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Three fast, moderate-damage single-target near-melee air troops. Unarmored but targeting both ground and air, they can be a high-damage support card or a quick defense against glass cannons at the cost of 3 Elixir.



Two low-damage yet medium-ranged single-target troops. Targeting both ground and air, and lightly armored, they are inexpensive support troops or a quick defense against small pushes while costing only 3 Elixir.



A moderate-damage single-target melee troop. Despite only targeting ground, this jack-of-most-trades card can act as a great mini-tank and a fair defense against small troops with its moderate-high hitpoints. All for only 3 Elixir.

Spear Goblins


Three very fast, low-damage single-target ranged troops. Unarmored and targeting both ground and air, they are excellent against small single-target ground/air pushes like Minions and are dirt-cheap support units costing only 2 Elixir.



Three very fast, moderate damage, single-target melee troops. Unarmored and only targeting ground, they are nevertheless an excellent defense against glass cannons like the Mini P.E.K.K.A., and not to be ignored with a tank or mini-tank. All for only 2 Elixir!



A 3 Elixir high-damage and medium-ranged splash troop. While fragile and only targeting ground, it is decent against medium to large swarms and can deal great damage behind a tank for its price.



Three fast, low-damage single-target melee troops. They only target ground and are completely unarmored, but are very useful. They can distract enemies when timed right or just exist to cycle your deck for the dirt-cheap price of 1 Elixir! Value!



Five single-target melee troops with thoroughly average stats. Despite only targeting ground, they are a mighty collective force and can swiftly deal with a great variety of threats for 5 Elixir, but keep them away from powerful splash cards.

Minion Horde


Double the Minions for only 5 Elixir! This card has ridiculously high DPS, allowing it to defeat tanks and pushes in the blink of an eye. But keep caution using them, otherwise you may lose everything... in the blink of an eye.



Five single-target melee units that offer good defensive and offensive value despite their very weak stats. Fragile but fast flying units, Bats can attack both ground and air units and can easily deal with solo mini-tanks. At just 2 Elixir, Bats can fortify and cheapen your deck.

Fire Spirits


Three very fast, near-melee splash troops that together pack a flaming hot punch rivalling that of a Fireball for only 2 Elixir! They are an excellent defense against tightly-packed swarms and glass cannons, and add a second layer of offense to even the smallest pushes. However, they can be easily snuffed out due to their low hitpoints, so constantly look for opportunities to sneak them onto enemy troops.

Skeleton Barrel


A 3 Elixir barrel packed with bones that drifts through the air looking for towers and trouble. It's a bit on the fragile side, but it soars quickly through the arena. When it makes contact with a building, or when the barrel balloons get popped, it explodes and drops seven sword-swinging Skeletons ready to party!

Royal Recruits


Six fairly tough melee ground troops spread out in a horizontal formation across the arena. With the addition of a shield to absorb otherwise devastating strikes, they can distract and repel most enemies and act as a capable shield for other units across both lanes, though this is for a hefty 7 Elixir, so use them wisely.

Royal Giant


An infamous, hulking beast of a man. Costs 6 Elixir for a great single-target damage to buildings. High in health with somewhat good range, his powerful cannonballs plough through any building he decides to shoot.

Ice Spirit


This fast, 1 Elixir snowball has excellent defensive and offensive capabilities due to its freeze, which can reset channeled abilities, force enemies to retarget, or even freeze the opposition as potent support in a push. Its cheap cost also makes it great to quickly shuffle through a player's deck, and it's got enough health to survive one attack from most units while it deploys, allowing it to get the jump on them.



A 5 Elixir value pack of a trio of trouble, with one boy and two girls. The boy absorbs damage from the front as mini-tank and melee attacker, while the high damage but low health girls fire from behind! With a strong tank and high damage, this card is a complete combo push by itself.

Goblin Gang


Five fast though weak Goblins for 3 Elixir. Three have knives for powerful ground melee combat deployed in front, and two have spears for ranged attacks on both ground and air at the rear. Together, they can clear a multitude of units, but be wary of splash cards when using this Goblin Value Pack!



