings like the Goblin Hut, as it is more cost-effective than a Fireball or Rocket.
    • A lone Earthquake will fully stop a Tombstone by itself for a neutral Elixir trade. The first two ticks will destroy the Tombstone itself, while the third tick will kill the Skeletons that spawn after death. Use this in case you want to allow a building-targeting troop to continue proceeding towards the Crown Towers without having to worry about the Skeletons.
    • It may be a good idea to utilize both Earthquake and Fireball in a deck in case of bait decks. Earthquake will handle those buildings while Fireball is saved for an attacking troop like the Three Musketeers.
  • The Earthquake deals slightly less Crown Tower damage than a Rocket and equal as much to Poison, but compensates for its lower cost, making it good to use in spell cycle decks.
  • It is generally not a good idea to use it on defense due to its low troop damage, but in a pinch the 50% slowdown effect can prevent the opponent's push from decimating the Tower. The 50% slow effect does not stack with the slow from the Ice Wizard, Ice Golem, and the Giant Snowball.
  • Against the Inferno Tower, Earthquake combined with a Zap can severely cripple, if not take out the defensive building entirely. This is a great alternative to Lightning, for 1 less Elixir. A lone Earthquake is not worth using on an Inferno Tower though, as the Inferno Tower will be able to kill any incoming tank before Earthquake destroys it.
  • It is also a great blanket counter to offensive building cards like X-Bow and Mortar, though you will need something else to take them out fully or distract their targeting.
  • An Earthquake is able to damage a Tesla even if it has been concealed, making it one of the most efficient ways to eliminate the building at a positive Elixir trade.
  • The Earthquake does enough damage to destroy a Goblin Cage by itself and release the Goblin Brawler.
  • Against a Goblin Barrel, place the Earthquake when the Goblin Barrel's shadow is 4 tiles from the river. This will prevent the most damage from the spell for a neutral Elixir trade.
  • It pairs best with the Hog Rider and the Royal Hogs. Both are fast moving troops that appreciate being able to take down buildings relatively quickly. The spell also does enough damage to OHKO Skeletons in one tick and to completely destroy Goblins with all three ticks, making trying to support the building with cheap follow up troops difficult.
  • Using the same principle, Miner can pair well with Earthquake. The spell's 3 second duration gives it an area denial effect, and can clear away many of the swarms typically used to counter a Miner while dealing considerable Crown Tower damage. However, compared to Poison, Earthquake can't fully defeat troops like the Dart Goblin or the Rascal Girls, nor can it target aerial troops such as Bats or Minions.
    • When attacking a passive building with a Miner, it may be a good idea to feign the attack on the building (i.e. aiming for the Crown Tower instead) in order to make the opponent waste Elixir, which can allowing for Earthquake to deal damage on their unit, the Crown Tower, and the building.
  • It can also work well with large tanks like the Giant, Electro Giant, Goblin Giant, and Golem. Due to all of them being weak to buildings, Earthquake will assit them in breaking through, to allow them to proceed to the Crown Tower instead.
  • A full Earthquake eliminates Goblins up to 1 Level higher, and all Spirit cards of the same Level. Two ticks eliminate Spear Goblins, while a single tick is enough to take out Skeletons.
  • The Earthquake can be combined with The Log, in a similar way to other spell combinations in order to fully defeat certain troops. Together, the two spells are able to defeat anything up to a Magic Archer. However, they are a negative Elixir trade, so try to use them when you hit other troops as well.
  • Since the Earthquake does its damage in 3 ticks, it can be a semi-decent counter to Graveyard. You must place the Earthquake after 2 waves of Skeletons spawn from the Graveyard in order to get its full effect.
  • When using the Earthquake against the Cannon Cart, always wait for its shield to be destroyed first before deploying the Earthquake. This will allow the spell to deal its full damage to it, saving more of your attacking units' hitpoints.
  • Do not use Earthquake on a Royal Ghost or Battle Healer. Their ability to hover makes them immune to the spell, making the spell a complete waste of 3 Elixir.


