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  • In Clan Wars, Clans compete against other Clans for rewards and Clan Trophies.
  • Clan Wars are found under the Clan tab.
  • Clan Wars are always ongoing; they do not need to be started by a Leader or Co-Leader. Each War will last for 4-5 weeks, with 1 “River Race” each week.
  • All Clan members who are at least King Level 6 and have attacks left are able to participate. However, the Clan must have at least 10 eligible participants to start a War. Dropping below the eligible threshold will not remove a Clan mid-War. Additionally, only up to 50 unique participants can play in each day's Clan War.
  • A Clan War is fought between 5 Clans. However, all battles are matched against random opponents. The goal of the war is to reach the River Race's finish line before the other Clans by engaging in battle. Participating in battles at all rewards "Medals", which help the Clan progress towards the Finish Line, as well as Gold.
  • The first 3 days of a Clan War are Training Days, where Clan Boats cannot progress on the river or be attacked (battles only reward Gold), while the last 4 days are Battle Days which do allow Clan Boats to progress to the Finish Line (battles reward Medals and Gold).
  • Once a Clan reaches the Finish Line, they receive a special Chest containing different rewards based on their placement.
  • If a Clan does not reach the Finish Line before the Clan War ends, they will receive a Chest as long as they have played enough battles to be considered participating. If a Clan fails to play enough battles before the end of the war, participants will still receive a small amount of rewards in the form of a boot.

River Race[]

  • Players will create 4 different War Decks using their own Card collection and Levels. Cards cannot be repeatedly used across decks; all 4 decks must be comprised of 32 unique cards. Once a War Deck is used, it cannot be used again until the following day.
    • Next to the "Average Elixir cost" metric in the deck builder, there is a "Magic" wand button that can randomly create a deck out of unused cards.
    • Tapping on unfilled card slots will make a prompt pop up with 3 cards and a role that they can fill, giving the player the option to add 1 of the 3 or reroll the choices available to them. The categories are as follows:
  • On the River are various River Tasks that participants can attempt. They will reward Gold (on Training Days) or Medals and Gold (on Battle Days) with more being rewarded upon a victory. These tasks include:
    • 1v1 Battle - functionally identical to those on Trophy Road matches.
    • Duels - a best of 3 set of 1v1 Battles. 3 War Decks must be available for use to play this mode. Duels reward more Gold than 3 separate 1v1 Battles would.
      • If a Duel is completed with only 2 War Decks, the 3rd War Deck will stay available for use in other modes.
      • If a Duel ends in a stalemate (both players have the same amount of Tower hitpoints after a tiebreaker), a coin flip will then decide the winner.
    • Colosseum - a special Duel mode only available in the final week's River Race for clans that finished the half-length River Race. It awards more Victory Gold than the regular Duel (matchmaking uses the same player pool).
    • Rotating Game Mode - each week, a different Special Event game mode is available, similar to how the Party button functions. The current game modes available are Double Elixir, Triple Elixir, Infinite Elixir, Sudden Death, and Rage Battles.
    • Boat Battles - players can attack the defenses that other Clans have set up on their Clan Boat in an attempt to slow their progress in the River Race.
  • The amount of Medals gained from River Tasks is dependent on which mode they played, and the result of the battle (see table below).
  • At the end of each Battle Day, Clans will move forward a certain amount on the river dependent on their total Medals gained for the day relative to the other clans. A Clan will finish the race when they have accumulated 10,000 movement points (5,000 in the final week). If a clan has not finished the race by the end of the week, they can still be eligible for participation rewards.
  • After reaching the Finish Line, players can still play Duels (or Colosseum Duels in the final week), Rotating Game Modes, and 1v1 Battles for victory Gold and Crowns (counting towards Pass Royale and Bonus Bank).