This former Archer has turned rebellious, bringing a firework to cause havoc in the arena. While frail for 3 Elixir, she'll push herself back with every attack, making it harder for enemy troops to reach her. Whenever her rocket hits a target, it will split into smaller sparks that deal damage to troops or buildings behind it. But be careful; a smart opponent can use her shrapnel to activate their King's Tower!

Elite Barbarians


A pair of upgraded Barbarians for 6 Elixir, notorious for their sheer speed and melee power. Together, they can evaporate glass cannons and shred down building-targeting units, though they are easily distracted and are especially weak against large swarms. One can never be too paranoid when these units are deployed.

Electro Spirit


Completing the trio of 1 Elixir spirits, it boasts the same cost, hitpoints, and move speed as them while also bringing a killer mustache to the table. Although its damage and stun duration don't match that of the Ice Spirit, its attack will chain onto any other unit within four tiles of the original, allowing for some truly shocking effects that can stretch far across the arena.

Skeleton Dragons


These smaller, skeletal cousins of the Baby Dragon move just as fast while packing almost double the punch! However, their bones seem to be a bit brittle, as they have much less health, and their belches don't cover as wide of an area. Their 4 Elixir cost also hasn't changed, meaning most of their utility comes down to how long they can avoid having their bones scattered. But there are two of them, so they can help defend in both lanes simultaneously.


Mini P.E.K.K.A.


The classic glass cannon — a mighty punch packed within a moderate health, for a cost of 4 Elixir. He's a fast single-targeting troop who can delete the majority of support troops or devastate tanks and towers alike with only a few strikes, but is weak against swarms.



A consistent 4 Elixir single-target shot attacking both air and ground with fairly average stats — she is a reliable support or defense unit with enough damage to take out small tanks but enough speed to quickly handle small swarms.



The "original tank", the Giant is a 5 Elixir meat shield with high health and moderate melee damage. He ignores all enemy troops and slowly makes his way towards buildings, soaking up damage to protect any troops behind him. Once he gets there, he’ll start breaking it!

Hog Rider


A reliable card against towers. Zoom past troops with his moderate-high health and blazing fast speed and landing a hit or two on towers — for 4 Elixir. Also, his hog will jump over the river! However, good building placements easily draw him away, and he is seriously helpless against swarms.



A 4 Elixir powerhouse with high health. She swings into a 360º attack to take out swarms and support troops alike and is a strong mini-tank. Despite this, she can't reach air troops and her slow movement speed leaves her susceptible to ranged attacks.

Battle Ram


A fast but fragile 4 Elixir surprise to smash into buildings and disrupt the defense. Once it gets charging, it must be taken out before it rams into a tower, or the target will take double damage! Two Barbarians also pop out after the ram is destroyed or crashed, making this card is reliable for both defense and offense.

Mega Minion


A 3 Elixir flying glass cannon. Has slightly less damage than three Minions combined, but its moderate-high health which gives it high resistance to attacks makes it a strong force against towers and medium-health units. Its only weakness? Swarms, ranged units, and cupcakes.



For 5 Elixir he blasts foes on the ground and in the air with heavy-hitting fireballs that deal splash damage. He only has moderate health so protect him to maximize his damage potential. The Wizard excels against groups of enemies, not so much against tanks, and Fireball.

Flying Machine


A 4 Elixir flying card with moderately-low hitpoints. Its long range and moderate damage allow it to attack from afar, often out-ranging its target, making it a great support card. Although it is quite frail, it can easily deal with minor swarms and can rack up damage when left ignored.

Royal Hogs


For 5 Elixir, you get four moderate health, low damage troops that rush the enemy tower, jumping over rivers if they have to. Be warned, their speed and numbers make them difficult to stop, although area damaging units or spells can take them out easily. Despite everything, one question still get left unanswered... who let the hogs out?

