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“Get a Lucky Drop every day by completing all of the Daily Tasks!”
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Daily Tasks are a feature in which players complete in-game tasks to receive rewards, similar to the old Quests system.


  • Each player gets three Daily Tasks per day, which always refresh at midnight in the player's designated timezone. These tasks are:
    • Play a Battle
    • Earn 10 Crowns from Battles
    • Win 3 Battles
  • The player will be rewarded with 3 Crowns for completing one task, 3 Crowns for completing a second task, and a Lucky Drop for completing the last one. These 6 Crowns go towards the Pass Royale.
  • All types of 1v1 and 2v2 battles count towards the Daily Tasks, except for Training Camp.
  • The Crown Rush event will not contribute to the “Earn 10 Crowns from Battles” task. All will exclusively come from leftover Crown Towers and destroyed enemy Crown Towers at the end of battle.

Lucky Drops[]

“Lucky Drops can contain Gold, Wild Cards, Books, and even Evolution Shards!
Claim this reward by completing all tasks!”
  • The Lucky Drop is the third and final reward of the Daily Tasks. It always starts off as a Common, but has 3 chances to be upgraded to a higher rarity: to a Rare, then to an Epic, and finally to a Legendary.
    • Based on the rarity, Lucky Drops can contain a varying amount of Gold, Wild Cards, Elite Wild Cards, Books, and Evolution Shards.
      • Besides Gold, which caps at five million, all rewards obtained from Lucky Drops can surpass the inventory limits.
      • These rewards are arena-dependent, and the most optimal rewards can be obtained from Arena 15 (Trophy5,000) onward.
  • Below is a table containing additional information about the Lucky Drops:
Rarity Loot Upgrade Probability Final Probability Frequency
Common Gold Common Wild Card Rare Wild Card Epic Wild Card 49% 36.7% 1 every 2.5 days
Rare Gold Common Wild Card Rare Wild Card Epic Wild Card Legendary Wild CardChampion Wild Card 26% 49% 1 every 1.9 days
Epic Legendary Wild Card Champion Wild CardCommon Book of CardsRare Book of CardsEpic Book of CardsElite Wild CardWild Shard 12% 12.7% 1 every 7.9 days
Legendary Legendary Book of CardsBook of BooksElite Wild Card Instant Evolution - 1.5% 1 every 66.7 days




  • Daily Tasks were introduced on 26/10/2022, as part of the 2022 Quarter 3 Update.
  • After the 15/12/2022 maintenance break, the player would no longer get tasks they could not complete (e.g. Request Cards, Play a Challenge).


  • After the 2023 Quarter 1 update (27/3/2023), Emotes sent after Battle ends now add progress to the 'Use Emote' Daily Task.
  • The 18/4/2023 maintenance break fixed Daily Tasks changing after completion.
  • The 30/6/2023 maintenance break fixed an issue with Daily Tasks skipping a day, causing a loss of Weekly Bonus.


  • Daily Tasks were completely reworked as part of the 2024 Quarter 1 update (18/3/2024).
    • All of the previous rewards (excluding Crowns) along with the Weekly Bonus were replaced with the brand new Lucky Drops.
  • The Lucky Drop upgrade probabilities were secretly changed on 26/3/2024. This change increased the odds of getting Rare and Epic drops, and decreased the odds of getting Common and Legendary drops.
    • Though mentioned by some Content Creators, this change was never announced publicly by Supercell.


  • Lucky Drops were released on March 18th, 2024, effectively replacing most of the Daily Tasks’ previous rewards (most notably the free Banner Tokens).
  • Lucky Drops are currently the only way to get a Book of Books without spending money on Shop Offers.