Clan Boat[]

  • Each Clan has a Clan Boat to move down the River. On Battle Days, Clans can attack other boats in Boat Battles, where players will use a War deck to try and take down Defense Towers of an opposing clan in a PvE battle.
  • Each Clan Boat has up to 15 Boat Defenses (amount depending on Clan War League level), each one equipped with 3 Defense Towers. Each player in control of a Boat Defense can set up each Defense Tower with 4 Cards from their own collection and Levels. These cards can overlap with the cards in their War decks. The same "Magic" wand button that appears when building War Decks can be tapped to randomly create a deck for a Defense Tower.
    • Defense Towers can attack both ground and air transport units, but cannot deploy any cards until they have been damaged.
    • From the start of the Boat Battle, the attacker will generate Elixir slightly faster than normal, at 1.5x times Elixir.
    • Upon the destruction of any Defense Tower, all attacking troops will be eliminated (death spawn still survives) and the attacker will restore all Elixir, gain 2.7 times Elixir generate rate and the battle timer is set to 60 seconds.
    • Even if a Boat Attack is unsuccessful, damage persists between attacks, meaning a weakened Defense Tower will stay weakened for other Clan members.
    • If at least 1 Defense Tower is destroyed, the attack will be considered a victory. Defeating all 3 Defense Towers will take down the Boat Defense.
    • Boat Defenses which remain intact at the end of each day will award bonus movement points. Boat Defenses constructed sooner award more movement points than Boat Defenses constructed later.
    • Destroyed Boat Defenses stay destroyed until the end of that week's Race, and will not award movement points while they are destroyed.
    • Currently, the Elixir Collector, Mirror, and Clone cannot be set on Defense Towers.


  • An NPC is available on the River for players to trade with, as opposed to needing to coordinate with other Clan members. Like regular trades, the player will need the respective token in order to complete the trade. Doing trades will not reward any Medals or Gold, however.
  • Players will choose 1 of 3 pre-selected cards to give to the Trader. The player will also choose from 1 of 3 pre-selected cards to receive from him. The rarity of the trade is also randomly set, with Epic cards always appearing every Sunday, and trades between two different rarities are not possible.
  • Players can reroll the possible list of cards they can give to the Trader or receive from the Trader for 10 Gems.
  • The Trader's deal will reset every day at midnight of the player's local time zone.


  • Finishing the River Race sooner than other Clans will grant greater rewards.
    • All Clans who are considered to have participated in the Clan War will receive a River Chest. Higher placements increase the cards and Gold awarded; finishing 1st in any League will guarantee a Legendary card inside the River Chest, with subsequent placements reducing the likelihood of a Legendary card to drop.
    • Clan Trophies are earned by the Clans who placed 1st and 2nd in the River Race. Clan Trophies indicate the Clan's success in Clan Wars. At higher leagues, placing 3rd or below will cause the Clan to lose Trophies. Gaining more Clan Trophies will allow the Clan to advance in Clan Leagues and earn better base rewards from the River Chest at the end of each River Race.
  • In the final week, the River Chests are determined by the order of finishing the half-length River Race, but Clan Trophies (gained and lost being five times those of the regular River Race) are determined by the total Medals gained in the week instead.
  • Clans which reach the end of the River Race on the same day will tie and receive the same placement and rewards.
  • Only players who participated in the River Race can claim the River Chest. Players who participated, but are not present in the Clan at the race's conclusion cannot claim the River Chest.
  • If a Clan does not play a certain amount of battles in the Clan War before its end, they will receive a reward boot rather than a Chest.