Three Musketeers


Three independent, very powerful markswomen with high damage, moderate hitpoints and long range. They can stop almost anything with their powerful guns, from solo tanks to moderate swarms. But watch out: they're very expensive at 9 Elixir and really vulnerable to spells!

Ice Golem


A cheap yet versatile mini-tank, the Ice Golem provides a wide range of uses for only 2 Elixir. It's slow enough for a non-committal opening in the back, useful for kiting & distracting, flexible in a push, and deals slowing death damage that can destroy low-health enemy units.

Dart Goblin


A 3 Elixir card with a fast fire rate, long range, and high speed, making him a great unit for sniping buildings on enemy territory or rush attacks. Despite this, he does have very low hitpoints so be sure to protect him from high damage troops, which can defeat him in one shot.

Heal Spirit


This little guy runs, jumps, and splashes just like the Ice Spirit, all for the same 1 Elixir cost. The difference? When he jumps onto your opponent's troops or buildings, he'll deal damage to them while healing your troops that are around him. However, he's not as icy cold as his twin brother while being almost as frail, so use him wisely!

Elixir Golem


Dividing into two Elixir Golemites with half its stats that, in turn, divide into two sentient Elixir Blobs with half of their stats each, the Elixir Golem provides formidable tanking and damaging ability for the very low price of 3 Elixir. Do be warned - when your opponent does finally divide it all the way down to and destroy the Elixir Blobs, they get 1 Elixir per blob destroyed - be careful with the 4 Elixir this card gives your opponent!



If it moves, then it won’t for much longer. This 4 Elixir trio of menaces will stun a target until it is destroyed, making them exceptionally effective on defense or as support. However, be sure to protect them against swarms and splash damage due to their slow hit speed and moderately-low hitpoints.

Battle Healer


The Battle Healer has relatively high hitpoints and medium damage for her 4 Elixir cost. Whenever she hits something, she heals all troops around herself. When not attacking for five seconds, she begins healing herself. Even though she has wings, she cannot attack air units. Although her damage and healing effect may initially seem weak, she can quickly heal up support troops out of range of a lethal attack, making her very effective at snowballing the opponent.


Wall Breakers


Hailing from CoC, it’s not the Bomber, it’s the Wall Breakers! For 2 Elixir, the daring duo runs straight for the nearest building and causes damage with their barrels of gunpowder, which explode on impact with a tower. Reacting just a second too slow often means giving the user both the damage advantage and Elixir advantage, though spells can make quick work of them.



With very high damage and good hitpoints for 5 Elixir, the Prince is powerful on offense or defense. His charge ability gives him extra speed and allows him to deal double damage to a target when he crashes, allowing him to devastate targets or speed up slow units. However, his slow attack speed means swarms in particular make it difficult for him to break through.

Baby Dragon


A 4 Elixir troop with moderately high hitpoints and fast movement speed that deals low splash damage making it effective as a support troop, killing swarms while chipping at ground troops and towers. It's also a decent mini-tank, but weak against high damage units and is easily distracted.

Skeleton Army


Fifteen skeletons for just 3 Elixir — this massive swarm can overwhelm single-target enemy units in the blink of an eye! However, with their very low hitpoints, they can be easily taken out by area damage or even several ranged units, so they’re best used on defense with caution.



For 4 Elixir, this mustachioed man with a double-gun has moderate health and can shoot a wave of bullets. This shotgun blast has a unique degree of versatility. Up close, he busts tanks. From afar, shred swarms - ground and air! Be careful, though - if he's too far away from a tank or too close to a swarm, he's a lost cause.

Giant Skeleton


This oversized skeleton costs 6 Elixir, gets distracted by everything, and deals relatively low damage per punch. These weaknesses are made up for with his bomb that deals extremely high damage three seconds after his death, obliterating all in its radius. Try and bait the opponent into overcommitting on their defense against it to reap massive positive Elixir trades!



