This deck is a good beatdown deck, dealing damage with the Giant Witch combo and the Miner to chip.

Deck Information

Deck Created by: Kanat Toda Schoeberlein
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Electro Valley (Wrong?)
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5 (Wrong?)
More Statistics: Go to Deck Builder

Card Roles

Giant: The Giant is the tank for this deck. It has a lot of health, so when put together with the Witch it can be deadly.
Witch: The Witch is a good support card for your Giant, and it can deal with many swarm troops used to defend against the Giant.
Arrows: The Arrows are the largest radius spell in Clash Royale. Because of this ability, it can snag some of your opponent's newly spawned troops. It can also kill Minions or Minion Hordes at the same level, unlike the Zap spell that can only kill Minions and a higher level.
Fireball: The Fireball is used to take out many medium hit point troops, such as the Wizard and the Magic Archer. It can also be used to defend against Minion Hordes, resulting in a small positive elixir trade.
Miner: The Miner is used to chip away at your opponent's tower, and can be combined with the Giant and the Witch to deal a lot of damage.
Minions: The Minions are a good counter to both air and ground troops, such as the Balloon or the Valkyrie. They should mainly be used for troops that do not target them.
Tesla: The Tesla is a very good defense building, due to its recent buff. It is really strong against tanks, and can protect your towers well.
Ice Spirit: The Ice Spirit can be used with the Miner to get some extra chip damage, or can be combined with the Giant and the Witch to get one or two more hits from the Giant.


  • The strategy for this deck is to chip away at the opponent's tower with the Miner Ice Spirit or Minion combo until 2x elixir. You can usually make a small Giant Witch push during 1x elixir, but when you get to 2x elixir, you can make a bigger push.
  • When 2x elixir comes, start off with a Giant behind your Crown Tower. Then, put a Witch behind it pretty quickly, so that you can start building Skeletons up behind your Giant. Add the Miner to the mix once the Giant is tanking, and if your opponent does not try to attack your arena tower, you can add the Ice Spirit and the Minions to the push.
  • Since the Witch can not instantly kill troops like the Minion Horde, use the arrows to take care of them.
  • If your opponent places a troop to defend against your push, like the Wizard, you can deploy the Miner directly on it.
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