  • Clan Wars were added on the game on 25/4/2018, in the Clan Wars Update. On the same day, a maintenance break, fixed an issue that caused non-Draft Collection Day game modes to be played with tournament Levels instead of the player's own card Levels.
  • On 8/5/2018, an Optional Update, changed the way the Clan War Leaderboard is sorted, showing them by victories, then inverse battles remaining, then cards collected. It also removed the visible Trophy count from Clan War battles and fixed a War Leaderboard crash.
  • Starting with the 30/5/2018 maintenance break, Collection Day modes started to switch between different modes.
  • On 20/6/2018, the Summer 2018 Update, doubled the Victory Gold and War Chest Gold, made it so that at least 2 spells would be guaranteed to appear as cards for War Day, and made it so that cards from low Arenas were more likely to appear as cards for War Day. The same update also allowed players to rewatch their War Day battles, spectate the enemy Clans' War Day battles, copy their War Day deck to their battle decks, and added a popup reminder for players who missed their War Day battle. On the same day, a maintenance break, fixed an issue that allowed certain Clans to enter War Day with less than 10 participants.
  • On 27/6/2018, an Optional Update, added a description to Classic Decks.
  • On 2/7/2018, a Balance Update, added the Giant Snowball and Royal Hogs to Clan Wars Collection Day card pool.
  • On 3/9/2018, a Balance Update, added the Royal Recruits to Clan Wars Collection Day Card pool.
  • On 5/9/2018, the September 2018 Update, added bonus Gold or Trade Tokens as extra bonus to Clan Wars, but all the bonuses can only be claimed if the players have done their War Day attacks. It also allowed Crowns from Collection Day and War Day battles to contribute towards Crown Chests, and players can now join a clanmate's 2v2 Collection Day battle even if they have already done their own Collection Day battles.
  • On 20/9/2018, a maintenance break, fixed an issue with War Bounty.
  • On 3/10/2018, a maintenance break, fixed an issue where the players could not access Clan Wars.
  • On 5/12/2018, the December 2018 Update, added Gems to War Bounty.


  • On 18/1/2019, a maintenance break, fixed an issue with Clan Wars that were stuck on War Day searches.
  • On 28/1/2019, a maintenance break, fixed players stuck in Clan Wars matchmaking.
  • On 13/2/2019, an Optional Update, fixed a game crash that sometimes occurred when navigating to the Clan War screen right after installing and loading.
  • On 5/9/2019, a maintenance break, fixed some incorrect language translations that displayed on some Collection Day modes.
  • On 30/9/2019, a maintenance break, fixed an issue where Clan Wars were unavailable.
  • On 27/11/2019, a maintenance break, fixed an issue with Clan Wars card Levels.
  • On 30/11/2019, an Optional Update, made it so that Clan Wars Deck builder now shows the correct card Levels.


  • On 4/2/2020, a Balance Update, added the Firecracker to Clan Wars Collection Day card pool.
  • On 28/2/2020, a maintenance break, removed 2v2 modes in Collection Day, replacing them with their 1v1 counterparts.
  • On 31/8/2020, the Clan Wars II Update, reworked the way Clan Wars functioned, calling the update Clan Wars II. It also allowed players to participate in Clan Wars from Level 6.
  • On 1/9/2020, a maintenance break, fixed the amount of Gold gained from River tasks, and made it so that new Boat Defenses can’t be added by other Clan members until the current ones have been destroyed and the Clan Boat is damaged.
  • On 10/9/2020, an Optional Update, fixed a few bugs related to Clan Wars.
  • On 23/10/2020, a maintenance break, fixed a bug where Clans could receive incorrect rewards when crossing the Finish Line. It also fixed an issue for Clans that would get stuck during a River Race.
  • On 18/11/2020, the Clan Wars Improvement Update, added several improvements to the mechanics of Clan Wars, such as a Global reset time, an additional game mode, and a limit to 50 participants per Clan. It also made it so that a minimum of 10 members were required to start a Clan War, and also added the Legendary II and Legendary III Leagues. The same update also fixed some bugs related to Clan Wars.
  • On 24/11/2020, a maintenance break, fixed a bug where some members of a Clan could not get a Chest upon finishing the River Race.
  • On 9/12/2020, a maintenance break, allowed players to match against any player regardless of their Clan League, and made it more likely to be matched against opponents with similar King Level in Clan Wars. It also made it so that the Fame required to finish a River Race would scale with the Clan's League.