While her health and splash damage appear mediocre for 5 Elixir, she summons 4 Skeletons every 7 seconds to help distract & destroy, making her useful for defense and support. However, she does take a short while to begin summoning them, and she’s especially weak against other splash-damage dealers which easily crush her Skeletons and shrug off her destructo beams, leaving her defenseless.



Not only are his massive hitpoints the highest of any unit, he deals great damage and only targets buildings. Upon death, he explodes, splitting into 2 Golemites (much weaker tanks) while dealing instant death damage to everything near him. Although he costs a hefty 8 Elixir, the Golem is a phenomenal tank.



This mighty robot has extremely high damage and hitpoints but is very slow and easy to distract with swarms, often requiring splash support. For 7 Elixir and her very high stats, she’s very reliable for defense & tanking, and can devastate towers — if she get there.



Having decent hitpoints and extremely high damage per strike, while only targeting buildings, the Balloon makes for a heavy threat on offense. Although it isn’t fast, one strike could potentially mean defeat. For 5 Elixir, it brings death from above and can even blow up smaller support troops with its death damage.

Dark Prince


For 4 Elixir, he has moderately high hitpoints, plus a shield to absorb any hit. When attacking, he has an ordinary melee splash that hits in front, and like his cousin, a charge attack that hits everything around him 360-degree with double damage. He is flexible for both defense and counter-attacks, but is vulnerable to high damage.



Surround enemies with this armored pile of bones — 3 Elixir guards with shields that make them incredibly resistant to spells! The worst a Rocket can do is knock their shields off, making them a useful choice for defending most ground troops. Only their low damage holds them back. Their spears are longer than most other melees, by the way.



This menacing ogre with high hitpoints throws boulders that go through ground units! For 5 Elixir, he can crush and knock back glass cannons, like a Fireball, and can survive even a Rocket. Despite all this, he does have quite a slow attack rate, so he must be supported well.

Goblin Giant


Not all Goblins are weak! Costing 6 Elixir, this giant packs good hitpoints and a decent punch as he walks straight to the tower. And he doesn't come alone: two Spear Goblins are on his back as an untouchable support, and after his demise, his spear-throwing friends will keep fighting.

Electro Giant


Don't get too close! This shocking version of the Giant zaps back anything nearby that attacks him, making swarms and fast attackers disappear in a matter of seconds. Although his movement speed is fairly slow, he is still capable of destroying a Princess Tower all by himself! However, he has a high 8 Elixir cost and slightly worser health than the 5 Elixir Giant, so players must wait for the perfect opportunity to electrify their opponent.

Cannon Cart


This upgraded Cannon now moves and has a whole other set of hitpoints in the form of a shield! It's no snail either, being able to sneakily lock onto a Princess Tower in the blink of an eye and deal surprising amounts of damage. Once its cart has been destroyed, the Cannon stays intact for half a minute to deter any incoming attacks. However, it's weak to swarms and has a heftier 5 Elixir cost.

Electro Dragon


How shocking! This dragon attacks slowly and does low damage per hit for 5 Elixir, but there's more. His attacks will chain on to two secondary targets, gaining value with each unit hit. As if that wasn't enough, he stuns on hit, making him a powerful disruptor. However, alone, he's weak to tanks, glass cannons, and large swarms alike. Take caution.



For 5 Elixir, he provides insane value with moderately high hitpoints and a boomerang axe that damages everything, even air units, in its path for 8 tiles — twice! He can obliterate tightly packed units and deal decent damage, but can still be surrounded due to his slow attack rate.




This underground mini-tank is always a surprise to the opponent! For 3 Elixir, he has a lot to offer: moderate hitpoints, damage and the ability to go anywhere in the Arena! He can be a quick mini-tank for smaller troops or easily sabotage enemy buildings, but watch out for swarms, as he can't do much against them.

Lava Hound


A majestic flying beast that targets buildings with very high hitpoints but low damage. When defeated, it splits into 6 spread-out Lava Pups that can easily overwhelm, each dealing larger damage than the Hound, and with moderately low health. However, this tank is slow and expensive at 7 Elixir, and must be well-supported.