3 3.5 3 sec -50% Ground Spell Rare
Damage per second
Building Damage per second
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
3 39 x3 (117) 136 x3 (408) 26 x3 (78)
4 42 x3 (126) 147 x3 (441) 28 x3 (84)
5 47 x3 (141) 164 x3 (492) 31 x3 (93)
6 51 x3 (153) 178 x3 (534) 34 x3 (102)
7 56 x3 (168) 196 x3 (588) 37 x3 (111)
8 62 x3 (186) 217 x3 (651) 41 x3 (123)
9 68 x3 (204) 238 x3 (714) 45 x3 (135)
10 75 x3 (225) 262 x3 (786) 49 x3 (147)
11 82 x3 (246) 287 x3 (861) 54 x3 (162)
12 90 x3 (270) 315 x3 (945) 59 x3 (177)
13 99 x3 (297) 346 x3 (1,038) 65 x3 (195)
14 109 x3 (327) 381 x3 (1,143) 71 x3 (213)
15 120 x3 (360) 420 x3 (1,260) 78 x3 (234)

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Rewards
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 39,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 100 Earthquake cards
50 XP
2 Deal a total of 115,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 4,000 Gold
50 XP
3 Deal a total of 195,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
50 XP
Buidling Basher
Building Basher
1 Hit enemy buildings a total of 1,050 times 6,000 Gold
125 XP
2 Hit enemy buildings a total of 3,000 times 100 Rare Wild Card
125 XP
3 Hit enemy buildings a total of 5,250 times 9,000 Gold
125 XP
Demolition Expert
Demolition Expert
1 Hit buildings at least 18 times within a single battle a total of 50 times 100 Banner Token
175 XP
2 Hit buildings at least 18 times within a single battle a total of 150 times 125 Banner Token
175 XP
3 Hit buildings at least 18 times within a single battle a total of 300 times 150 Banner Token
175 XP




  • On 3/3/2020, a Balance Update, allowed the Earthquake to affect the Tesla even if it is hidden.
  • On 5/5/2020, a Balance Update, increased the Earthquake's damage by 11%, but decreased its building damage to 200% of its troop damage (from 300%).
  • On 2/6/2020, a Balance Update, increased the Earthquake's movement speed debuff to 50% (from 35%), but removed its attack speed and spawn speed debuffs.
  • On 31/8/2020, the Clan Wars II Update, added the Slowdown statistic on the Earthquake's card info screen.


  • On 11/2/2021, a maintenance break, made it so that the Earthquake would only deal 85% of its full troop damage to Crown Towers, but increased its building damage to 250% of its full troop damage (from 200%).
  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Earthquake from Jungle Arena to Spooky Town.
  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • On 8/4/2022, a maintenance break, decreased the Earthquake's Crown Tower damage to 65% of the full troop damage (from 85%).
  • On 28/4/2022, a maintenance break, added a card render to the Earthquake's card info screen.




  • The Earthquake is 1 of 7 spells which first existed in Clash of Clans, the others being Heal, Lightning, Freeze, Poison, Rage, and Clone.
    • In Clash of Clans, the container for Earthquake resemble spells that take up 1 housing space, which is similar to its Clash Royale counterpart.
    • Unlike its Clash of Clans counterpart, the Earthquake in Clash Royale is able to damage ground troops, hits its targets for a specified value, has no damage penalty or bonuses with repeated uses, can affect Teslas that are underground, and slows all affected targets.
  • In the Korean, Chinese, and Finnish language settings of the game, the Earthquake's name translates to "Earthquake Magic", "Earthquake Spell", and "Tremor" respectively.
  • The Earthquake is 1 of 3 damaging spell cards that does not contain the phrase "Reduced damage to Crown Towers." in its description despite dealing reduced damage to Crown Towers, with the others being Rage and Tornado.
  • The Earthquake is 1 of 7 spells which have team-colored rings on their radius, the others are Freeze, Poison, Rage, Clone, Tornado, and Graveyard.
  • It is 1 of 3 bottled spells to have a card render, just like Zap and Clone as well, featuring a Barbarian holding it on his hand.
  • It is 1 of 12 cards that is unavailable in Chess Royale, the others being Royal Recruits, Rocket, Lightning, Poison, Goblin Drill, Miner, Golden Knight, Skeleton King, Archer Queen, Mighty Miner, and the Monk.