  • On 4/1/2021, a maintenance break, fixed an issue where new Clan Wars would not start for some Clans.
  • On 21/1/2021, a maintenance break, fixed issues with Boat Battle defenses staying empty and added a fix for Clan Boat repair exploits.
  • On 11/2/2021, a maintenance break, fixed issues with player names not displaying in Clan War logs.
  • On 18/2/2021, a maintenance break, made the matchmaking in the Colosseum faster.
  • On 25/2/2021, a maintenance break, fixed a bug where Clans could get stuck in a River Race if there was an overtime Boat Battle ongoing at the end. It also fixed Colosseum Duel matches.
  • On 17/3/2021, a maintenance break, fixed issues with Clan Wars, particular one where Clans were stuck.
  • On 30/3/2021, the 2021 Quarter 1 Update, added several changes and new features to the mechanics of Clan Wars, such as the ability to "nudge" players with remaining War Decks, updated UI, and simplified Fame rewards. It also fixed an issue where Boat Defenses could get into a state where it was no longer possible to attack them and fixed issues with overtime effects persisting between individual battles in Duels.
  • On 27/5/2021, a maintenance break, updated matchmaking for Clan Wars.
  • On 7/6/2021, the Summer 2021 Update, added several changes to the mechanics of Clan Wars, such as adding Training and Battle Days, renaming Fame to Medals, and making Clan Boats move a set amount at the end of each Battle Day, as opposed to moving dynamically upon gaining Medals. It also fixed a bug that allowed Clans to enter a Clan War with more than 50 members.
  • On 11/6/2021, a maintenance break, fixed an issue where individual player participation was not displayed and fixed a bug where Medals were not reset.
  • On 24/6/2021, a maintenance break, fixed a participation issue in Clan Wars. Some players still had issues even after this maintenance break, so another one happened on 29/6/2021.
  • On 29/7/2021, a maintenance break, fixed some Wars getting stuck, as well as some other Clan War fixes.


  • On 27/6/2022, the Summer 2022 Update, added a badge that showed the number of Clan War victories that the player had done. It also fixed an inconsistency with Boat Battle deployment zones.
  • On 30/6/2022, an Optional Update, fixed an issue with some Clans being unable to progress in their next Clan War.



  • The original Clan Wars consisted of two Days— Collection Day and War Day. On Collection Day players battled random players to earn Clan Cards. On Battle Day, players battled random players with the Clan Cards.
  • The same card can appear in "Pick a card to give" and "Pick a card to take" sections of the Trader UI. Upon selecting the same cards and tapping on "Trade", a message appears on the screen saying, "Trade tokens are a terrible thing to waste..."
  • The Colosseum Duel features its exclusive Arena.
  • The finish line is held together by the Firecrackers from the Clash of Clans' Builder Base.
  • There are Power Potions from Clash of Clans outside of the Trader's hut, even though Power Potions do not exist in Clash Royale.
  • All of the movement points that the surviving defenses give you are successive prime numbers, numbers that are only divisible by themselves and 1.
  • The Defense Towers were originally going to resemble elevated X-Bows on top of towers. However, they were changed to resemble gatling guns post-release.


Boat Battles

King's Tower Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
1 sec 7 Air & Ground

Defense Tower Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
0.25 sec 8 Air & Ground

Towers Statistics

King's Tower Hitpoints
King's Tower Damage
King's Tower Damage per second
Defense Tower Hitpoints
Defense Tower Damage
Defense Tower Damage per second
6 414 72 72 4,785 17 68
7 441 78 78 5,148 18 72
8 471 84 84 5,544 20 80
9 501 90 90 5,973 21 84
10 549 99 99 6,567 23 92
11 603 109 109 7,194 26 104
12 663 119 119 7,887 28 112
13 729 131 131 8,646 31 124
14 801 144 144 9,504 34 136
15 879 158 158 10,428 37 148

Medals Statistics

Game Mode Victory Medals Defeat Medals
PvP Battle* 200 100
Boat Battle 125 75
Boatyard Repair 100 N/A
Duels (both types)** 250 100

*Includes Regular, Double Elixir, Triple Elixir, Ramp Up, Infinite Elixir, and Elixir Capture Battles.