Magic Archer


The master of all Archers! For 4 Elixir, he has moderate health, damage and the ability to send his arrow even further than his targeting range. He can safely pierce buildings from afar, as well as multiple targets within the arrow's linear path, and can easily clear swarms. However, tougher troops and the Fireball will easily destroy him.

Night Witch


The sister of the Witch, she has moderate hitpoints, moderately-high melee single-target damage and the ability to spawn flying Bats — including four more upon death for only 4 Elixir! She can quickly swarm units and towers with her Bats, but is defenseless against splash damage.

Inferno Dragon


For 4 Elixir, this dragon has moderately high health and high damage. With his infernal blast, he can make crisps out of tanks and towers alike, and can even survive a Lightning! But beware of swarms and stunning electrickery, as he is shockingly hopeless against them.

Mega Knight


He lands with a BOOM, dealing massive area damage to everybody around him, then jumps to the next target in range, landing with another BOOM! If he's not jumping, he'll smack, with powerful melee splash damage! He has very high hitpoints for 7 Elixir, but can still be defeated by high damage units due to his slow attack.



Royalty steps into the Arena! For 3 Elixir, she sets anything on fire with her moderate hitpoints, area damage, and very long range! She easily defeats any swarm, and can outrange buildings with flair! However, she is fragile and slow to attack — her dreams are easily crushed (along with herself).



A powerful glass cannon for 4 Elixir, the Lumberjack provides high damage and speed with moderate hitpoints. He shreds tanks, towers, and even small swarms with his extremely fast attack speed and high damage, making him formidable whether on defense or offense. He also drops a bottle of Rage when he falls, boosting any friendly units nearby!

Ice Wizard


Everybody chill... This wizard has moderate hitpoints and deals low area damage that slows units for 3 Elixir. It may not seem like much, but he can stop enemies in their tracks, making him an invaluable support troop although a slow attack rate and low damage make him ineffective alone.

Mother Witch


This witch cackles wildly as she curses her foes, causing them to turn into Cursed Hogs if they fall during the curse's effect. Against a large swarm of units, she can quickly create an army to assault opposing buildings! However, her damage is low, so bulky units will shrug off her curse and make quick work of her. Save her for an opportune moment in order to start cooking up a pig stew!



Dashing from one unit to the other, quickly annihilating them, the Bandit is a formidable foe for 3 Elixir. When she dashes, nothing can touch her, making her great for quick & damaging attacks. However, her moderate hitpoints leave her vulnerable to swarms or high damage units.



Get over here! The Fisherman pulls troops towards him with his hook so he can kill them with his fish slap. Against buildings, he pulls himself towards them to save the time and energy of walking towards them. All this hook, line, and fish slap for only 3 Elixir.

Ram Rider


She lands into the arena on her trusty ram, dashing to the nearest building while the rider snares and damages any nearby troops. The ram deals massive damage when it collides with the tower. Like the Hog Rider, the ram is able to jump over the river, all for 5 Elixir. Nothing will stop this inseparable duo!

Electro Wizard


POW! For just 4 Elixir, he lands with a free Zap and continues to Zap (and reset) two opponents at once or deal double damage to a single foe, making him a stunning support troop anywhere. He has moderate health, and is easily defeated by swarms and high health tanks.



Wait… where did my entire push go? For 6 Elixir, Sparky is a powerful machine with moderately high hitpoints that nukes a small area every 4 seconds, making her a juggernaut on both defense and offense. However, her very slow attack rate allows her to be easily surrounded or distracted. Also, any and all electricity (barring the Tesla) causes her to short-circuit and restart her charge.

Royal Ghost


A vengeful spirit is haunting the Arena! For 3 Elixir, he has moderate hitpoints & area damage and can become invisible. He strikes enemies and towers before they even see him and clears swarms with ease. However, he has a slow attack speed, leaving him susceptible to other mini-tanks.

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