War Shield


  • In Clan Wars, Clans compete against other Clans for rewards and Clan Trophies.
  • Clan Wars are found under the Clan tab.
  • Clan Wars are always ongoing; they do not need to be started by a leader or co-leader. Each War will last for 5 weeks, with one “River Race” each week.
  • All Clan members who are at least King Level 6 and not already a participant of another Clan's War are able to participate. However, the Clan must have at least 10 eligible participants to start a War.
  • A Clan War is fought between 5 Clans. However, all battles are matched against random opponents. The goal of the war is to reach the River Race's finish line before the other Clans.
  • If a Clan fails to reach the finish line before the Clan War's end, participants will still receive a small amount of rewards.

River Race

  • Players will create 4 different War decks using their own card collection and levels. Card cannot be repeatedly used across decks; all 4 decks must be comprised of 32 unique cards. Once a War deck is used, it cannot be used again for the remainder of the day.
  • On the River are various River Tasks that participants can attempt to earn Fame and Gold, with more being rewarded upon a victory. These tasks include:
    • 1v1 Battle - functionally identical to those on ladder.
    • Duels - a best of 3 set of 1v1 Battles. 3 War decks must be available for use to play this mode. Duels reward more Fame and Gold than 3 separate 1v1 Battles would.
      • If a Duel is completed with only 2 War decks, the 3rd War deck will stay available for use in other modes.
      • If a Duel ends in a stalemate (both players' have the same amount of Tower hitpoints after a tiebreaker), a coin flip will then decide the winner.
    • Boat Battles - players can attack the defenses that other Clans have set up on their Clan Boat in an attempt to prevent their progress in the River Race.
    • Colosseum - a special Duel mode only available in the final week's River Race. Players can earn bonus Clan Trophies in addition to the usual placement Trophies.
  • Reaching the required amount of Fame will allow the Clan to cross the Finish Line and claim their River Chest placement. If the Clan fails to do so by the week's end, they will still be rewarded with a boot, which contains greatly reduced rewards compared to a River Chest.
  • After reaching the Finish Line, players can still play Duels and 1v1 Battles for victory gold and crowns (counting towards Crown Chest and Bonus Bank).

Clan Boat

  • Each Clan has a Clan Boat to move down the River. Clans can attack other boats in Boat Battles, where players will use a War deck to try and take down Defense Towers of a opposing clan in a PvE battle.
  • Each Clan Boat has 15 Boat Defenses, each one equipped with 3 Defense Towers. Each player in control of a Boat Defense can set up each Defense Tower with 4 cards from their own collection and levels. These cards can overlap with the cards in their War decks. A "Magic" button depicting a wand can be tapped to randomly create a deck for a Defense Tower.
    • Defense Towers can attack both ground and air transport units, but cannot deploy any cards until they have been damaged.
    • If at least 1 Defense Tower is destroyed, the attack will be considered a victory. Defeating all 3 Defense Towers will take down the Boat Defense. When all 15 Boat Defenses are rendered null, the Clan Boat will no longer move (the Clan cannot earn any more Fame) until it is repaired. Successfully completing River Tasks while in this state will reward Repair Points as opposed to Fame, and earning enough Repair Points will allow the Clan's Boat to move again.
      • The Boatyard River Task becomes available to Clans whose Boats are damaged, and is the only mode to reward "free" Repair Points when attempted.
      • At the start of a new Clan War, or when a Clan Boat has been newly repaired, a Boat Shield will be applied to it. This prevents other clans from attempting to attack their Boat Defenses for a short while.
    • Even if a Boat Attack is unsuccessful, damage persists between attacks, meaning a weakened Defense Tower will stay weakened for other Clan members.
    • Currently, the Elixir Collector, Mirror, and Clone cannot be set on Defense Towers.


  • An NPC is available on the River for players to trade with, as opposed to needing to coordinate with other Clan members. Like regular trades, the player will need the respective token in order to complete the trade. Doing trades will not reward any Fame or Gold, however.
  • Players will choose 1 of 3 pre-selected cards to give to the Trader. The player will also choose from 1 of 3 pre-selected cards to receive from him. The rarity of the trade is also randomly set and trades between rarities are not possible.
  • Players can reroll the possible list of cards they can give to the Trader for 10 Gems.
  • The Trader's deal will reset every day at midnight of the player's local time zone.


  • Clan Trophies are earned by the Clans who placed 1st and 2nd in the River Race. Clan Trophies indicate the Clan's success in Clan Wars. At higher leagues, placing 3rd or below will cause the Clan to lose Trophies.
  • Gaining more Clan Trophies will allow the Clan to advance in Clan Leagues and earn better base rewards from the River Chest at the end of each River Race.
  • Completing the River Race sooner than other Clans will increase the rewards given from the River Chest. Finishing 1st in any League will guarantee a Legendary card inside.
  • Only War participants will be eligible to receive the River Chest.