**Victory/Defeat Medals are applied for each battle in a Duel.

Movement Point Statistics

Daily Medal Ranking Movement Points Awarded
1st 3,000
2nd 1,800
3rd 1,000
4th 600
5th 400
Boat Defense # Survival Award
1 59
2 53
3 47
4 43
5 41
6 37
7 31
8 29
9 23
10 19
11 17
12 13
13 11
14 7
15 5

Clan League and Victory Gold Statistics

Clan League Bronze Silver Gold Legendary
Clan Trophy Requirement 0 200 400 600 900 1,200 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 4,000 5,000
Boat Battle Win Gold 200 230 250 300 330 350 400 430 450 500 530 550
PvP Battle Win Gold* 400 450 500 600 650 700 800 850 900 1,000 1,050 1,100
Duel Win Gold 1,400 1,600 1,800 2,100 2,300 2,500 2,800 3,000 3,200 3,500 3,700 3,900
Colosseum Duel Win Gold 1,800 2,000 2,300 2,700 2,900 3,200 3,600 3,800 4,100 4,500 4,700 4,900

*Includes Regular, Double Elixir, Triple Elixir, Ramp Up, Infinite Elixir, and Elixir Capture Battles.

Clan Trophies Gained/Lost (Colosseum/River Race)

Position Bronze Silver Gold-Legendary
1st 100/20
2nd 50/10
3rd 0/0 -10/-2 -25/-5
4th 0/0 -20/-4 -50/-10
5th 0/0 -40/-8 -100/-20

Boot Participation Threshold

Clan War League Battles Completed
Bronze 100
Silver 100
Gold 100
Legendary 80

War Chest and DNF Boot

Clan League and Rank Gold Cards Guaranteed Cards
Bronze DNP 150 30 3 Rares
Silver DNP 350 70 1 Epic + 7 Rares
(75% chance of containing a second Epic)
Gold DNP 550 110 2 Epics + 11 Rares
(75% chance of containing a third Epic)
Legendary DNP 750 150 3 Epics + 15 Rares
(75% chance of containing a fourth Epic)
Bronze 4th-5th 630 90 2 Epics + 18 Rares
(25% chance of containing a third Epic)
(25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 3rd 1,050 150 3 Epics + 30 Rares
(75% chance of containing a fourth Epic)
(33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 2nd/Silver 4th-5th 1,470 210 5 Epics + 42 Rares
(25% chance of containing a sixth Epic)
(50%/25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 1st/Silver 3rd 1,890 270 6 Epics + 54 Rares
(75% chance of containing a seventh Epic)
(100%/33% chance of containing a Legendary)(Being first guarantees a Legendary)
Silver 2nd/Gold 4th-5th 2,310 330 8 Epics + 66 Rares
(25% chance of containing a ninth Epic)
(50%/25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Silver 1st/Gold 3rd 2,730 390 9 Epics + 78 Rares
(75% chance of containing a tenth Epic)
(33% chance of containing a Legendary for Gold 3rd)(Being first guarantees a Legendary)
Gold 2nd/Legendary 4th-5th 3,150 450 11 Epics + 90 Rares
(25% chance of containing a twelfth Epic)
(50%/33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Gold 1st/Legendary 3rd 3,570 510 12 Epics + 102 Rares
(75% chance of containing a thirteenth Epic)
(50% chance of containing a Legendary for Legendary 3rd)(Being first guarantees a Legendary)
Legendary 2nd 3,990 570 1 Legendary + 14 Epics + 114 Rares
(25% chance of containing a fifteenth Epic)
Legendary 1st 4,410 630 1 Legendary + 15 Epics + 126 Rares
(75% chance of containing a sixteenth Epic)(Being first guarantees a Legendary)