  • On 25/4/18, an Update added Clan Wars to the game.
  • On 30/5/18, three of the Collection Day modes: Double Elixir, Sudden Death and 2v2 Double Elixir were replaced by Triple Elixir, Ramp Up and 2v2 Draft Touchdown. Supercell later announced that mode switches will be a constant feature.
  • The 20/6/18 Update added Classic Decks (Built Decks) as a Collection Day mode, and doubled the Victory Gold and War Chest Gold.
  • The 6/8/18 Maintenance Break added Rage, Mirror and 2v2 Draft as Collection Day modes.
  • The 5/9/18 Update added Double Elixir Draft and 2v2 Rage as Collection Day modes. It also added bonus gold or Trade Token as extra bonus to clan wars, but all the bonuses can only be claimed if the players have done their War Day attacks.
  • The 3/6/19 Maintenance Break added Heist as a Collection Day mode.
  • The 4/8/19 Maintenance Break added Troop Rush as a Collection Day mode.
  • The 4/11/19 Maintenance Break added Triple Draft as a Collection Day mode.
  • 2v2 modes in Collection Day were discontinued as of Season 9 (March 2020).
  • The 31/8/20 update reworked the way Clan Wars functioned, calling the update Clan Wars II.


  • 1v1 Battles will always take place in the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3). Likewise, Duels will always take place in the Royal Arena (Arena 7), and the Boatyard features the Builder's Workshop (Arena 6).
  • The finish line is held together by the Firecrackers from Clash of Clans.


Boat Battles

King's Tower Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
1 sec7Air & Ground

Defense Tower Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
0.25 sec?Air & Ground

Towers Statistics

KT Hitpoints
Icons stats hp
KT Damage
Icons stats dmg
KT Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
DT Hitpoints
Icons stats hp
DT Damage
Icons stats dmg
DT Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps

Clan League and Victory Gold Statistics

Clan League Bronze Silver Gold Legendary
Clan Trophy Requirement 02004006009001,2001,5002,0002,5003,000
Boat Battle Win Gold 200230250300330350400430450500
1v1 Battle Win Gold 4004505006006507008008509001,000
Duel Win Gold 1,4001,6001,8002,1002,3002,5002,8003,0003,2003,500
Colosseum Duel Win Gold 1,8002,0002,3002,7002,9003,2003,6003,8004,1004,500

Clan Trophies Gained/Lost (Colosseum/River Race)

1st 100/20
2nd 50/10
3rd 0/0-10/-2-25/-5
4th 0/0-20/-4-50/-10
5th 0/0-40/-8-100/-20

War Chest and DNF Boot

Clan League and Rank Gold Cards Guaranteed Cards
Bronze DNF150303 Rares
Silver DNF350701 Epic + 7 Rares
(75% chance of containing a second Epic)
Gold DNF5501102 Epics + 11 Rares
(75% chance of containing a third Epic)
Legendary DNF7501503 Epics + 15 Rares
(75% chance of containing a fourth Epic)
Bronze 4th-5th630902 Epics + 18 Rares
(25% chance of containing a third Epic)
(25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 3rd1,0501503 Epics + 30 Rares
(75% chance of containing a fourth Epic)
(33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 2nd/Silver 4th-5th1,4702105 Epics + 42 Rares
(25% chance of containing a sixth Epic)
(50%/25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Bronze 1st/Silver 3rd1,8902706 Epics + 54 Rares
(75% chance of containing a seventh Epic)
(100%/33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Silver 2nd/Gold 4th-5th2,3103308 Epics + 66 Rares
(25% chance of containing a ninth Epic)
(50%/25% chance of containing a Legendary)
Silver 1st/Gold 3rd2,7303909 Epics + 78 Rares
(75% chance of containing a tenth Epic)
(100%/33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Gold 2nd/Legendary 4th-5th3,15045011 Epics + 90 Rares
(25% chance of containing a twelfth Epic)
(50%/33% chance of containing a Legendary)
Gold 1st/Legendary 3rd3,57051012 Epics + 102 Rares
(75% chance of containing a thirteenth Epic)
(100%/50% chance of containing a Legendary)
Legendary 2nd3,9905701 Legendary + 14 Epics + 114 Rares
(25% chance of containing a fifteenth Epic)
Legendary 1st4,4106301 Legendary + 15 Epics + 126 Rares
(75% chance of containing a sixteenth Epic)
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